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Social Marketing with Social Media by Suzanne Teran


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Social Marketing with Social Media by Suzanne Teran

  1. 1. Using Social Marketing Methods to Improve Working Conditions Suzanne Teran, MPHLabor Occupational Health Program UC Berkeley
  2. 2. Communicating Our Power and HopeThe Domestic Worker Safety and Dignity CampaignLabor Occupational Health Program, UC Berkeley La Colectiva de Mujeres Underground Advertising
  3. 3. Other Campaign Elements
  4. 4. KEY OUTCOMES• Marked increase in number of jobs.• 74% of employer survey respondents recalled seeing the ads.• Very positive reactions to the ads – 70% of employers “liked them a lot.”• Marked increase in number of Colectiva members.• Women’s sense of pride – theme of increased confidence.• Leadership and media skills.
  5. 5. I was so moved seeing ourphotograph on BART and the bus.The bus driver recognized me andsaid "Hey, youre the one in thepicture." I feel so much happinessand pride to be part of La Colectiva.
  6. 6. 2010 Heat Campaign
  7. 7. California’s Heat Law Water Shade and rest Training Emergency Plan
  8. 8. Campaign strategy•Social marketing- analysis of benefits to target audience- workplace/community norm CommunityMEDIA support network Workers Employers Families
  9. 9. Billboards
  10. 10. Carteleras
  11. 11. Ads in stores
  12. 12. Hmong and Punjabi
  13. 13. Vans and lunch trucks
  14. 14. Radio Ads in Spanish and Hmong radio. Mixteco programming on Radio Bilingue.
  15. 15. Promotional items
  16. 16. Campaign Strategy Community Groups Worker Centers Consulates Clinics Churches Schools Promotora Networks
  17. 17. Easy-to-read fact sheets
  18. 18. Community posters
  19. 19. Multilingual DVD
  20. 20. Employer outreach• Cal/OSHA Trainings• Training materials
  21. 21. How to report a problem
  22. 22. Knowledge/awareness90%80%70%60%50% Saw/heard40% campaign30%20%10% 0% Workers Comm. Employers
  23. 23. AttitudePositive response to messages:• relevance,• usefulness,• believability
  24. 24. Behavior 54Talking to your co-workers about heat protection 84.9 55.3 Asking f or shade to rest, if needed 84.8 Per 70.1 Asking f or water on your job, if needed Cur 92.4 63.1 Resting in the shade to cool down 90.5 70.7 Drinking water regualrly during you work shif t 94.5 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100
  25. 25. BehaviorFigure 2: Actions after seeing or hearing media campaign ads (N=199) Anything else 12.4 Report a problem at your worksite 12.7 Call the phone number on the ad 9Talk to your boss about heat saf ety 57.8 Look f or inf ormation 37.7 0 20 40 60 80 100
  26. 26. Behavior• We’ve received more anonymous calls to complain that they’re not being provided with shade or water.• At a training session, a group of workers complained about not having water or shade and this is something that you would not see in the past. The campaign empowers people to say I know this is the law.