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Insights From Korean TMT(Technology, Media, Telecom) Sector


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This file is used during my Conference Talk held in London hosted by W2Forum (Wireless World Forum)

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Insights From Korean TMT(Technology, Media, Telecom) Sector

  1. 1. 8 th September 2006 Copyright © 2006 by Veyond No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means — electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise — without the permission of Veyond This document provides an outline of a presentation and is incomplete without the accompanying oral commentary and discussion. Insights and Trends From Korea
  2. 2. MVNO (USA) Mobile TV (Satellite DMB) Mobile Music Internet Portal Mobile Game Segment Marketing Social Networking
  3. 6. Mobile TV
  4. 7. Mobile TV
  5. 8. Mobile TV
  6. 9. Terrestrial DMB vs. Satellite DMB TU Media 13,000($13)/month Nationwide X 3 Major Broadcasters, 1 Cable Ch. 2 DMB consortium Free (for now) Seoul/Kyung-gi Province O Operator Charge Coverage Real-time Broadcasts
  7. 10. Satellite DMB CF – focused on ‘Premium Contents’ TU provides relay broadcast like MLB, Japanese Baseball, K-1
  8. 11. Terrestrial DMB CF – focused on ‘Real-Time Broadcasting’ Due to the Broadcasting Regulation, Only T-DMB can provide real time contents
  9. 12. Satellite DMB – A killer contents raises the program rating The rating of relay broadcast for a Japanese Baseball leaguer Lee, Seung-yeob’s game was jumped by increase of Korean People’s interests
  10. 13. Satellite DMB Overview
  11. 14. Satellite DMB – Analysis of Subscribers Subscribers’ Age, Gender, ARPU Trend of S-DMB Subscribers
  12. 15. Terrestrial DMB – Business Model
  13. 16. Terrestrial DMB – Business Model
  14. 17. Terrestrial DMB – Value Chain
  15. 18. Terrestrial DMB – Subscribers Prospect
  16. 19. World Mobile TV handset Market Prospect
  17. 20. Time slot of Classic TV vs DMB
  18. 21. Where do you want to use DMB? T-DMB S-DMB Public Transportation School, Workplace Public Area Home Auto Mobile Transportation School, Workplace Public Area Home Auto Mobile
  19. 22. Various Types of DMB handsets
  20. 23. Spreads of DMB in Korea Watching DMB in the subway DMB phone statues in public
  21. 24. DMB service in Germany
  22. 25. Prediction and Reality
  23. 26. User Profile
  24. 27. Minute of Usage
  25. 28. Contents Preference
  26. 29. Mobile Music
  27. 30. Mobile Music Portal by SK Telecom (MELody + Online) Melon’ s Website Key Features <ul><li>Launched in November of 2004 </li></ul><ul><li>Let subscribers listen to music “Whenever, Wherever, on Whatever Devices They Want” </li></ul><ul><li>Easy access from a mobile and fixed-line network </li></ul><ul><li>Provides unlimited music streaming and downloading services for only 5,000 won ($5) a month </li></ul><ul><li>Downloaded music can be transmitted to mobile phones though Melon </li></ul>
  28. 31. Key Impressions of Melon The Number of Increasing Subscribers Key Impressions <ul><li>Total 600,000 subscribers with 40% growth rate a year </li></ul><ul><li>The best business model for consumers who want as much mobility and content available, irrespective of device or file format </li></ul><ul><li>Open & standardized file formats need to be developed to ensure compatibility with any handset or network platform </li></ul><ul><li>Other technology advances and user acceptance according to them in South Korea may affect its success </li></ul>(MELody + Online)
  29. 32. Comparison between Melon and iTunes iTunes Focuses on Korean pop music The overwhelming rate of MP3 phone owners The prevalent pirated music files Linked with mobile provider The market for western pop music is too small Relatively small market share of iPod Service Charges are relatively expensive Cannot transmit music files to other devices Content Environment Price Interopera-tability
  30. 33. Mobile Music Korea MNO Mobile Music Overview
  31. 34. Mobile Game
  32. 35. Mobile Game Portal by Operator SK Telecom ‘GXG’ KTF ‘GPANG’
  33. 36. Mobile Game Kart Rider ‘ Coca Cola Advertising’
  34. 37. Mobile Game Kart Rider ‘ Mini Advertising’
  35. 38. Mobile Game Mobile Game Revenue Share Scheme
  36. 39. Mobile Game Mobile Game Portal of MNO
  37. 40. Mobile Game
  38. 41. Mobile Game Mobile Game User Survey (2002/2004)
  39. 42. Mobile Game
  40. 43. Mobile Game
  41. 44. Mobile Game One Button Mobile Game for Female Users
  42. 45. Mobile Game Nexon Mobile N0 2 in Korean Mobile Game Market after Com2Us Mother Company is Nexon one of the strongest Online Game Company Annual Revenue 11 million dollar Trying to converge Online Game and Mobile Game (Wireless and Fixed Internet Convergence)
  43. 46. Mobile Game
  44. 47. Mobile Game
  45. 48. Mobile Game Mobile Game Competition
  46. 49. Mobile Game 2006. August Vivendi Games CEO Bruce Hack Korea is No3 country in Mobile Game Market After US, Japan Will enter Korean Game Market Both Online Game and Mobile Game Korea Game Industry is really advanced and wish to make joint venture
  47. 50. Mobile Game KTF Weekly Mobile Game Chart
  48. 51. Mobile Game Mobile Game Market Size
  49. 52. Mobile Game Game Industry Overall
  50. 53. Mobile Game Game Industry & Age Group
  51. 54. Mobile Game Mobile Game User Claims
  52. 55. Mobile Game Mobile Game Revenue Scheme
  53. 56. Mobile Game Mobile 3D Game Handset
  54. 57. Mobile Game Mobile 3D Game Handset
  55. 58. Social Networking
  56. 59. Social Networking
  57. 60. Cyworld and T Online Joint Venture Cyworld in Taiwan Social Networking
  58. 61. Cyworld in Japan Social Networking
  59. 62. Cyworld vs. Naver MySpace vs. Blogger Social Networking
  60. 63. Cyworld Social Networking
  61. 64. Cyworld Mini Hompy Social Networking
  62. 65. Mobile Cyworld 1.8 million V Social Networking
  63. 66. Cyworld Map made by members (UCC, WEB 2.0) Social Networking
  64. 67. Cyworld Members & Digital Item Acorns Social Networking
  65. 68. Cyworld MiniRoom, MiniMe Social Networking
  66. 69. 2006 WIBTA (Wharton - Infosys Business Transformation Awards) Previous recipients of the Award includes Amazon, Samsung Electronics, Standard Chartered Bank, ING Direct Social Networking
  67. 70. Cyworld ‘Wave’ V V Social Networking
  68. 71. Understanding Korea
  69. 72. Handset Review Understanding Korea
  70. 73. Early Adopter and Active Customer ‘ Prosumer’ Understanding Korea
  71. 74. Korean Game Market Size Understanding Korea
  72. 75. Korean Online Game Market Understanding Korea
  73. 76. Korean Mobile Payment Market Understanding Korea
  74. 77. Korean Banking User Pattern Understanding Korea
  75. 78. Location Based
  76. 79. Location Based
  77. 80. Location Based
  78. 81. Location Based