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Superintendent's Bulletin4-8-11

  1. 1. Wellesley Public Schools Superintendent’s 40 Kingsbury Street Bulletin Wellesley, Massachusetts 02481 Bella T. Wong Bulletin #28 Superintendent of Schools April 8, 2011 The Superintendent’s Bulletin is posted weekly on Fridays on our website. It provides timely, relevant information about meetings, professional development opportunities, curriculum and program development, grant awards, and School Committee news. The bulletin is also the official vehicle for job postings. Please read the bulletin regularly and use it to inform colleagues of meetings and other school news., Dear Colleagues, This morning my husband and I had an argument. While doing his homework the night before, my son didnt know how to spell the word orangutan. It was suggested to him by the responsible adult at home that he could "Google" the word for the correct spelling. When he did that a link to a YouTube video on orangutans popped up. It was a comical vignette of a tug of war between an orangutan and a sumo wrestler -- you can all probably guess who lost and ended up falling spectacularly into the mud pit. During breakfast this morning, my son called up the link and wanted me to watch the video. After the video played, I went back to packing lunches and my son proceeded to go through the other videos on the YouTube page. As I watched him go through the videos, I started to wonder whether any of those orangutan videos might be inappropriate, and it occurred to me to ask how he got onto orangutan YouTube videos in the first place. . . and that is how I got the story that it started with looking for the correct spelling of a word. So I suggested that next time he needed to check the spelling of a word he should (I admit I said should, not could) look it up in the dictionary. And thus, started the argument with my husband. It went kind of like this: All kids are checking their spelling this way...I dont want him unsupervised on YouTube...this is what technology is about today...I want him to learn how to use a dictionary...why does he need to use a dictionary if he can just ask the computer?? . . . thats just backwards. Hmm. I left the house quite angry. But before I even got to the first right turn at the end of my road, I thought maybe my husband was not completely wrong (note: I didnt say he was right) about some of this. No one will ultimately get up from writing at a computer to look up in a dictionary how to spell a word. It is probably also unlikely anyone will take the time to call up a spelling application if they can just "Google" the word to check the spelling. So it is possible that it is a truth that I may have to accept; I am just not sure that I like it, yet. Enjoy your weekend,
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  3. 3. Calendar April 7-28 WPS K-12 Art Show – Wellesley Free Library Thurs., 4/14 Boston Gay Men’s & WHS Choral Concert, 7:30 p.m. Mon-Fri, 4/18-22 Vacation Week Wed., 4/27 Teachers for Safe Schools, WMS Rm 245, 3:30 pm Fri., 4/29 Deadline for C&I Proposal SubmissionsWorking on a Lane Change? Revised Course Approval Form Available OnlineA revised version of the Course Approval Form is available on the WPS website under “ProfessionalDevelopment”. Please use this version when submitting courses for consideration. A change of note is therequest for a copy of the actual course description from the catalogue or website.Graduate Course ReimbursementCourse reimbursement funding of $22,500 is available to distribute in FY12 among qualifiedteachers for graduate course work which is done as part of a master’s degree program to fulfilla teacher’s obligations for the Massachusetts Educators Professional License and for coursework required to achieve the next stage of licensure culminating in a professional license. Toapply for this course reimbrusement, please send, by June 1, 2011, your name, evidence ofyour enrollment in an applicable master/doctoral degree program, name and description ofthe course, evidence of course cost, proof of payment, and transcript to Valerie Spruill, Administrative Assistantto the Assistant Superintendent, You will be notified of the amountawarded to you by July 1, 2011. LOOKING AHEAD . . . . . . . . . Are you interested in a job share? Would you like to be considered for a transfer in 2011-12 School Year?Teachers with professional teacher status who would like to request a job share position or a transfer in the2011-2012 school year must notify Salvatore Petralia in writing by May 2, 2011. Requests should be sent Apply Now to Enroll Children of Non-Resident WTA Members in Wellesley Schools. Children of teachers or nurses residing outside Wellesley shall be entitled to attend Wellesley Public Schools without charge for tuition on a spaceavailable basis. (Article 12, WTA Unit A Contract). If you are interested in this benefit in the 2011-12 schoolyear, please contact, include your child/ren’s name, birth date, andcurrent grade level. Application Deadline: May 2, 2011 3
  4. 4. Teachers for Safe SchoolsTeachers for Safe Schools will meet at the Middle School in Room 245, from 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. on the followingWednesdays: April 27, and May 18, 2011. The mission of Teachers for Safe Schools is to consciously create,support and encourage a safe professional and emotional school climate that allows for staff of all sexualorientations to be acknowledged and respected Professional Development Opportunities    Professional Development opportunities for 2010- 2011 are posted at Course descriptions andregistration instructions are included. This link can also be found on the WPS website under 2010-2011Professional Development Offerings. WellesleyPD is coming! WellesleyPD is coming!WellesleyPD is a web based, professional development management system. This application hasfeatures that can be utilized by faculty and administration. It enables all aspects of a districts professionaldevelopment program to be found in one easily accessible, online location.Using WellesleyPD, you will be able to:• view the professional development resource information provided by the district (mission, vision, goals,procedures, etc.),;• view available courses;• register for courses online for PDPs/inservice/college credit options;• receive automated confirmation of enrollment;• be placed on a waitlist if a course is full;• find course/class locations and descriptions;• verify training history;• utilize online forms;• print out your own PDP/inservice transcripts;• evaluate courses; and• create your own individualized professional development plan, and more.Watch your email in the coming weeks for more details. 4
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  6. 6. Special Education SeminarsA series of five seminar sessions is being offered to cover various topics regarding special education. Eachsession covers a specific topic allowing participants to attend one or more sessions as desired. The intent ofeach session is to provide background information to generate active discussions. Participants attending all fivesessions will be awarded 10 PDPs.All sessions will be held at the Middle School in Room 251 from 3:30 – 5:30 p.m.To participate, go to this link and register online: Session 3 – April 12, 2011: bullying and its specific impact on students with Accommodations and Modifications – disabilities. The law also requires that special education students who are at-risk for bullying have Who, What, When, Where, and How? their IEPS specifically address this concern. This session will provide an overview of issues andMost special education students have some type of discuss how Wellesley can respond to theaccommodation and/or modification requirement on requirements of the law.their IEPs. and yet, there continues to be muchconfusion over what the difference is between thetwo terms and how each affects studentperformance, assessment, and grading. This Session 5 – May 10, 2011: Transition Planningsession will clarify definitions, review instructional for Students with Disabilities Age 14+practices, and discuss the challenges of The requirements of IDEA specific to the issue ofimplementation. transition planning for life after high school or age 21 are vast. Transition has been the focus of many special education court hearings and cases across Session 4 – May 3, 2011: Bullying and the country and is considered the current “hot Students with Disabilities topic”. This session will address the requirements of the law and review the components of effectiveThe new Bullying Law in Massachusetts requires transition planning.each school district to provide training about Requesting C & I ProposalsProposals for C&I projects are currently being accepted. There are two funding sources available, one thatrequires projects to be completed by June 30, 2011 and the other that will fund projects that take placebeginning July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012.C&I compensation is granted for curriculum development projects or task force members to work on building-basedor system wide initiatives. Priority will be given to proposals designed to meet system goals.Request proposal form from Due date: April 29, 2011. 6
  7. 7. BABY NEWS!!Congratulations to Kate Harrigan on the birth of her son, Hank CannonFeifer, born on March 30, 2011, weighing in at 9 lbs, 12 ounces . . . . .and to Laurie Haig onthe birth of her son, Ryan James, born on April 5, 2011, weighing in at 9 lbs, 8 ounces. CONGRATULATIONS . . . to John Mulryan of the Middle School Fitness and Health staff, recognized as the 2011 Health Educator of the Year by the Massachusetts Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (MAHPERD). The purpose of this award is to publicly recognize an outstanding, hands-on practitioner who has made valuable contributions in thearea of health. Congratulations, John!! Boston’s Gay Men’s Choir and WHS Choral Department Concert: Here to Stay! April 14, 2011, 7:30 p.m. at WMS The Boston Gay Men’s Chorus is one of New England’s largest and most successful community-based choruses. Now in its 28th season, the175-voice ensemble is celebrated for its outstanding musicianship, creative programming, and groundbreaking communityoutreach. Under the dynamic leadership of Music Director Reuben M. Reynolds III, the BGMC sings a widespectrum of classical and popular music with excellence and builds bridges to all people by providing a positive,affirming image of the gay and lesbian community. Each year the Chorus offers a subscription concert series ofthree programs, performed in the city’s most prestigious venues including Jordan Hall, the Cutler MajesticTheatre, and Symphony Hall. The Chorus is heard live by more than12,000 people each season and thousandsmore through recordings and television broadcasts. The Boston Business Journal consistently ranks the BGMC inits list of the top 25 performing arts organizations in greater Boston. Tickets: $5 Students and Seniors, $8Parents, $3 Teachers  Coaching Positions  Spring Season 2011 Head Coach – Varsity Boys Volleyball Head Coach – JV Boys Volleyball Fall Season 2011 Head Coach – Varsity Field Hockey Head Coach – Girls Volleyball Winter Season 2011-12 Head Coach – WHS Dance Team Contact Athletic Director: 7
  8. 8. POSITIONS AVAILABLE  2010‐2011 OPENINGS Elementary PrincipalWellesley Public Schools seeks an elementary principal to lead a 356 student K-5 school in a community thatstrongly supports its public schools. Our core values are academic excellence, cooperative and caringrelationships, respect for human differences and commitment to community.Candidates must have a Master’s Degree and be certifiable as an elementary school principal. Previousadministrative experience at the building or district level is preferred. The work year is 214 days effective July 1,2011. Current salary range for FY 2011 is $111,927 - $128,408. Please send a cover letter, resume, three lettersof reference, transcripts, and licensure by April 22, 2011 to: Salvatore Petralia, Assistant Superintendent,Wellesley Public Schools, 40 Kingsbury Street, Wellesley, MA 02481Department Head of Nursing ServicesReporting to the Director of Student Services, the Department Head will be responsible for the ongoingmonitoring, assessment, and improvement of a comprehensive health program for the school district as well ascompliance with Massachusetts Department of Public Health regulations. The Department Head oversees themanagement of health-related data and ensures that clinical nursing services meet the standard set by theWellesley Public Schools. The Department Head is responsible for the supervision and evaluation of nursing staffdistrict-wide.Candidates must have a Master’s Degree in Nursing or related field. Previous experience as a school nurse andsupervisory experience is preferred. The work year is 189 days, effective July 1, 2011. Current salary range is$92,098 - $106,090. Please send cover letter, resume, three letters of reference, transcripts, and licensure byApril 15, 2011 to: Salvatore Petralia, Assistant Superintendent, Wellesley Public Schools, 40 Kingsbury Street,Wellesley, MA 02481 Cafeteria Worker Under the supervision of the Cook/Manager, the general worker will operate kitchenequipment, provide routine cleaning of the kitchen, and any other tasks that pertain to the food servicedepartment. Rate Range: $11.74-14.22; Work Hours: Monday thru Friday 7:30 am to 12:30 pm. Benefit Eligible.Minimum Qualifications: Good physical stamina, neat appearance, likes working with people.Please send letter of interest to: Salvatore Petralia, Assistant Superintendent, Wellesley Public Schools, 40Kingsbury Street, Wellesley, MA 02481 or e-mail Positions Available 2011-2012Middle SchoolGr. 8 Introductory Physical Science Teacher (1.0FTE) Anticipated Openings 2011 - 2012District Wide Middle SchoolTeacher of Visually Impaired (0.6 FTE) Gr. 8 Physical Science Teacher (0.8FTE)Elementary High School (9-12)Special Education Teacher/Therapeutic Class Chemistry (.75FTE)(1.0FTE) Fitness & Health (0.2 FTE)Please send a cover letter, resume, three letters of reference, transcripts, and licensure by April 15, 2011 toSalvatore Petralia, Asst. Supt., Wellesley Public Schools, 40 Kingsbury Street, Wellesley, MA 02481. Wellesley Public Schools Actively Seeks to Increase the Diversity of its Workforce 8
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