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Radio trends 2014


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Radio trends 2014

  2. 2. MORE PEOPLE CONNECTING TO RADIO ON DEVICES THAT AREN’T RADIOS How many devices in your home allow you to connect to a radio station through the internet? Now how many devices, that aren’t in storage, connect you through FM? I’d wager that we’re conservatively looking at a 4:1 ratio. From here on in radio is going to be consumed on gadgets other than radios, so what passed as radio advertising before is going to be challenged purely because the listener has changed.
  3. 3. STREAMING/ON-DEMAND LISTENING TO MOVE INTO THE MAIN STREAM One of the new habits that listeners will adopt is on-demand radio in the home and in the car. We will see streaming and on-demand consumption move into the mainstream as people explore the limits of their mobile devices and high powered broadband. However – while the on-demand culture will become more main stream – I see people starting to consume more niche programming in this way.
  4. 4. MOBILE FIRST PROGRAMMING It’s always interesting as a radio person to watch the trends in TV – especially in the sophisticated U.S. Market. Major networks like Disney and MTV are already launching new shows through their tablet app, weeks before the on-air screening date – creating real value for loyal fans. I see the leading radio brands starting to develop their programming and advertising offerings with mobile top of mind and asking how they can reward mobile and in-app listeners.
  5. 5. POP-UP BROADCASTS Niche programming for targeted audiences will allow radio stations to offer content beyond the all-things-to-all-people formula. This will allow radio brands to create short burst programming in the form of pop-up radio stations AND pop-up video broadcasts of the same events.
  6. 6. ADVERTISERS AND CREATIVE AGENCIES TO EMBRACE THE TARGETED LISTENER The new listener habits will give advertisers direct contact with customers in a way that radio has never previously offered. Advertising can now be targeted and segmented and decrease wastage while still keeping reach and frequency high within the desired target market. Creative will take advantage of this and be able to explore radio ideas and concepts that are not always easy to implement on the traditional platform.