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Present and future_of_mobile_gaming_industry

  1. Present and Future Mobile Gaming Oscar Wang
  2. Outline
  3. Outline
  4. 3 factors for mobile Internet boom From “Top 10 Mobile Internet Trend”, Mary Meeker KPCB 3G Penetration: US 47%; Japan 95%; Korea 79% Mobile devices overpass PCs in 2011 Increasing 3G penetration rate 190M Android and 250M iOS activated Devices Huge selection of applications Mobile Internet Boom!
  5. Outline
  6. Closed iOS ecosystem
  7. Open Android ecosystem: Now Wild West but law and order will be enforced
  8. Differences among Android App Stores
  9. How to monetize
  10. Outline
  11. What MATTERs for a hit game App store
  12. Outline
  13. Category and major players
  14. A glimpse of Japanese teams
  15. Middleware Products
  16. HTML 5 Framework
  17. PhoneGap – an HTML 5 Framework
  18. Marketing/Distribution teams
  19. Outline
  20. Future of Mobile Gaming