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Njla 2012 conference


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Published in: Education
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Njla 2012 conference

  1. 1. NJLA 2012 Conference Atlantic City, NJ June 4-6, 2012 4 perspectives
  2. 2. Revel ResortPhotos by Katie
  3. 3. Reflections on Tuesday Keynote Speaker R.David Lankes His discussion at this NJLA conference was to about the Promise of this new librarianship going forward and how librarians need to start figuring out ways to develop new relationship in their communities to be vitalPhoto & Captions by Romel
  4. 4. Reflections on Tuesday Keynote Speaker R.David LankesLast year he published the Atlasfor New Librarianship where he proposed that libraries stop promoting themselves as warehouses for books or technology. Instead he argues that "the role oflibraries should be to improvesociety through the facilitation ofknowledge creation in theircommunities." Photo & Captions by Romel
  5. 5. Romel’s Poster @ NJLA Tuesday Poster Sessions Photo & Captions by Romel I research over 123 Developing a mobile 23% of these users are different academic library web page now is now teenagers and 92% of libraries and turned up more important than ever the time that these youth that only 20% of these as for the first time want to access the schools, public and Smartphone users now internet they are usingprivate, had developed a outnumber regular cell their cell phones. Mobile mobile web interface phones in the U.S Native are coming!
  6. 6. Photo & Captions by Romel One of the best posters (beside mine) was this poster by a Rutgers SCI student about a small study she did called Understanding Transliteracy Skills which is becoming a hot topic nowadays as librarians and others are looking past the ACRL Standards and Outcomes to literacy standards that meet the multimedia aspects of literacy in the 21st Century. Look for more after ACRL 2013 for big changes!
  7. 7. All-A-TwitterCheck out what people were tweeting
  8. 8. All-A-TwitterCheck out what people were tweeting
  9. 9. Leslin’s Takeaways from Keynote Speaker Steven Bell I enjoyed the keynote address Keynote for the College & University Section of the NJLA Conference done by Steven Bell, Associate University Librarian for Research and Instructional Services, Temple University. It was entitled, Design for an Alt- Librarian: Retooling Yourself for a Retooled Steven Bell is a prolific writer. Tomorrow. Notably, he has a weekly column, entitled, ‘From the Bell Tower’ in the His address was interesting, thought Library Journal publication. See his provoking, and sobering discourse on the Bio here: future of libraries and librarians. According . to Bell, The Alt-Librarian is a design- influenced model that proposes an enhanced professional skill set to help librarians retool themselves for the challenges of an uncertain tomorrow.Captions by Leslin
  10. 10. Bell Continued….. My takeaways were: •Amazon is saying that in the future there will be no more gatekeepers (a traditional role of librarians). They go further by saying that writers won’t have to go through publishers anymore. The whole information landscape is changing radically and rapidly. Scary stuff! This reminds me of another librarian who stated at a VALE conference that nothing prevents Google from purchasing all the databases and making them freely available on the web. •I agree wholeheartedly with Steven Bell who says that we have to demonstrate our value to our constituents. A great skill we can leverage is our expertise in Information Literacy. We need to capitalize on this so that the institution still sees us as relevant and worth the money that we are being paid. •Bell goes on to say that we should demonstrate added value. In order to make ourselves stay relevant we should be exploring outside of the library. Seek areas where we can make connections and collaborate. We have to show added value to our constituents. •Simon Sinek’sGolden Circle- a new way of looking at how people approach what they do. Everyone knows what they do; but very few know why they do it. This has leads me to think of new ways to communicate our program to others. Fortunately, the new website will deliver a segment on Information Literacy which will provide ready information to librarians. It also means that we as librarians need to communicate better to faculty so they in turn understand why they do things. If the faculty doesn’t know what we do, they can’t be loyal, nor can they care about what we do. It ended on a positive note: we, as librarians, are still relevant. Some people feel our future is doomed, but we are still relevant today and the on us lies on us to ensure that we remain relevant into the future.Captions by Leslin
  11. 11. Katie’s experience @ NJLA How lucky was I to win a free trip to my first NJLA Conference at none other than the brand new Revel Resort in Atlantic City!? Not lucky enough to win at Blackjack, but that’s another story. I am so grateful to the New Jersey State Library for providing me with this scholarship and great opportunity.Photo & Captions by Katie
  12. 12. Katie’s experience @ NJLA Day one “Book Blogging 101: How-to and Why-to,” •I think blogging might help to reach out and get students interested in reading. Leadership Luncheon •Turned out to be a great chance to meet librarians at my table “Reviewing the Ebook Landscape.” Poster Sessions •Mobility Now! Or the Importance of Developing a Mobile Library Website. •A Primer to 21st Century Librarianship.Photo & Captions by Katie
  13. 13. Katie’s experience @ NJLA Day two State Librarian’s Breakfast &the NJ State Library Program • State Librarian Norma Blake unveiled the NJ Libraries Sustainability Report Keynote by Steven Bell •Inspiring and got me thinking about change and how important it is to move onto new heights rather than decline. “On the Road to Information Literacy Success” •The most helpful and practical program I attended. Using the New American Factfinder and Fdsys,” •I can use to answer reference questions. • It is amazing how many statistics and maps are available on Factfinder and it is important that we as librarians know how to use these web sites as they can be confusing to those unfamiliar with themPhoto & Captions by Katie
  14. 14. Click on the link below towatch short clips of thepresentation
  15. 15. Conference Hand Outs