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An overview of the development of Bates College's new home and news sites in 2009.

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New Home, New Views

  1. 1. New Home, New Views BATES ONLINE – PHASE 1Jay Collier • Communications and Media Relations September 10, 2009
  2. 2. ONLINE ENGAGEMENTContext for engagementProcess: Interactive engagement, bridgingbroadcast and interpersonal relationshipsResult: Mutually-satisfactory exchanges of valuefacilitated by online experiencesBenefit: Meaningful impactTimeline: Continues for a lifetime
  3. 3. ONLINE ENGAGEMENTVision for engagement • Start with FROM powerful universal ideas Powerful, universal ideas • Deepen Ambivalence to involvement Awareness to Interest to toward greater Participation to commitment Commitment • Ultimately: TOWARD build personal Personalized relationships interactions
  4. 4. ONLINE ENGAGEMENTOnline engagement at Bates • Start with universal, The most universal messaging persuasive messaging TELLING THE BATES STORY • Learn what’s happening in Publishing to global audiences areas of interest • Visit public collaboration NEWS, EVENTS, UPDATES Informing interested people spaces and participate in the creation of new knowledge LEARNING COLLABORATIONS • Make exchanges of value Creating knowledge together through online transactions • Build personal relationships SERVICES & TRANSACTIONS Exchanging value and commitment
  5. 5. ONLINE ENGAGEMENTShift in perspective• Functional perspective • Engagement perspective Powerful, universal ideas Powerful, universal ideas TELLING THE BATES STORY TELLING THE BATES STORY NEWS, EVENTS, UPDATES NEWS, EVENTS, UPDATES LEARNING LEARNING COLLABORATIONS COLLABORATIONS SERVICES & SERVICES & TRANSACTIONS TRANSACTIONS Personalized Personalized interactions interactions
  6. 6. ONLINE ENGAGEMENTLifelong engagement • This deepening of General engagement Public continues over time • Each time a Bates Prospective Prospective Corporations, Faculty & Students Foundations person or partner Sta & Families enters a new role, they begin a new Current Current Philanthropic phase of engagement Faculty & Students, Partners Sta & Families • Continuity is important at those potential “speed Alumni & Friends bumps”
  7. 7. ONLINE ENGAGEMENTGoals of Bates online • Help Bates people connect with each other, across roles — student, faculty, staff, alumni — on campus or off. • Help people connect with the ideas that interest them the most: scholarship, research, narratives, events, places, groups, and service. • Draw constituents and friends into a satisfying and deepening lifelong experience of Bates that reflects and expresses core values. • Make online Bates ultimately portable, so that people can participate from anywhere, anytime.
  8. 8. ONLINE ENGAGEMENTPrinciples of effective online experiences• Be dependable – anywhere, any time, any device• Be intuitive – simple publishing, searching, finding• Be useful – helpful information and instructions• Be engaging – appealing, personal, immersive• Be personalizable – up to date feeds on personal interests• Be sociable – online spaces for intellectual collaboration• Be meaningful – insight into what matters to you
  9. 9. ONLINE ENGAGEMENTIndicators of success• Increased length of average visit• Increased number of pages per visit• Increased number of actions, such as email subscriptions or clicks to donation URL• Increased external use of content• Improved response time for content updates• Reduced technical skills required for content developers
  10. 10. ONLINE ENGAGEMENTTimeline – 2007 • January: Started prototyping in Drupal, WordPress, and Expression Engine • March: Began establishing Bates brand in social media, starting with Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter • December: Began listening sessions with students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents
  11. 11. ONLINE ENGAGEMENTTimeline – 2008 • March: “One Bates, Many Journeys” • May: Collaboration with Cornell • June: Full-time position from Bill Hiss • September: Created prototypes for Bates Views, Explore Bates, and Dabble database for events, tables, lists • October: Active development on prototypes by students • November: Recruited new producer • December: Home 4 sponsored
  12. 12. ONLINE ENGAGEMENTTimeline – 2009 • January 2009: Selected strategic partner agency • February: Hired and oriented online media producer • March: Convened multiple strategy discovery sessions • April: Completed final information architecture • May: Completed first round interface design
  13. 13. ONLINE ENGAGEMENTTimeline – 2009 • May: Proposed visual concept • June: Released clickable prototype • July: Released campus-wide • August: Copy & images edited, external sources, recoded for IE6 • September: Launched Home 4.0 • October: Release Home 4.1 and Views interface • Content platform discovery, selection, configuration, production
  14. 14. ONLINE ENGAGEMENTNext phase• Home and Views The most universal messaging improvements TELLING THE BATES STORY• Content platform discovery Publishing to global audiences• Proposed: Departments and NEWS, EVENTS, UPDATES Offices online strategy and Informing interested people site production• Consulting on collaboration LEARNING COLLABORATIONS software (wikis, blogs) for Creating knowledge together groups and teams SERVICES & TRANSACTIONS Exchanging value and commitment
  15. 15. EVOLUTIONThank you Please help us continuously improve online Bates Jay Collier —