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Video Storytelling Part 3: Editing and Sharing Your Video Stories Online


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Video Storytelling Part 3: Editing and Sharing Your Video Stories Online

  2. 2. Agenda• Welcome and Story Sampling• Using Digital Stories• Editing Digital Stories: Lab Session• Story Screening: Reflections on the Process• Branding and Marketing Videos• Publishing Video Stories Online• Expand Your Web Presence with Videos
  3. 3. Story Sampling• Mapping Our Voices for • Bridge the Gulf Equality• NRCPFC: Digital Stories • GoodSpark digital shorts from the Field
  4. 4. Digital Storytelling• Originated at the Center for Digital Storytelling• Powerful tool for reflection, communication, community building, giving voice, advocacy• Based on personal experience and told through the storyteller’s own voice
  5. 5. Many take advantage of Ira Glass’sAnecdote + Reflection Anecdote Reflection
  6. 6. Using Digital Stories• Fundraising• Grow membership• Raise awareness on an issue you care about• Change the public’s perception on an issue• Use internally for education, alignment on goals, mission
  7. 7. Editing Session• Break out session• Create a digital story from “What Matters Most to Me”• Would like to screen it togetherafter lunch• Will be working together to reflect on the process, provide feedback
  8. 8. Story Screening: Reflections “Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.”
  9. 9. Branding and Marketing Video StoriesWhat is a brand? What does that have to do with public health/non profits?
  10. 10. • More than just a visible identity-logo, name• It’s that “gut feeling” people have about your organization• More than personality—it’s what you care about, who you are, what makes you
  11. 11. A brand… • Serves an emotional, social and functional need • Usually all about what’s being sold-an Private experience • Focuses on value, personality and message • Is a tool that influences perceived costs of engaging in health promoting behaviorsPublic Health • Brand object is voluntary health promoting behavior • Influenced by factors of demand, competition, and timing
  12. 12. invisiblePEOPLE• Same thing here• What is the value, personality and message?
  13. 13. What’s your organization’sbrand?Value + personality + message Take a few minutes to brainstorm and then we’ll come back together and share with the group
  14. 14. • 2011 Cisco study: 91% of web traffic by 2013 will be driven by video• Video accounts for over 50% of web content added every day• But don’t do video without a plan!
  15. 15. Marketing your video/digital stories• Be strategic• Strategies matched to purpose, targeted audienceSome go-to types of videos-shareable!!:• Impact stories: First person, testimonials of the change, difference your org has made-why you do what you do• Movement stories: what inspires action• Vision stories: the world you want to create
  16. 16. Getting your videos outthere:• Integrating videos across all channels• Can you provide opportunities to “subscribe” to your channel on YouTube, Vimeo?
  17. 17. Measurement• Yes there are metrics like “views” but be flexible!• There’s also comments, engagement, calls to action• Have them be a conversation starter not just an end of themselves…tie them to your larger communications plan, and objectives
  18. 18. Publishing Your Video Story Online• YouTube• Facebook• Twitter• Vimeo• LinkedIn• Website• Emails
  19. 19. Vimeo:• Has a different “feel” than YouTube so may be appropriate for different audiences• Can help foster community, social relationships and networking
  20. 20. Posting Videos on Facebook:
  21. 21. Best Practices for Videos on Facebook:Create content people can interact with and share
  22. 22. Distribution Plan Activity
  23. 23. Expand Your Web Presence with Videos • Url at end of video • Embeddable so others in your tribe of supporters can showcase
  24. 24.  Use relevant, meaningful tags Use a call to action overlay Connect viewers to URLs that provide details on your story
  25. 25.  Don’t be shy about submitting to venues like doGooder NonProfit Video Awards Enter contests, festivals etc Don’t be afraid to use humor!
  26. 26. Thank You!