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Romuald Zdebskiy (Microsoft) & Andrey Ivashentsev (Game Insight)


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Cloud for Games Backend - Do You Really Need It?

(White Nights Conference St. Petersburg 2017)
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Romuald Zdebskiy (Microsoft) & Andrey Ivashentsev (Game Insight)

  1. 1. 11 Cloud Scenarios
  2. 2. Top contributor on GitHub 16,419 15,682 14,059 12,841 12,140
  3. 3. Microsoft Linux
  4. 4. Microsoft joined
  5. 5. Balance of responsibility On-premise – hosting in own datacenter IaaS – using virtual machines PaaS – using platform services for game logic and date SaaS – using service, API or web user interface. Responsibility On-Prem IaaS PaaS SaaS Applications Data Runtime Middleware O/S Virtualization Servers Storage Networking MicrosoftCustomer
  6. 6. Platform Services Security & Management Infrastructure Services Web Apps Mobile Apps API Management API Apps Logic Apps Notification Hubs Content Delivery Network (CDN) Media Services HDInsight Machine Learning Stream Analytics Data Factory Event Hubs Mobile Engagement Active Directory Multi-Factor Authentication Automation Portal Key Vault Biztalk Services Hybrid Connections Service Bus Storage Queues Store / Marketplace Hybrid Operations Backup StorSimple Site Recovery Import/Export SQL Database DocumentDB Redis Cache Search Tables SQL Data Warehouse Azure AD Connect Health AD Privileged Identity Management Operational Insights Cloud Services Batch Remote App Service Fabric Visual Studio Application Insights Azure SDK Team Project VM Image Gallery & VM Depot
  8. 8. 40 regions = more than Amazon + Goggle combined! Google - 18 Amazon - 14
  9. 9.
  10. 10. • Routes traffic according polices • Routing Policies • Performance – direct to “closest” service – realtime multiplayer • Round Robin – Distribute across all services • Failover – Direct to “backup” if primary fails - also included in other policies • Nested Profiles • Flexible multi-level policies • Load balancing • Flighting (A/B Testing)
  11. 11. Redundancy and failover Broader geographic footprint Easier testing for performance More local access Multi-CDN
  12. 12.
  13. 13. 2020: My Country backend architecture
  14. 14. Realtime Multiplayer Traffic Manager MondoDB Database REDIS Custom Auto-scaling Load-balancing (endpoints) App Services + CDN
  15. 15. Infrastructure (IaaS) Scale/Auto-scale
  16. 16. Queues “Reliable messaging at scale for cloud services” Data Lake “Big Data analytics with HDFS interface” Service Bus “Reliable cloud messaging as a service” Cosmos DB “Planet –scale managed NoSQL document store with MongoDB API” Azure SQL DB “Managed Relational SQL databases” Redis cache “High throughput, consistent low- latency data access” SQL Data Warehouse Elastic data warehouse as a service Use on Windows & Linux VMs Azure Search Cloud indexing and instant search Azure DB MySQL “Managed MySQL database” (preview) Azure DB PostgreSQL “Managed PostgreSQL database” (preview)
  17. 17. APIs: MongoDB, DocumentDB SQL, Gremlin (preview), and Azure Tables (preview)
  18. 18. DocumentDB Event Hubs and other services
  19. 19. Next Games chose Azure DocumentDB for the persistence layer of its popular game. It provides: • Elastic scalability for millions of users • Key-value lookups and filtering by properties • Flexible schema to support social features • Intra-collection sorting for leaderboard scores • Single- and multi-partition queries The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land
  20. 20. Device Coverage • >400 device configurations that can run concurrently, >2300 devices in Test Cloud Device Availability • Infrastructure built with parallelization and concurrency • <60s wait time for Tier 1 devices Actionable Results • Elegantly visualized dashboards • Screenshots and video playback for easy analysis Support • Full automation support with testing best practices and framework expertise
  21. 21. 32
  22. 22. Notifications Hubs Platform as a Service (PaaS) Web Apps SQL Azure Automatic Scaling
  23. 23. Microsoft Cognitive Services Give your games a human side Cognitive Services API Collection
  24. 24.
  25. 25. Bot Directory Your Bot Framework Try, use, and add published bots to the world’s top conversation experiences. Developer Portal Connect your bots to text/sms, Skype, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Office 365 mail and other channels. • Register, connect, publish and manage your bot through your bot’s dashboard • Automatic card normalization across channels • Skype channel auto-configured • Embeddable Web chat control • Host your bot in your app via the Direct Line API • Fast, scalable message routing • Diagnostic tools Bot Builder Tools and services to build great bots that converse wherever your users are. • Open source SDK on Github for Node.js, .NET and REST • From simple built-in prompts and command dialogs to simple to use yet sophisticated ‘FormFlow’ dialogs • Support for rich attachments (image, card, video, doc, etc.); support for calling (Skype) • Online/offline chat Emulator • Add bot smarts with Cognitive Services for language understanding and more • Public directory of bots registered and published with Microsoft Bot Framework • Users can try your bot from the directory via the Web chat control • Users can discover and add your bot to the channels on which it is configured when the Directory is made public to end users
  26. 26. Service Architecture Admin/Ops Portal Modelling Software upload inputs submit job Return Output RESTAPI Manage digital assets Split Job in frames Azure Batch Usage & Telemetry Job Monitoring & Management Usage Reporting Governance (inc chargebacks) VM Renderer EXE VM Renderer EXE VM Renderer EXE Integrated Client Plugin Maya/3DS Max Renderers – Arnold, Mental Ray, V-Ray…. executables
  27. 27. Generating high resolution 3D meshes and textures based on photographic data: • Large hall in Chernobyl (scan with 10k pictures) - one of the largest and most accurate 3D scans created • Areas of Pripyat - from the drone • Apartments in Pripyat • Sarcophagus of the reactor of nuclear power plant in Chernobyl Calculation of lighting for games
  28. 28. Azure game analytics can be used with any backend
  29. 29. API • Predict player’s behavior • Build game AI (artificial intelligence)
  30. 30. Demo
  31. 31. Building blocks for gaming on Azure
  32. 32. Products and Services Organization Size Industry Country Business Need Delivering epic Xbox experiences by analyzing hundreds of billions of game events each day Microsoft Studios produces some of the world’s most popular game titles including the Halo, Minecraft, and Forza Motorsport series. To enhance the gaming experience, Microsoft Studios created a big-data solution based on the Microsoft Azure platform including Azure SQL Data Warehouse. By analyzing live game-play, diverse development teams are gaining insights to improve game performance and customer satisfaction. AnalyticsUnited StatesDiscrete Manufacturing Employees: 114,074 Annual Revenue: US$85.32 billion Azure Blob Storage Azure Data Factory Azure HDInsight Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  33. 33. TODAY 18:00 GREEN HALL PaaS approach from the start App Service Azure Storage DocumentDB REDIS Azure SQL Microservices Analytics
  34. 34. not
  35. 35. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Load per time of day
  36. 36. Microsoft Developers