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eAdvocacy Training Handout

  1. 1. eAdvocacy: Building Your Base Online Supplementary Materials and Resources 1|P a ge© A.L. Chandler Consulting, Inc.
  2. 2. Assessing Your Current AudienceWebsite Audience MetricsQuestions to Ask about your Metric DescriptionCurrent Web AudienceWhat is the size of your web audience?How many living, breathing Unique Visitors (not This is the number of actualhuman beings are coming to hits or just visits) individuals that visited your websitemy website every month? as opposed to hits (which simply count files served, including images) and visits (which don’t adjust for repeat visitors).How do visitors find my website?Are they typing my URL Referral Source Indicates how a web visitor got todirectly into their web your website:browser? Are they following  By typing your websitea link from another website, address into their webor maybe an email, Twitter browsermessage?  By clicking on a link (from another website, email message, or twitter message)  From a search engineAre they finding their way to Top Keywords and For web visitors who found their waymy site from a search Phrases to your website from a searchengine? If so, what are they engine, what keywords or keywordtyping into the search box phrases did they type into the searchthat ultimately leads them to box? You should generally identifyme? the top 5 and track their changes over time.How engaging is my website content to visitors?When people visit my Average Page Views The total number of page viewswebsite, do they come to my divided by the total number ofhomepage, get nauseous and visitors over a specified time period.then leave? Or do they hangout a bit and look around?Besides by homepage, what Most viewed pages What are the pages most viewed onother pages on my website your website. It’s generally good to 2|P a ge© A.L. Chandler Consulting, Inc.
  3. 3. do people tend to view the track the top 5 pages over time.most?What documents do people Most downloaded What documents are downloadeddownload the most? documents the most by your web visitors. It’s generally good to track the top 5 downloaded documents over time.Where are my web visitors geographically located?Are they in my city, in Geography Where are your web visitorsCalifornia, or in Bangladesh? geographically located? In tools like Google Analytics, you can drill down all the way from the country level, to the state and city levels.Tools for Measure your Website AudienceTo get the Web analytics for your website, you should contact your webmaster, IT department, or thecompany that hosts your website. Sometimes, these statistics are “server-reported” statistics availablefrom your web host versus those obtained from “tagging-based” services. The most robust analyticstool that is available for free is Google Analytics (available at http://www.google.com/analytics/).Server-reported statistics are generally inferior and often prone to inaccurate counting. If you’re relyingon server-reported web data, you may want to consider transitioning to a tagging-based service likeGoogle Analytics. See below for more explanation of these types of tools and popular vendors.There are basically two types of web statistics tools:Analytics Tool VendorsBasic Tools  AWStats1. Log-File Analyzers (Server-Side Data  Webalizer Collection): statistics packages provided by  Mint shared web hosting providers.2. These tools are typically accessed through your hosting provider.3. They are generally inferior to more advanced Tag-Based packages like Google AnalyticsAdvanced Tools  Google Analytics (free)  Webtrends1. Tag-Based Analytics (Client-Side Data  Omniture SiteCatalyst Collection): Javascript page tags collect data 3|P a ge© A.L. Chandler Consulting, Inc.
  4. 4. via a website visitors’s web browser. The tags, also called “beacons” are placed on How to install Google Analytics each page of your website, and http://www.google.com/analytics/education.htmlEmail MetricsThese data should be available from your Email Service Provider (e.g. Constant Contact, VerticalResponse, MyEmma, etc.). You should review these statistics for the current month and last 6 monthsto identify trends.Initial Email List Assessment: How many email addresses are in your list? How many are bad addresses (undeliverable)? How many people on your list are from identifiable organizations (work addresses)? Where did the majority of my email list subscribers come from (website, event sign-ups, conference, business cards, etc.)?Questions to Ask About Your Email Metric DescriptionAudienceN/A Messages Sent The total number of messages sent for a particular mailingWhen I send out an email, how Bounce Rate Percentage of email messages in a mailingmany bounce because I’ve got a bad that was undeliverable due to badaddress in my database? addresses. Total messages sent minus total email messages that bounced equals the total messages delivered.When I send out an email blast, how Unsubscribe Rate The percentage of email messagemany people subsequently recipients who unsubscribed from your listunsubscribe from my list? out of all email messages deliveredOf those who receive my email, how Open-Rates The percentage of email messages in amany actually open it? mailing that were opened of those that were delivered.Of those who open my email, how Click-Through The percentage of email messages that amany are interested enough to click Rates user clicked a link in of those that wereon a link in the message either to delivered.read something or respond to a call-to-action?Of those who click in a message and Response Rate Of those who clicked through on a “call-to-reach my website to take an action (also called action” email (total click-throughs), howthat I’ve requested of them, how conversion rate) many took the requested action (whatevermany actually take the requested you asked them to do)action? 4|P a ge© A.L. Chandler Consulting, Inc.
  5. 5. Facebook MetricsThe metrics described below are available through the Facebook Page Insights analytics tool.Facebook Insights measures user exposure, actions, and behavior relating to your Social Adsand Facebook Page. To learn how to access Facebook Page insights for your Facebook page,follow this link: http://www.facebook.com/help/?page=915#!/help/?page=1030Questions to Ask About your Facebook Audience MetricHow many people are fans of your Page or have indicated they “Like” it? Total Likes (formerly fans)An interaction occurs when a fan writes on your Wall, comments on your Total Interactionsposts, or likes your contentHow many comments were made on your facebook page? CommentsHow many new fans/likes has your page received in the past month? New fansHow many people have chosen no longer to be a fan or “like” your fan Unsubscribespage?How many times has your Facebook page been viewed? Page ViewsHow many individual people have viewed your Facebook page? Unique Page ViewsHow many times have your Facebook photos beens viewed? Photo ViewsTwitter MetricsThere are several tools for analyzing your Twitter audience and mentions of your organizationor Tweets on Twitter. Graph Edge: http://www.graphedge.com/ Twitalyzer: http://www.twitalyzer.com/ Twitter Counter: www.twittercounter.com Tweetstats: http://tweetstats.com/ Twitter Analyzer: http://twitteranalyzer.com/ Tweeteffect: http://www.tweeteffect.com/Metric DescriptionTotal Tweets Your total tweetsFollowers Your total followersUnfollows The total number of followers who opt to no longer follow you. Check out Graph Edge to track this metric.Follower Growth Rate The increase in your followers over a specified time frame (e.g. monthly) 5|P a ge© A.L. Chandler Consulting, Inc.
  6. 6. Total Retweets The total number of your tweets that others have re- tweeted to their followersFollower Retweet The percentage of your total re-tweets that are tweeted byPercentage those following you versus those who are not currently following you.Benchmark MetricsBenchmark1. These data are summarized for a non-random sample of nonprofits of varying size mailing lists and missions and tend to come with the following caveats: 1) small sample size; 2) vendor bias; 3) use different non-comparable summary measures (average vs. median, etc.)2. Nonprofits with smaller email lists tend to have higher benchmark performance on averageBenchmark Metric eNonprofit Benchmark Studya Convio Online 2009 Average per Mailing Benchmark Studyb 2009 AverageEmail BenchmarksAnnual List Growth 51% (n=31) 27% (n=499)% of Email List that is Unusable 44% of email lists were unusable in 2009 (back email addresses or unsubscribed)—lower for membership orgsEmail Newsletter Open-Rates 14.5% (average) 20% (median) (n=420)Newsletter Click-Through Rate 2.5% 3.3% (median) (n=420)Unsubscribe Rate .25%Web BenchmarksUnique Visitors ~11,000 (n=166)Email Sign-Up Rate per Month ~2% (down from 3% in(of total unique visitors) past few years)Advocacy BenchmarksaResponse Rates 4%Page Completion Rates ~80% (generally lower for smaller email lists)Facebook BenchmarkscHow often do orgs post on average 6 times per weekFacebookSubscriber (fans/like) Growth 3.8% average per monthUnsubscribe rate (fans/like) Average 2% per month (removed themselves or hid news feed)Page views per week (per 100 10 6|P a ge© A.L. Chandler Consulting, Inc.
  7. 7. Benchmark Metric eNonprofit Benchmark Studya Convio Online 2009 Average per Mailing Benchmark Studyb 2009 Averagefans)Unique page views per week 2(per 100 fans)% Fans Views per Org Page ~.5% of a pages fans viewed aPost page per Org page postAverage weekly Fan Rate 2.5%(number of actions per fan perweek)TwittercHow often do orgs post on 4-5 times per dayTwitterSubscriber (follower) growth 9% per monthSources:a See 2010 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study: An Analysis of Online Messaging, Fundraising and Advocacy Metrics forNonprofit Organizations (2010), M+R Strategic Services and NTENb See The Convio Online Nonprofit Benchmark Study (March 2010), Convioc See 2010 Nonprofit Social Media Benchmarks Study: An Analysis of Growth and Social Engagement Metrics forNonprofit Organizations (2010), M+R Strategic ServicesGeneral Social Media Tracking ToolsSocialToo: http://www.socialtoo.comSocialMention: http://www.socialmention.comBlogPulse: http://www.blogpulse.comPostRank: http://www.postrank.comBoardTracker: http://www.boardtracker.comXinu Returns: http://xinureturns.com 7|P a ge© A.L. Chandler Consulting, Inc.
  8. 8. Online PresenceFacebook: Add the Static FBML Page and Designate Your Landing Page1. Add the Static FBML AppThe tabs at the top of your Facebook Fan Page are apps. Some, like your wall and photos are built into Facebook.Others are essentially plug-ins where fans can view external content, like YouTube videos, Flickr photos, etc.The app you need for your custom page is called “Static FBML,” located here. If you’re logged into Facebook, youcan add it to your Page. It is essentially a blank canvas where you can add whatever content you want, includingcustom graphics and links via standard HTML.2. Set Up Your TabOnce you’ve added the Static FBML app, click “Edit Page” below your company’s profile image. This will bring up allyour settings and apps. Look for the FBML app and click the “Application Settings” link. 8|P a ge© A.L. Chandler Consulting, Inc.
  9. 9. The app can function in two ways: As a set of boxes, or as one dedicated profile tab. If you’re building a splashpage, you’ll probably want to use it as a tab, so go ahead and make sure that the “Box” setting is removed, and the“Tab” setting is added. You can always experiment with boxes later if you find them more useful.3. Add Your ContentOnce you’re in tab mode, go back to your settings and click the “Edit” link under the Static FBML app. This opens astandard text field where you can add your content.“Box Title” will be the name of your tab, so you’ll want to change it to something appropriate, like “This Week’sDeals,” “Special Offers,” or simply “Welcome,” depending on how you plan to use your Page. 9|P a ge© A.L. Chandler Consulting, Inc.
  10. 10. The main text field is where your content goes, and you can add standard HTML to the page as you would anywebsite, including images, text, links, and other formatting. No need for HTML, BODY, or HEAD tags.Note that your images must be hosted elsewhere (on your company’s website, for example) and only referenced inyour HTML code.4. Make It the Default Landing PageIf you want this new tab to be the “face” of your business Fan Page, head back over to your page settings and edityour “Wall Settings.” There is an option for “Default Landing Tab for Everyone Else.” From that menu, select yournew tab.SOURCE: http://mashable.com/2010/02/22/build-facebook-landing-page/ 10 | P a g e© A.L. Chandler Consulting, Inc.
  11. 11. Facebook: Add an Email Sign-Up Form to Your Landing PageDo you want to add an opt-in email form to your site? In the search pane, type in “Static FBML”and then click on the application. Once you are on the application’s page, click on the link inthe upper left that reads “Add to my page” → then a pop up menu will appear prompting youto select your page → after selecting your page, go to your business page and click on the linkunder your profile photo that reads “edit” → from here you click on the “static fbml”application and click edit → copy and paste the code given to you from your email marketingcompany → save your settings. Once you have saved the code, go back to the main page andclick on the + sign at the top of your page and from here you can add the tab for your form. Ifyou use Vertical Response, they have a video tutorial highlighting the process – should onlytake a few minutes to set up.Twitter Create a custom twitter background that reflects your organization’s mission and brand List the twitter handles of the staff contributing to your orgs feed Create a twitter list of your organization’s staff, partners or supporters Use twitterholic to connect with the top 50 tweeters in our city Build real relationships by replying, retweeting and joing discussions, especially with those who tweet about your issues Make your tweets retweetable Recruit new staff and volunteers via Twitter Monitor your organization’s name on Twitter Piggyback on Twitter’s trending topic if they are related to your issues or cause Promote an event, campaign or movement with twitter hashtags (#) Start, organize and join conversations on Twitter with hasthtags Empower your followers with actionable information in support of your mission Organize a Tweetup Use bit.ly to track effectivenessYouTubeUse the YouTube Nonprofit Program to Create Money for Advocacy Premium branding capabilities and increased uploading capacity The option to drive fundraising through a Google Checkout "Donate" button Listing on the Nonprofit channels and the Nonprofit videos pages Ability to add a Call-to-action overlay on your videos to drive campaigns Posting a video opportunity on the YouTube Video Volunteers platform to find a skilled YouTube user to create a video for your cause. 11 | P a g e© A.L. Chandler Consulting, Inc.
  12. 12. Mobilizing Your Supporters: Taking ActionAn Online Mobilization ScenarioIdeally, this hypothetical messaging strategy for mobilizing a set of supporters would be integratedacross all of your messaging tools (Facebook messaging, Twitter, Blogging/RSS Feed, etc.). Email,however, would be the central vehicle. Messaging on Facebook, Twitter and your blog/rss feeds wouldbe more informal in tone, smaller and punchier, and would lead back to your website for moreinformation. Those audience members should all be encouraged to sign up for email.Timing Goal Email Message8 weeks out from Inform our audience about the problem, the  Problemlegislative vote policy and pending vote.  Policy  Vote in 8 weeks Call-to-Action: Tell 3 friends about this issue and  Take Action: Tell-a- the need to act Friend [REPEAT for each week of messaging: More informal message added to Facebook; compelling headline with a link on Twitter; full message posted to your blog with a compelling headline]6 weeks out Inform your audience about the politics of the  Create sense of urgency policy (Who the bad guys are). to act  Give sense of the Update them on what the campaign is doing: political players and getting endorsements, speaking engagements, their latest meeting with legislators, gathering allied maneuverings support.  Provide campaign updates Call to action: write your legislator, or tell-a-  Remind about the vote friend in that legislator’s district. in 6 weeks  Take Action: Write these legislators and urge them to act REPORT BACK: Tell your supporters what happened. How many letters were sent? Declare victory and positively spin the results. Forge ahead. 12 | P a g e© A.L. Chandler Consulting, Inc.
  13. 13. Timing Goal Email Message4 weeks out Create a greater sense of urgency and report on  The vote is rapidly the variety of campaign activities underway. Set approaching and we explicit goals to have impact over the next week. need to rachet up our efforts Call-to-Action: Make clear in your calls-to-action  Discuss media this month that you want your supporters to coverage, new strive for specific goals. For example: 1) We endorsements, new want 200 people to attend a rally two weeks tactics being pursued out; 2) We want to generate over 300 calls to on the inside these target legislators, etc.  Emphasize emerging priorities of the campaign (e.g. fundraising, more phone calls, etc.)  Take Action: Help us generate a rally of 200 people; or, help us generate 300 calls to these legislators from their constituents REPORT BACK: Tell your supporters what happened. How many people attended the rally with ample photographs posted on the website? Describe the number of calls generated and if possible pull out a story of a particular supporter. Declare victory and positively spin the results. Forge ahead. 13 | P a g e© A.L. Chandler Consulting, Inc.
  14. 14. Timing Goal Email Message3 weeks out Update on building momentum and pending  Our campaign campaign goals. Provide an update on the momentum is building political situation. Provide quotes from with just 3 weeks left supportive and opposing legislators. Frame the until the legislative opposition more stridently (or the failure to act vote of uncommitted), Provide additional media  Overview of the politics coverage. of the policy  Media Coverage Call-to-Action: Whatever is crucial at this  Take Action: juncture from an organizing standpoint (e.g. join a rally in front of the statehouse; write a letter to REPORT BACK: This was the editor) what you all achieved and helped us move closer to our goal which is getting the vote we need in 3 weeks.2 weeks out Taking stock of the campaign. What we need to  We’re in the final win. Help us get there. stretch  How many votes do we Call-to-Action: Whatever is crucial at this need juncture from an organizing standpoint (e.g. join  This is what we need to a rally in front of the statehouse; write a letter to get those votes the editor)  Take action: to help us get those votes1 week out Create urgency regarding the vote this week.  The vote is this week. Emphasize what’s need for victory and make a  Who are the hold-outs strong cal-to-action that we need to win  We must act now or Call-to-Action: Whatever is crucial at this never. juncture from an organizing standpoint (e.g. join  Please take the a rally in front of the statehouse; write a letter to following actions and the editor) make your voice heard.After Deadline Has Postscript: Victory or Live to Fight Another Day Victory or The Fight GoesPassed On… Explain the vote and its outcome. Declare Declare victory (or declare victory if the goal is accomplished. Declare that this is the first battle in a the fight goes on if not. Create a sense of long war) continuity going forward. Thank supporters for their amazing efforts to carry to victory (or note the support shown is a victory in its own right) Congratulate the legislators 14 | P a g e© A.L. Chandler Consulting, Inc.
  15. 15. Timing Goal Email Message who carried it to victory (or note the legislators for whom this vote will haunt them) 15 | P a g e© A.L. Chandler Consulting, Inc.