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Video podcast marketing, some thoughts


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Some preliminary thoughts on video podcast marketing for a friend. Will refine as we get more specific.

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Video podcast marketing, some thoughts

  1. 1. Video Podcast Marketing Some Thoughts
  2. 2. Areas of Focus• Content• Distribution• Promotion
  3. 3. Content
  4. 4. Make it interesting• Your podcasts need to be interesting.• Content is key. If you don’t have great content, no amount of promotion is going to build a loyal audience.
  5. 5. Distribution
  6. 6. Make it easy• How will the podcast be distributed? Is it easy to find and subscribe to?• Is there a web site or blog that can serve as the central home?• Will it be made available on iTunes and other podcast directory services?
  7. 7. Promotion
  8. 8. Building a community• Blog about each episode -- your videos should not have to stand alone• What social media services are your viewers most likely to be using? (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc)
  9. 9. Existing Communities• Focus where your target community already is. What existing sites, blogs, discussion groups, etc. could you leverage?• Are there existing blogs you could “guest blog” for to reach a broader audience?