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Winter WMS Locker

  1. 1. The LockerThe Wellesley Middle School Newspaper Spring 2011 Revolution in the Middle East The Shockwaves of Protest Inspired by Three Decades of Tyrannical Rule Demonstrations and Civil War Run Rampant Through Desert States This spring is By Matthew Hornung & Keenan Ashbrook better than last no point living in the past. Over the past two months, there has been a changing attitude toward the governments of several Middle- Each new season Eastern states. The unrest began in Egypt, where General Hosni Mubarak has remained in power for is there for a three decades. Beginning on January 25th, 2011, all manner of Egyptian civilians took to the streets to reason. protest Mubarak’s elongated reign. After weeks of relentless demonstrations, Mubarak resigned from his Life keeps office. Following this shocking revolution, and a major loss for NATO in the war on terror, the peoples of changing just keep rearranging. many other neighboring nations rose up in protest and claimed years of oppression and tyranny. ~Patricia Walter The Events in Egypt January 25: 20,000 protestors demonstrate on the streets of Cairo for the first time. Editors: January 28: Protestors light General Hosni Mubarak’s National Democratic Party headquarters ablaze. Bill Mizgerd January 29: Mubarak announces the firing of his Cabinet members. Noor Pirani February 1: Mubarak announces that he will not seek a new term in September. This does not satisfy Melanie Chan protesters. February 6: Representatives from key opposition groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood, hold talksStephanie Zhang over a peaceful end to the protesting. February 7: Protestors form a human chain in Tahrir Square, refusing to move until Mubarak and hisAssistant Editors: staff are forced from office. Google executive Wael Ghonim is released from Egyptian police custody. Molly Yuan February 9: Unrest spreads beyond Cairo, and protestors in Southern Egypt begin to clash with police Athenee Chan throughout the country. (Continued on Pg. 2) Matt Lieberman Continued on page 2... Abby Yuan Earthquake in Japan By Alex GimenoFaculty Advisor: You just finished school, and it normally takes you 15 minutes to walk home. You’re 5 minutes away, and the ground starts shaking. And I don’t mean just a little bit of rocking. I mean full out, bring down houses Lynne Johnson shaking. The shaking goes on for two minutes, and you can hear the whole towns’ fillings being shaken loose. It stops. You look up. In the distance, there is a wall of water coming towards you. This is what many people in Japan had to face on Friday the 11th. The result was the biggest disaster in Japan since the atomic bombings of World War II. The earthquake alone wouldn’t have been that bad, but it was paired with many other disasters, some of which include tsunamis, fires, aftershocks, and an explosion of a nuclear reactor. The start of this all was the earthquake. It was a level 8.9 on the Richter scale, the 5th largest earthquake in the world, and the largest in Japan! It started at 2:46 and lasted for 2 minutes. In this time, buildings swayed and collapsed, highways broke apart, and many fires were started. The quake itself caused a lot of damage, but the perils that came after it were much worse. The main reason the earthquake was so devastating is because of the tsunami (gigantic wave) that followed. It was 30 feet high in some places, and was so strong that it was even felt in California, where one man was killed! Cars were thrown around like toys, and whole houses were washed away! The waves Continued on page 3…
  2. 2. Middle East Revolution continued from cover... several Eastern Libyan cities west of Benghazi. The successFebruary 10: Mubarak announces that he is delegating power of the opposition is questionable. Though extremelyto Omar Suleiman, his longtime Intelligence Chief. determined, the opposition forces lack tanks and airplanes.February 11: Mubarak flees Cairo to Sharm el-Sheikh, while The capital city of Tripoli has been fortified with armoredin Cairo Suleiman announces Mubarak’s resignation from the units, and the opposition forces have no means of capturing of President of Egypt. As long as Tripoli remains a fortress for Ghaddafi, theFebruary 13: Egypt’s Supreme Council of Armed Forces opposition cannot topple his regime by force. Ghaddafi,dissolves the country’s Parliament, and suspends their contrary to many people’s beliefs, has used a very smallConstitution until a committee is appointed to oversee its portion of the forces available to him. Pro-Ghaddafi forces arereconstruction. launching daily air strikes on the opposition, and they are proving to be of a deadly effectiveness. The best hope forEpilogue: The resignation of Hosni Mubarak was followed by opposition forces is if Ghaddafi’s own supporters desert him.jubilant celebration in Tahrir Square. A CBS reporter, Lara As long as he has support, he has the ability to stay in hisLogan, was assaulted while covering the celebrations. She office as long as he wishes.was rescued by approximately twenty Egyptian soldiers.CNN’s Anderson Cooper was also attacked in Egypt. Effects on the Rest of the World Unrest in oil-producing nations is sure to cause unrest in oil-Uprisings Throughout the Rest of the World consuming nations. The average price of gas in DecemberInspired by the success of protestors in Egypt, demonstrations 2010, before unrest set into the Middle East, was $3.00 perhave arisen in many countries, including Tunisia, Bahrain, gallon. As of March 8th, 2011, the average price of gas wasYemen, Iran, and early on, Libya. $3.56 per gallon. Although a 56¢ increase may not seem like a huge amount, it causes a full tank of gas to cost almost 18%Tunisia: Demonstrators angry over unemployment, food more. To put this into perspective, if a tank of gas costinflation, corruption, and poor living conditions led to the $50.00, it will now cost $59.00. You now need to spendouster of Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali. $234.00 more than you normally would in a year. This unfortunately transpired in the midst of the recovery of theBahrain: Protestors marched in the capital of Manama, U.S. economy, and experts say that growth may be hindered.chanting, “The people want the downfall of the regime.”Protestors, who generally belong to the Shiite-Muslim Change is in the air, and the years of some oppressivemajority, claim that they’re discriminated against by the dictators have come to an end. Only time will tell if theSunni-Muslim majority that is currently in power. In a police people’s voices will be heard, and governments will yield toraid on protestors’ camps in the Manama city square, many elections or regime dissolution. For now the standoffprotestors were killed. Police claim that the protestors continues, and the future stability of desert regions depends onattacked the first, and that they were acting in self-defense. how long the people are asking for revolution.Yemen: The people of Yemen are protesting the 31-year rule On March 19, Operation Odyssey Dawn began. Presidentof President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Police attacked Obama said that he has authorized “limited military action” indemonstrators in the city square in Sanaa. Six people were Libya. Tomahawk cruise missiles were launched from US andkilled. French ships and submarines. A no-fly zone is being set up, with attack planes bombing important radar facilities and airIran: Protestors in the capital city of Tehran are calling for the defense installations. The President said that the militaryend of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s 30-year rule. There were action will be limited to several days. Pentagon officials saychants of “an Iranian dies but does not accept humiliation” and that the operations will not be a repeat of Operation Iraqi“death to the dictator”. Freedom. In the midst of the bombardment, military officials are claiming that there are not reports of civilian casualties.Civil War in Libya "Unlike Gaddhafi, the coalition is not attacking civilians",Beginning on February 15th, 2011, the civil war in Libya says a military spokesperson.originated as a series of protests. The leader of Libya, Ghaddafi, has been in power for 42 years. The were calling for the end of Ghaddafi’s rule, andDemocratic elections to replace him. Ghaddafi is refusing to Earthquake Continued from cover…give up power. destroyed a lot of housing and infrastructure, which led to large, widespread power outages. The waves also disrupted transportation, as railways and roads were blocked.The anti-Ghaddafi attitude is widespread throughout all typesof citizens in Libya. This includes some of the military. The water may seem devastating, but that’s not all. In the water, thereMany armed units have defected from Ghaddafi’s army, and were big pieces of debris, like cars, plants, and parts of buildings. Ifjoined up with his opposition. Some citizens have taken up you were caught in that surge of water, you’d get hit for sure. Thearms with the defecting military units. debris also gave the waves stopping power. Instead of just water pushing against a building, there would be water and debris crashingWithout real leadership or discipline among the civilian into the building. Not good.fighters, the opposition forces have attacked and captured Amongst all this water, there was another, just as destructive force- fire. It may seem odd that there was fire in a tsunami, but if you think
  3. 3. about it, it makes sense. When the earthquake struck, there were Effects on Japanprobably some stoves that were on. In the hustle to get out of the The initial earthquake did not cause a lot of damage, andbuildings, people probably forgot to turn them off. If a falling book although it did shake Japan around, it was taken in stride ashits the fire, the house could go up in flames. With enough fire, youcould have entire blocks raging infernos. These fires eventually most others are. When it was followed by a series of sixspread to oil refineries. The oil ignited, and there were large aftershocks, with close to equal strength, people began to getexplosions. worried. It was not until tsunami-warning sirens ran out that most realized the danger they were facing.The last, perhaps most lethal problem the earthquake created was thata few nuclear reactors couldn’t properly shut down, due to the fact It had only been two days earlier that the people hadthat the power was out. This led to the explosion of a unit one reactor experienced a tsunami warning, which shows the frequency ofin Fukushima. This event was rated 4/7 for how dangerous it was, as the alerts. It is common, when a country lies along multiplenear the site of the explosion there were high levels of radiation. fault lines, to accept earthquakes and tsunamis as a weeklyAlso, a 6-mile area around it has been evacuated, in case of a large- occurrence. This caused the people to be of a minorscale meltdown. preparedness.Aside from this big catastrophe, many believe that Japan will pullthrough. They pulled through the atom bomb, so why not this? When a wall of water hit the coast and traveled six miles,However, this is a large- scale catastrophe that the Japenese cannot ripping through buildings and flinging everything from cars toovercome alone. They need help. Thankfully, charities like the Red boats to cats, total chaos broke out. The alert response wasCross are helping out by sending food. So, if you see a group trying active instantly, but without a large time period to prepare;to help Japan, please donate something. Even if its just a quarter, few people had been on duty to work. Days later, they are stillevery little bit helps. looking for survivors.For updates on this constantly evolving event, An unexpected disaster was the tsunami’s effect on thevisit Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Sendai City has actid=10713256 or total of 54 nuclear power plants. Thankfully, four of theearthquake/4773040/Japan-earthquake-and-tsunami-latest-updates plants hit shut down instantly on impact. That didn’t include many others. Slowly, overtime, it was realized that the nuclear radiation was leaking, and effecting citizens nearby. Disaster Rips Through Japan The worst of the lot was Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. By the end of a week, residents nearby were evacuatedSendai City and Others are Rocked a total of twelve miles away. by Record Quake By Matthew Hornung and Keenan Ashbrook World’s Response It took about one hour for the United States to receive thOn March 11 , 2011, an magnitude 8.9 earthquake struck notification of the disaster. The instant response was sendingapproximately 50 kilometers off the Eastern coast of Japan, the Red Cross and similar agencies to assist in life recovery.approximately 400 kilometers Northeast of Tokyo, near Most European-Union countries are following this lead, asSendai City. Rescue and recovery operations are currently well as many West-Asian countries. No help has beenunder way. After the earthquake hit, a tsunami hit the already received from South America, Australia, or Africa.devastated areas, including the Fukushima Daiichi nuclearpower plant. Early reports say 8,450 people have been found At this point, foreign relief groups have been allowed by thedead, as well as 12,931 declared missing. Japanese government to help with the tsunami and quake relief, however they are denying the ability for foreign groupsThe Natural Disaster to assist with the nuclear disaster, as they are hoping that thisOn March 11, 2011, at 2:46 AM, a magnitude 8.9 earthquake will keep the nuclear radiation from spreading faster. The fewstruck in the ocean 50 miles off the coast of Japan. This men that have been going into the plants to attempt to shutearthquake was followed by a series of six aftershocks, them down have been declared “past death point,” meaningranging from magnitude 6.3 to magnitude 7.1, which in total that they are expected to die soon, or immediately after theylasted five minutes. While this rocked Japan, the worst was have completed their tasks.yet to come. With this disaster, one of the worst Japan has experiencedDue to the tremors, a 30-foot tsunami was thrown into the since the World War II bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki,entire East coast of Japan. The tsunami traveled up to six the death counts and missing rosters are still rising, and themiles inland in some places. The strength of both the tsunami survivors are steadily decreasing. the death counts and missingand the earthquake combined, managed to shake up just about rosters are still rising, and the survivors are steadilythe entire Pacific Ocean, everywhere from California, to decreasing.Hawaii, to Mexico. These smaller quakes only caused minor In California, one man was killed, and in Waikiki,, authorities evacuated most people to upper ground or _ge/as_japan_earthquaketo other islands.
  4. 4. GR. 7 & 8 WMS 2011 Boston Rachel Landau Honorable MentionGlobe Regional Scholastic Eleanor Medley Honorable Mention SculptureArt & Writing Awards Isabelle Hanson Silver Key Meggie Devlin Honorable MentionDigital Art Natasha Ladhani Honorable MentionBill Mizgerd Gold Key Maddie Marasco Honorable MentionSarah Conners Honorable Mention Bridget Sullivan Honorable MentionGrace Hambuchen Silver Key Kenneth West Honorable MentionHeather McDougal Honorable Mention WritingAndrew Mikula Honorable Mention Josephina Lin National Silver MedalIlana Shektman Honorable Mention Daniel Harrington Silver KeyDesign Lauren Reveret Silver KeySarah Goss Silver KeyRachel Goldstein Silver KeyNicki Sizing Silver KeyWendy Li Honorable MentionDrawingSophie Barre Silver KeySophia Kressy Silver KeyChristine Arumainayaga Honorable MentionJosephina Lin Honorable Mentions (Two of them)JewelryGrace Hambuchen Silver KeyKaren Yee Silver KeyAshley DiVecchia Honorable MentionLaurel Howlett Honorable MentionMonica Ong Honorable MentionPaintingBrennan Adler Silver KeyJosephina Lin Silver KeyOlivia Yanchik Silver KeySarah Cohen Pratt Honorable MentionNu Nu Laphai Honorable MentionRenner Lindsay Honorable Mention Sophia Kressy – Gr. 8 DrawingNeda Shabestari Honerable MentionBrianna Wang Honorable Mention Sarah Goss – Gr. 8 Digital DesignPhotographyBrennon Coakley Gold KeyKorinna Garfield Gold keyAli Keliher National Silver MedalChloe Kolbet Gold KeyKim Johnston Silver KeyJulia Kim Silver KeyAngie Diana Honorable MentionKatie Griner Honorable MentionEugene Lee Honorable MentionHannah Randolph Honorable MentionPineau Anya Honorable MentionSarah Stack Honorable MentionJulia Wall Honorable MentionPrintmakingMichael Calderone Silver KeyNathan Chiu Honorable MentionIsaac Hersch Honorable Mention
  5. 5. Allie KelliherGrade 8PhotographyWMS NationalSilver MedalWinnerScholastic Artand WritingAwards2011
  6. 6. Hit It, Part 3 By Melanie Chan “Star!” me and I swirl-spiked it, my signature move.After what had happened, I pushed him so hard, the air rushed “Point!” The ref declared pointing to our team. Everybodyout of his chest. Jordan and Aaron gasped as I sprinted away gave me a fist bump. I smirked at the other team who wasfrom the volleyball court. I didn’t know if Craig did it as a getting quite angry that they had a big egg zero as their score.congratulations kind of thing but I did know, it stunned me.He’d only missed my nose by inches when I smashed the heel At the end of the game, we ran by the net in a line giving high-of my palm into his forehead, as I had done in the second fives to the other team and shaking their hands. A lot of thegrade. Tears streamed down my face. Craig had found out. members’ eyes betrayed their words of congratulations. CoachThere was no doubt he’d tell Coach Ned now. walked over and gave all of us the “good game” speech.Craig was against it at first too. He said it was dangerous for “Good job, Craig. And our new star, Starling, a word ofme to play on the guys’ volleyball team. At least he was congratulations!” The Coach thumped me hard on myagainst me playing on the girls’ team too. Jordan and Aaron shoulder.were all for playing on the guys’ team though. Since it wasthree best friends against one, it was voted that I would try to “For what, Coach?” I asked gruffly, hiding the pain of shock Iget in as a girl. Nobody knew I’d try to cosplay as a guy. was feeling in my shoulder. “For making the Competition Team! The tournament willAs soon as I got far enough from the building, I sat on the begin next week. I’ll see you there.” Coach waved and walkedsteps of a restaurant. I pulled off the blond-spiky wig, my with the rest of the team for lunch.hairpins, my hairnet, and stared at them. “The Competition Team?” I looked at Craig questionably.“Star?” Craig, Jordan, and Aaron, still in their volleyball “The team that goes to compete.”uniforms, had chased me down. “No, I couldn’t tell. After all, the team definitely isn’t called“We won’t tell,” Jordan panted. the Competition Team,” I said sarcastically.“Promise,” Aaron said, not out of breath at all.“We promise,” Craig agreed. “We’re best friends, remember?” “Only the best get to go to the tournament, and you made it.I looked up at them. So…” Craig shrugged. “—It’s confirmed that I’m as good as you,” I finished for him.“You’d better keep that wig,” Aaron pointed to the ball of hair “No. It just means that Coach thinks that.”and pins in my hands. “But only if you want to continue.” “So, basically I am as good as you.” “No, you’re not.”There was a long silence. “Yes, I am.” “No, you’re not.”“You guys knew didn’t you?” They all nodded. “Since “Yes, I think I am.”when?” “You only think that.”“When you saved my super-spike,” Jordan grumbled, “But you do too.”obviously still upset I could save those.“Star, we’ve known you since second grade. Do you honestlythink we wouldn’t recognize those electric blue eyes?” Craig At Hollis Mansion By Noor Piranitold me. I smiled a bit.“Let’s go celebrate!” Aaron declared, hooking his arms around Part 1 and 2 Summaryall of us. “And eat some hamburgers. I’m craving them right Daisy and Nathan Brick are staying at Hollis Mansion for theirnow.” summer vacation. Upon arrival, Daisy notices right away that this mansion is definitely not an ideal, relaxing vacation place.We all laughed. Everything was perfect. I was in the guys’ The mansion has many secrets, stories, and dusty cobweb-volleyball team, my best friends approved of it (more or less), filled corners that are beckoning to Daisy to explore. Afterand Coach didn’t know. Daisy finds a mysteriously open window and a well-tended, thriving garden out back she comes to a conclusion: There must be someone else living here. And she is going to find out“I GOT IT!” I shouted in my low voice. I slid on my knees just who that is.and bumped it up high. Craig spiked it over. I could hear thesmack as it hit the floor. The next time, Jordan bumped it for
  7. 7. Part 3. “Thanks, Daisy, now I have goosebumps,” Nathan Secrets in the Attic complained.“I can’t believe you’re making me do this,” Nathan groaned ashe pushed a few boxes out of his way. He glanced out of the “I knew there was a ghost in this house! From the first time Iattic window, staring longingly at a large lake beyond the set my eyes on it!” Daisy grinned. “Let’s read a differentmansion. With a sandy shore, gray boulders, and warm water entry.” Daisy flipped to the end of the diary. Instead of writingit was Nathan’s idea of a perfect day—splashing, swimming, she found blank pages. Daisy tried to find the most recentand building sand castles. Daisy’s idea of a perfect day was entry. It was the one that Daisy and Nathan had just read.exploring the attic. And she had bribed Nathan into coming upto the dusty, gloomy attic which had not been entered for at “Maybe the ghost ate Eleanor,” Nathan suggested.least thirty years. “How thoughtful you are,” Daisy retorted, sarcastically. “How can she just end her diary right there? Maybe she lost theDaisy had shoved her notebook and pencil in her pocket and book. Or maybe they moved away.”was tiptoeing around the creaky room. “Let’s start by opening “Well, I have a theory,” Nathan piped up. “The ghost was hera box.” father and he killed Eleanor so that her ghost could come andNathan turned around. “Any box?” live with him and he wouldn’t be alone.”“Yup,” Daisy replied.“Can I pick it?” Nathan asked. “Nathan, I don’t believe in ghosts. And how could a ghost kill“Sure, go ahead,” Daisy nodded. a real person?” Daisy asked. She set down the book andNathan closed his eyes, spun himself in a circle with his right looked in the box. “Look! It’s a quilt!” Daisy lifted out a longarm stretched and his index finger pointed. He whirled around piece of cloth. It had many squares and many colors. On theand around, stopped, and looked at where his finger was quilt were embroidered pictures. Nathan traced his finger overpointing. It was aimed straight at a brown box that was one corner. “This looks like a man… And this looks like acovered in tape. It looked as if it had traveled one hundred fire... Could the man be Eleanor’s father and his died in amiles, been dumped in a river, crushed under the wheels of a fire?”heavy truck, and then stored away in this attic. It could have “It’s possible,” Daisy agreed. “Look. Here are a bunch of girlsbeen described in one word: old. sitting in the grass … playing with dolls? Either that or the dolls are babies.”Daisy picked it up and sat down in an empty corner of the Nathan leaned over. “Definitely dolls.”attic. She ran her hands over the box. Carefully she opened it.Nathan peered in. “What’s inside?” he asked, eagerly. Daisy Daisy flipped to a different corner of the quilt. It had a logtook her time feeling the objects inside the box while Nathan cabin and a girl who appeared to be crying. “It looks like she’simpatiently stood behind her. “What is inside?” he repeated. saying goodbye… to the log cabin?”Daisy sniffed the box. A musty, dusty smell. “What is “Maybe she moved here! Maybe this is a goodbye quilt!inside!?” Nathan cried, and grabbed the box in his hands. Maybe the girl’s parents moved the family to this house!” Daisy picked up the diary and the quilt. “C’mon, let’s go show“Nathan!” Daisy screamed. “Wait!” Mom!”Nathan reached inside and pulled out an old book. “What’s All of a sudden from the corner of the attic came a creak.this?” he asked. On the cover there was a name: EleanorTaylor Stone. “That sounds like an old-fashioned name,” Creee-eee-aaa-kk.Nathan remarked.“Open it,” Daisy ordered. Nathan turned to a random page of Daisy sprang up. “What was that?!”the book. It appeared to be a diary with faded, yellow pages. Nathan shone his flashlight around the attic. “I can’t seeThe book cover was made with old brown leather. anything.” Daisy grabbed the diary and blanket and bolted out of theAugust 4th attic. Nathan was at her heels.I saw a ghost today, I am sure of it. I awoke in the night for I (To be continued in the summer edition of “The Locker”)was thirsty. I lit a candle and tiptoed down the stairs. I tooksome water from the bucket by the door. I tiptoed back up thestairs. Now that I think of it, I heard a few creaks. I walked Jack in the Boxinto my room. There in the corner I saw my rocking chair By Amanda Ongrocking back and forth. No one else was awake. I cannot tellanyone or they will think I was seeing things. But I was not, Itell you. It was plain as daylight. I jumped into bed but didn’t Part 2 Summary:blow out the candle. I know Mama has said not to do that but I Living in a futuristic world, a fairy called Jack has beenwas horridly frightened. I tried to go back to sleep. There are trapped in box for as long as she remembers. Her onlytwo possibilities: Father’s ghost has risen from the dead or company is her enemy’s son, Jan. She was just getting used tothere was someone else in the room. Rocking chairs do not his company when suddenly a fight erupts...move by themselves. To make matters worse, I heard aCREEEEAAAK. I am terribly frightened. Day 21 in the Box (Continued):
  8. 8. Boldness is not always repaid. “What I’m about to do to you is only the beginning.”Thud! Slam! I hear robots fighting each other. Metal screamagainst metal. Too many clashes to hear how many there are. Haunted!? Part 3What’s happening? By Margaret Bannon“Father!” yells a voice. Last issue, our daring heroines were stuck in the school atIt’s Jan! night. They are in the hallway when they freeze, hearing a low“What are you doing? You promised five more days!” he cries snarl coming from a dark corner. Will they come up with ain indignation. brave plan, or meet their doom? Read on!“That promise was on the assumption that your soft little heartwouldn’t become corrupted by that treacherous fairy!” his Dad The girls tensed, all looking in terror at the corner. Just as they(I assume) replies. were sure that a terrible creature would jump out at them, Emma turned on her flashlight, revealing the janitors dog,Wait- what? Was Jack trying help me? Why? Before I can Sausage, snoring loudly.process that though, I hear the hinges of my box creak. Anancient geometric key seems to forcing its way through the They gave a collective sigh of relief, and continued down toone hundred year old lock. The Hand, a device with advanced the Teachers Center. The school was very strange at night; soindependence, reaches through, trying to find the fairy covered many shadows and corners, all dark, hushed, and empty. Thein darkness. Frozen with fear, I can’t move. Locating me, the girls were glad when they saw the door to the teachers center.Hand shoots through. I feel like a rabbit trapped in the clawsof a fox. When they got there, though, they found nothing. Not a clue, not a trace of what they saw earlier.Squeezing my eyes shut, I realize that this outcome has no Where was the cauldron and broom? Thehappy ending. If they wanted to open my box, they must have long black cloak? They had all seen further use for me. I will become long forgotten junkdestroyed by any means that provides entertainment. "What do we do now?" Miah asked in aMelancholy thoughts suddenly overwhelm me... hushed whisper. "Why dont we try the other classrooms?"“STOP!” shouts Jan. Maggie suggested. So they split up, but, whenThe hand retreats. My hopes flutter a little upwards. they met again by the library, they all had the same“Don’t you dare listen to my idiot of a son! Fulfill you verdict: no clues!duties!” commands Jan’s father. It was then that the first teacher showed up.The hand obeys. Jan’s efforts were useless and my hope dies. She walked into the big main doors. MaggieThe Hand curls around my body, crushing my wings until I almost jumped out of her skin, but she signaled to thecan almost see the pain. Retracting, it pulls me towards girls behind her just in time. They darted into the dimmy enemy. doorway.Squinting in the newfound light, I see a stern Man with But where was her hat, broom, and cloak? She was not evenhard blue eyes flanked by soldiers on either side. Jan is hiding a wand in her purse. She looked normal...... butbeside him. Unlike his fathers’ though, his vibrant brown eyes something was still out of place. Maggie squinted her eyes,seem to contain more depth than I have ever seen. He doesn’t looking closely.have the same metal covering as I seen on many other robots.His attire is extremely human-like, I realize with a start. Then, suddenly, "Ive got it!" she said. The other girls huddledHow can he be the son of a robot? around her, eager to hear what she had to say..........“Humph. Scrawny. Not much to look at.” My attention to be continued! whahahah!:(switches to Jan’s father. I quickly lift my chin and my eyesmeet his, in an effort to look to tough.“Well, talking metal is not much of a critic,” my bold voiceblurts, before I have time to think.My words cause his eyes to light with fury. His cunning handcomes up to grip my face. I repress a shudder. He pulls hisface close to mine and whispers, “I can do many, many, manythings to you. You know that, don’t you?”I pale, but refuse to drag my gaze away.
  9. 9. We made our way to the Empire State Building. As soon as you walked inside, you see models of the ESB made with different things such as candy or a classroom that had a Valentine’s Day party. At the 84th level, the view wasWhy Time Travel Won’t Happen magnificent overlooking Battery Park, the Statue of Liberty, By Cameron Myers and the rest of Manhattan. We made our way up to the very top. This time, the view was from the indoors, but it didn’tTime travel is a popular theme in many science fiction books, make much of a difference compared to the 84th floor. Exceptbut I think it’s going to stay there. The main reason I don’t for the fact that there were much less people.think it will happen, is because we have no proof. If scientists Driving to the popular “Dylan’s Candy Bar”, you could seeof the future somehow did make a time travel machine, many shops, more shops, and people. But once you entered thelogically, they would go back in time first, since they would candy store, it was like there was no way out. Filled with sohave an idea of what they are teleporting to. Therefore, we many candies, so many good ones, you wanted to buy thempeople, relatively of the past, would have some record of all. Even the stairs contained candy inside!people from the future coming to visit us. Next, we went to Times Square, passing the RockefellerSecond, time travel is impossible because of how it works. It Center and “Radio City”. Massive television screens andwould have to somehow sever our atomic bonds, than put advertisements covered the top tourist attraction. We decidedthem back together in the exact right order, without hurting to go the M&M’s store due to another eye-catchinganything. It would be impossible to put our cells back together advertisement. Pillows, cups, toys, and clothing were amongwithout losing a few brain cells at the least, more likely it the souvenirs available. During our time at the M&M’s store,would cook us. my mom forced me to get a picture with the fake M&M thatThird, the amount of power to transport someone through had someone inside. The M&M gave me bunny ears in thespace is a couple of atomic bombs, so through time it would picture. Along the way to the exit, the M&M store had anytake the power of a couple suns. color or flavored M&M’s that they made. Just lower the handle, and M&M’s fall out.Finally, it would be impossible for time travel to happenbecause ‘landing’ wouldn’t work. The molecules of where you For the rest of the night, we went to Madison Square Gardenwould land can’t move out of the way fast enough. This might for a Cirque du Soleil show. For dinner, we simply went to aresult in you combining with whatever would land in- bad food cart that sold Halal meats. We had lamb and falafel overenough if it’s just air, but if the coordinates sent for to the rice. It was 11:00PM, so we went to our hotel. The hotel wewrong place, you could fuse with a tree. stayed at that night was called the Park Plaza Hotel. A massive bedroom with a bathroom bigger than my bedroom!Time travelling is a part of many futuristic science fictionbooks, but because of these reasons, it’s going to stay in The next day, we went to the Statue of Liberty. Taking thestories on our bookshelf. ferry to the island took awhile, and security took at least 10 minutes. But finally, we got to the museum that lead to the actual structure. We only went to the base of the statue,Five Cities, Two Months - Part 1 because we had gotten the tickets late morning. By Christian Kwok Let me tell you about another city my family went to,In the month of November and December, I was fortunate London…enough to travel to five cities, which were Montreal, London,Paris, New York City, and Toronto. London: London is a bit quieter than NYC, with not as many people and taxis. The one thing you have to get used toI will give you a brief introduction on each city. is which way to look for cars. (The British drive on the opposite side of the road from us.) This was our second timeNew York City: NYC is home to what seems like millions in London, the first time being in February of 2010. Duringof people, as you can’t walk down one block without saying our first and previous stays, we went to the British Museum,sorry several times. During our stay, my family and I went to the Tower of London (where the Crown Jewels are held), thethe Empire State Building, Dylan’s Candy Bar, Times Square, London Eye, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s. Tate Modern,the M&M’s store, and the Statue of Liberty. Museum of Natural History, Harrod’s (famous store), Buckingham Palace, and many more, too many to list.
  10. 10. At all these tourist attractions, we had a blast. On the LondonEye, the ride takes 30 minutes to go around while snappingsome pictures of the Parliament Building, Big Ben,Westminster Abbey, and the great river Thames.The British Museum was so interesting we stayed a wholeafternoon, and didn’t even come close to visiting half themuseum. Seeing what our body does and all the other animals,even remains of dinosaurs, are just some of the things to see atthe Museum of Natural History.Westminster Abbey, where Prince William and KateMiddleton will be married is another tourist attraction. Thechurch has been a burial site for much of the Royal family andhas a private chapel in the back. You can also see the grave ofLady Diana inside.At Harrod’s, you can buy basically anything you want: fromfurniture to food, to pets to pictures. The big difference fromBoston to London, was, the food. It was so good! I wouldmove there for it. Sticky toffee pudding, steak & ale pie,Chicken Tikka Masala (in the pubs, of course!), fish & chips,crumpets, croque monsieur for breakfast, and many morethings. My favorite had to be the steak & ale pie. It was sowarm, tasty, and the pie crust was so good! Well, now that youthink about it, they were all really good.Those were 2 of 5 of the cities I traveled to recently.Coming soon: 5 Cities, 2 Months Part 2… Comic
AntonelliJustin Beiber is an interesting singer. Some people just love him. The magazines love him, but honestly, I feel he is pushed by the media, and not really all that hugely popular. I have friends that love him. I do not share that opinion. At all. What- so-ever. He has a movie that recently came out. Other stars have also had movies too, its just this one wasn’t really about his life. I think it was about him selling out a concert at Madison Square Garden, A stadium that is apparently VERY big. How it got sold out, will remain a mystery to me. I think grandmas see him on TV and say “ oh, look at that sweet boy. He’s just the right age for my eight year old daughter” ( so maybe grandma forgot her glasses that day, its still a little weird. Adults just like him because his songs don’t have any swears and he doesn’t look super scary. Or stuff I can’t say because it isn’t “school appropriate”, but if you’ve heard the radio you’ll know what I mean. He played on streets and put himself on You Tube, then he sang for Usher or something and suddenly he’s a star. I don’t know why Selena Gomez is dating him, of course, she isn’t actually dating him, but still. I think it brings down the amount of CD’s she sells and Justin Beiber isn’t really that much more possible. Headlines say “Justin and Selena go mini golfing in the park”. Sure they did, after they called a camera crew. The people who run magazines are very smart, but they don’t usually tell the truth, so you can barely know what to expect. What happened to Brittany Spears? Same thing that they’re trying to do to Miley Cyrus, annoy her until she breaks down. Actually it might have been her parents overworking her, but anyway, she shaved her head. And how many times has Lindsey Lohann been to jail? But that will never happen to Justin Beiber, because either its because he’s a boy( just saying, Lindsey, Miley and Brittany, are all girls. See the pattern?), or it”s because they can Photoshop in muscles and have girls giggle their heads off about him, and make a million bucks. Guys just don’t do that, it would be seriously awkward. And they actually do paint muscles on guys for movies and stuff, I heard they did that anyway. I think that the whole Taylor Lautner thing might be real though. I wrote this to show that Justin Beiber just isn’t that popular to hopefully at least some people. 

  11. 11. Green Efforts Continue at Wellesley Middle School -by Olivia Geiger, Gr. 6Going Green At Lunch“Bring your lunch up to the Green Team table and get it certified litter-less” is something Wellesley Middle School students hearevery Thursday. On Thursdays, the Green Team sponsors a “litterless lunch”. This is when you have a lunch with little to no trash.During lunch, the members of the Green Team eat at a special table. If the students think they have “litterless lunch,” they bring theirlunch up to the table where the Green Team is seated. Then the members will judge if the lunch is litter-less or not based on thefollowing criteria: • No Styrofoam • Drinks must be in reusable or • No plastic bags recyclable containers • No paper bags • Put your lunch reusable bag • Use Tupperware/ other reusable • No tinfoil containers • No toothpicks • No cardboardIf the lunch meets the criteria above and is certified litter-less, the student is given a used CD for them to write or color on. This smallpiece of ‘art work’ will later be added to a big mural being made out of recycled CDs promote recycling. The Green Team also givesout small punch cards, much like those used at a local coffee shop to reward regular customers. When the students bring a litter lesslunch they get a stamp in their punch card. When there are 10 stamps on the punch card students win a prize.Other Green Efforts “If our school becomes a good example to the world, then other schools may follow in our footsteps all across the US” -- Keenan Ashbrook, 7th grader at WMS and an active Green-Team member.In addition to the litter less lunch, the Green Team is working on many other things including the Green-certified Classroom initiative.In this program, teachers volunteer to adhere to a checklist of criteria the classroom must meet to be green. Some of the things on thelist include: • Having recycling bins • Reusing different materials • Reducing lights • Reusing paper • Reusing energy. • Green awareness • Healthy air (no fresheners and window open to ventilate when possible).Once certified, teachers will receive a ‘bronze’ level title. The Green Team is currently working on other ‘higher’ levels—silver, gold,platinum —to continue to challenge teachers to ‘green’ their classroom. So far 20 teachers have been signed up for “greencertification”.Another project is an analysis of the “greenness” of printers. Some members of the Green Team are testing to see if laser jet printersuse less ink than ink jet printers. They found out lasers jets use less ink. This means that the amount of ink cartridges used in theschool will significantly decrees the amount of ink cartridges through away. The Green Team is also trying to get laser jet centerspositioned around the school. Teacher would print to laser-jet centers rather than within individual classrooms on ink-jet printers.The Green Team also is raising green awareness through the following ongoing programs: • Putting together a video of interviews on “green knowledge”. In the video, Green Team members ask WMS staff and some students about how aware they are about being green and their opinion about green issues. • Portable Power-Point slideshows: Each of these slide-shows help teachers understand how to direct their students to help reduce litter at lunch and promote efforts for a Green classroom. • Preparing green-themed potted plants to decorate classrooms and raise awareness of the green message.PLEASE REUSE, CONSERVE, RECYCLE…