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Ford project final

  1. 1. Vidyabharathi foundationInstitute of business management and research. hubli A STUDY ON “Organization study.” In metro ford. Bellary. A Report Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Award of MASTER’S DEGREE IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 2009-2010 SUBMITTED BY Pearl sahana mitra Exam no:-09P35f0575Institute Guide: Company Guide:Ms. shwetha Mr. vishwanathFaculty (branch Manager.) (metro ford)ibmr, MBA,hubli. Bellary.1 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  2. 2. DECLARATIONI hereby declare that this project report titled as. “ORGANISATIONAL STUDY”.METRO FORD. BELLARY.It has been prepared by me as part of my academics during the june 7th- july 10th2010. For the partial fulfillment of degree of "Master of BusinessAdministration", under the guidance and supervision of Ms, shwetha Faculty ofINSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH. HUBLI.To the best of my knowledge and belief the matter presented in this report has notbeen submitted earlier for the award of any degree to any university. This reportis prepared by me on my own efforts. PEARL SAHANA MITRA.2 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  3. 3. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTThis project is a great opportunity to express my heartily thanks to those peoplewho timely supported me a long way in the completion of project report.First and foremost, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mr. vishwanath.,the Branch Manager METRO FORD For his kind guidance and valuablesuggestion for my project.I acknowledge gratefully, the assistance and co-operation of the management andemployees of METRO FORD . BELLARYAt the same juncture I would like to thank our Director MS. SHWETHA for herkind co-operation and valuable suggestions till the complete this project.I also express my sincere thanks and dedicate my work to my Parents & FamilyMembers who have been always a moral support and strong pillars at all walksof my life and at every stage with a cheer enthusiasm. PEARL SAHANA MITRACONTENTS3 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  4. 4. Chapter - I Executive study introduction Objectives Purpose of study Scope of the study Limitations of the studyChapter – II Overview of organization History of organization Product profile Organization chart Manpower and departmentChapter – III Observation Questionnaire Bibliography4 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  7. 7. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThe project report was carried on to know the influential factors to buy carsat metro ford provided by the company will help to enhance the company’ssales. To know the satisfaction level of existing consumers this will help tomaintain loyalty of the costumer. The project report entitled “organizationalstudy”. is undertaken in partial fulfillment of requirement of MBAINSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH. HUBLI.It was an opportunity to learn the practical aspects of industries. This topicis concerned to know their organizational behavior, the way it woks and themarketing strategies it uses to attract the customers. Metro ford in Bellaryhas good sales when compared to other car dealership.7 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  8. 8. DATA COLLECTION APPROACHUsing both primary and secondary sources collected the information required thesources are as follows:Primary sources: a) Questionnaire b) Personal InterviewSecondary sources: a) Company websites b) Related information from Internet c) Company reports d) Text booksObjectives:- To analyze various post sales service provided by metro ford. To determine customer satisfaction level based on post sales service provided. To understand the behavior of the staff with customers. To suggest measures to improve customer satisfaction and improve quality of service.8 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  9. 9. Purpose of study:- The main purpose of the study is to know the organizational study . and way itworks in and out of the organization.Scope of the study:- The study covers the users ford in Bellary city. The study covers the customer owning metro ford in Bellary city. Limitation of the study:- 1) Because of time constrain my study confines only to bellary & it is not possible to make extensive study. 2) By busy working schedule of executives it is difficult to extract more Information from them.9 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  10. 10. INTRODUCTIONThis is a brief history of Henry fordHenry Ford (July 30, 1863 – April 7, 1947) was the American founder ofthe Ford Motor Company and father of modern assembly lines used inmass production. His introduction of the Model T automobile revolutionizedtransportation and American industry. He was a prolific inventor and wasawarded 161 U.S. patents. As owner of the Ford Motor Company, hebecame one of the richest and best-known people in the world. He iscredited with "Fordism", that is, the mass production of large numbers ofinexpensive automobiles using the assembly line, coupled with high wagesfor his workers. Ford had a global vision, with consumerism as the key topeace. Ford did not believe in accountants; he amassed one of the worlds10 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  11. 11. largest fortunes without ever having his company audited under hisadministration. Henry Fords intense commitment to lowering costs resultedin many technical and business innovations, including a franchise systemthat put a dealership in every city in North America, and in major cities onsix continents. Ford left most of his vast wealth to the Ford Foundation butarranged for his family to control the company permanently. July 30, 1863Born Greenfield Township, Dearborn, Michigan, U.S. April 7, 1947 (aged 83)Died Fair Lane, Dearborn, Michigan, U.S.Occupation Business, Engineering ▲$188.1 billion, based on information from Forbes –Net worth February 2008.11 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  12. 12. Religion Protestant EpiscopalSpouse(s) Clara Jane BryantChildren Edsel FordParents William Ford and Mary Ford12 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  14. 14. OVERVIEW OF THE ORGANISATIONFord Motor CompanyHenry Ford with Thomas Edison and Harvey Firestone. Ft. Myers, Florida,February 11, 1929.In response, Malcomson brought in another group of investors and convinced theDodge Brothers to accept a portion of the new company. Ford & Malcomson wasreincorporated as the Ford Motor Company on June 16, 1903, with $28,000capital. The original investors included Ford and Malcomson, the Dodge brothers,Malcomsons uncle John S. Gray, Horace Rackham, and James Couzens. In anewly designed car, Ford gave an exhibition on the ice of Lake St. Clair, driving1 mile (1.6 km) in 39.4 seconds, setting a new land speed record at 91.3 miles perhour (147.0 km/h). Convinced by this success, the race driver Barney Oldfield,who named this new Ford model "999" in honor of a racing locomotive of the day,14 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  15. 15. took the car around the country, making the Ford brand known throughout theUnited States. Ford also was one of the early backers of the Indianapolis 500.HISTORY OF METRO FORDMetro Ford opened its doors for the first time in July 1983. Since that timeour mission has not wavered: "We are in business to sell and service newand used vehicles and provide an outstanding experience to ourcustomers."We have been at the same location for 27 years and are now in the midstof a rebirth. We recently inaugurated a brand new multi-million dollarshowroom designed to enhance that experience."Metro Ford has been a driving force in Miamis growth since 1983, and ournew facility will continue to provide a great sales and customer serviceexperience for years to come" said Lombardo Perez, Sr., President ofMetro Ford.15 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  16. 16. The 9,000 square-foot facility includes a state-of-the art computer andcommunications system, new furniture, and new lighting throughout theshowroom, executive offices and newly landscaped grounds.In September 2009 Metro Ford acquired Miami Lincoln Mercury and movedthe entire operation, Sales, Service and Parts, to our location at 9000 NW7th Avenue, Miami. The next step in the modernization of Metro FordLincoln Mercury will be the Service and Parts Departments toaccommodate the huge influx of Lincoln Mercury customers. The projectshould be completed by the Fall of 2010.LABOUR PHILOSOPHYHenry Ford was a pioneer of "welfare capitalism," designed to improve thelot of his workers and especially to reduce the heavy turnover that hadmany departments hiring 300 men per year to fill 100 slots. Efficiencymeant hiring and keeping the best workers.16 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  17. 17. Ford announced his $5-per-day program on January 5, 1914. Therevolutionary program called for a raise in minimum daily pay from $2.34 to$5 for qualifying workers. It also set a new, reduced workweek, althoughthe details vary in different accounts. Ford and Crowther in 1922 describedit as six 8-hour days, giving a 48-hour week, while in 1926 they described itas five 8-hour days, giving a 40-hour week.(Apparently the program startedwith Saturdays as workdays and sometime later it was changed to a dayoff.) Ford says that with this voluntary change, labor turnover in his plants wentfrom huge to so small that he stopped bothering to measure itLabor unionsFord was adamantly against labor unions. He explained his views onunions in Chapter 18 of My Life and Work. He thought they were tooheavily influenced by some leaders who, despite their ostensible goodmotives, would end up doing more harm than good for workers. Mostwanted to restrict productivity as a means to foster employment, but Fordsaw this as self-defeating because, in his view, productivity was necessaryfor any economic prosperity to exist.17 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  18. 18. International businessFords philosophy was one of economic independence for the UnitedStates. His River Rouge Plant became the worlds largest industrialcomplex, pursuing vertical integration to such an extent that it couldproduce its own steel. Fords goal was to produce a vehicle from scratchwithout reliance on foreign trade. He believed in the global expansion of hiscompany. He believed that international trade and cooperation led tointernational peace, and he used the assembly line process and productionof the Model T to demonstrate it.He opened Ford assembly plants in Britain and Canada in 1911, and soonbecame the biggest automotive producer in those countries. In 1912, Fordcooperated with Agnelli of Fiat to launch the first Italian automotiveassembly plants.18 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  19. 19. Honors In December 1999, Ford was among 18 included in Gallups List of Widely Admired People of the 20th Century, from a poll conducted of the American people. In 1928, Ford was awarded the Franklin Institutes Elliott Cresson Medal. The United States Postal Service honored Ford with a Prominent Americans series (1965–1978) 12¢ postage stamp19 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  20. 20. Company ProfileMetro Ford, one of the leading Authorized Dealers of Ford India,commenced operations in October 1996.Metro Ford is a constituent of the V.S.T Group of Companies, havingvaried businesses.The V.S.T Group have been in Automobile business for over 60 years,presently having multi brand franchises in the States of Karnataka andTamil Nadu.Metro Ford have the following world class Sales Showrooms and state-of-the art Service Workshops, in the interest and for the convenience ofCustomers in Bangalore and North Karnataka.20 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  21. 21. Company FlashbackFord Motor Company, an American company, manufactures and sells automobilesworldwide. The company was launched from a converted wagon factory with Rs.28,000 cash from twelve invesors. Henry Ford, the founder, was 40 years old when the company was founded. Today, it is the largest family-controlled company in the world. It has been in continuous family control for over 100 years.Ford introduced itself in India in 1988 with its Ford Escort model. Later in 2001 it was replaced by locally produced Ford Ikon. Since then it has added Fusion, Fiesta, Mondeo and Endeavour to its product line.Ford introduced itself in India in 1988 with its Ford Escort model. Later in 2001 it was replaced by locally produced Ford Ikon. Since then it has added Fusion, Fiesta, Mondeo and Endeavour to its product lin.21 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  22. 22. Our Mission & VisionMissionMetro Ford will strive to provide a pleasant buying experience to all ourprospective Customers, from the time he / she expresses the interest topurchase a Ford Car till the Car of his / her choice is delivered in perfectcondition. To provide after-sales-service which is prompt, efficient,convenient and reasonable to ensure Customer’s delight. To provide acongenial working environment to all Employees along with faircompensation and other welfare benefits.VisionMetro Ford will keep in pace with Growth Plan of Ford India in providingthe required Sales and Service Infrastructure for the convenience ofprospective Customers. To achieve the Customer Satisfaction and MarketShare objectives of Ford India in the Segment and in the Areas ofoperation.22 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  23. 23. Vision of Ford.Our vision: become the main company of the world in products andservices of the car. Definition of the values of a company - examples.Values : Define the group beliefs, and rules that control the managementof the company. It represents the institutional philosophy and the support tothe cultural organization.The main objective of corporative values is to have a framework ofreference that inspire and control the life of our company.Values of FordOur values: make well things to our people, our environment and oursociety, but to our clients.23 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  24. 24. Finance OptionsAuto finance plays a very vital role in the car market. A majority of ourcar sales are through finance. We have a very good businessunderstanding with all the financing institutions in Bangalore.A few institutions which have tied up with us are: ICICI CitiBank HDFC Kotak G-Mac Orix Auto Finance State Bank of India Sundaram Finance Axis (UTI) Reliance Lease Plan ALD Automotive 24 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  25. 25. These institutions work on varying interest rates. We will help you to setthe best probable deal from any of them. Listed below are a fewdocuments which are crucial for finance approvals.TERMS AND CONDITIONS Individual (Self Employed) o Address Proof. o Signature verification. o Latest 2 years IT returns with computation of Income. o Bank Statement for past 6 months. o Post dated cheques. Individual (Salaried) o Address Proof. o Signature verification. o Form 16 with latest Salary slip. o Bank Statement for past 6 months. o Post dated cheques. 25 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  26. 26. Car loans from Ford Finance: 1. Pre approved loans for ICICI Credit Card Holders.Value Added Services  Waxoyl and 3M Car Treatment  Pickup and Drop  Insurance Renewal  Extended Warranty  Assistance for Insurance Claim  Valuation  Estimations  Finance Assistance  Exclusive Interactive Reception Facility  Internet Browsing for Customers (Limited)  Coffee Shop  Customer feedback call  2 Free services  Fiat S.p.A.  Renault S.A. 26 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  27. 27. COMPETITIORS  General Motors Company  Daimler AG  Toyota Motor Corp.  Ford Motor Co.  Volkswagen AG  Honda Motor Co., Ltd.  Fiat S.p.A.  Renault S.A.27 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  28. 28. PRODUCT PROFILEFORD FIESTA – THE BEST CHOICEFORD FIESTALUXURY:- THE SHINE WITHIN Luxurious leather interiors Metallic insets on trim Mahogany wood- finished centre console 2 DIN MP3 SUPERLATIVE SAFETY Anti- lock braking system (ABS) with EBD Driver and front passenger airbags Central locking and PATS (passive anti- theft system) Programmable keyless entry & auto re- locking28 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  29. 29. STYLING :-THE WOW FACTOR Kinetic design Hyper silver alloys Twin barrel crystal headlamps Two tone color co-ordinate interiors EXTERIOR COLOURS AVAILABLE diamond white moon dust silver sea grey paprika red panther black morello chill metallic FORD FIESTA RANGE AVAILABLE:- 1.6 DURATEC petrol EXI, ZXI, SXI and S 1.4 DURATORQ diesel (TDCi) EXI, ZXI, and SXI29 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  30. 30. FORD IKONSENSIBLE BHI. CRAZY BHI FORD IKON FEATURESEXTERIOR Kinetic design All new stylish clear headlamps Sporty front bumper with fog lamps bezels All new clear type tail lamps Stylish 7 – spoke wheel covers Internally adjustable outside mirrorsINTERIORS Plush two-tone beige environment30 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  31. 31. New seat fabric LCD display odometer Tachometer Coin holder on floor console Front 12 v power outlet Boot lamp Chrome insert on gear knob and packing brake button Vanity mirror on passenger sun visor SAFETY AND SECURITY Collapsible steering coloumn Front seat belt load limiters Anti submarine seats Child safety rear door locks Front fog lamps Day/ night rear view mirror Central locking system31 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  32. 32. COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE Air conditioning with heater Power steering Front & rear power windows 400 litres luggage compartment Electric boot release EXTERIOR COLOURS AVAILBLE Diamond white Morello Sea grey Paprika red Moon dust silver Panther black Chill metallic32 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  33. 33. FORD FIGO SMART & SMARTERFEATURESEXTERIOR APPEARANCE Body colored front & rear bumpers Left hand side outside mirrors Full wheel covers Body colored outside mirrors Body colored outside door handles Chrome finisher on radiator grille Chrome finisher on tailgate appliqué33 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  34. 34. COMFORT AND CONVENINENCE Air conditioning with heater Power steering Remote fuel filler opening Anti- drip wiping Front power windows Remote boot open Driver seat height adjust Electrically adjustable outside mirrors 6 speed variable intermittent front wipersFEATURESINTERIORS Vibrant coral ip Day/ night inside rear view mirror Cup holders in front central console Foldable grab handles with coat hooks34 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  35. 35. Removable parcel tray INFOTAINMENT AND CONNECTIVITY wiring to antenna base MP3 player with radio (AM/FM) + 4 speakers Bluetooth phone interface Full phone book access Sms notification Auto streaming EXTERIOR COLORS AVAILABLE:- Diamond white Moon dust silver Chill Panther black Sea grey Squeeze Colorado red35 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  36. 36. FORD ENDEAVOURTAKE THE LEADMUSCLE CLAD IN CONTEMPORARY NEW SKINThe new ford Endeavour is built to lead. A perfect combination of power,style, comfort and safety, the exciting new ford Endeavour can take onanything the road throws at it. Under the bold new hood, behind theimposing new headlights, beneath the chrome highlights and sculptedtailgate and in the purposeful air intakes, lurks a beast that was born to beahead.36 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  37. 37. POWER AT ITS PEAKThe all new ford Endeavour owes its power to the best in- class 3 – litreduratorq TDCi engine, delivering 380 NM of earth biting torque and 156 PSof raw power to give you the true 4*4 experience. You also have the optionof a 2.5 litre duratorq TDCi engine that delivers 143 PS of power and 330NM torque, adding quickness and agility to ultimate driving.MORE SPACE FOR MORE ACTIONThe space inside the ford Endeavour is in sharp contrast with the harshterrain on the outside. With innovative stowage spaces. All new- plushcamel interiors and refreshed instrument panel, your ride will be ascomfortable as it can be.Colors available Sea grey Morello Moon dust silver37 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  39. 39. M.D. Tiruvengadaswamy SR.. G.M. surender. G.M.- sales G.M.- service G.S. A.G.M- Finance prem chand shetty prashanth K. Raghavendra B.M. vishwanath. H.S B.D.M.- sales Service/Advisor A/C- EDP suresh.B Irayya. T. Math Nagaraj.c.s Spare parts DCRC cashier Sales consultants incharge balarama. n Yasmeen Vijay 1)Eshwar-bellary 2)dalveer singh kumar.j 3) laxmikanth reddy- Technician House keeping gulbarga 1)bala ganesh Painter mahesh 4) manjunath-raichur 2) vali SR.. office boy TECHNICIAN gadhilingappa ravi Receptionist/QCS- Technician EXECUTIVE 1)ravi Guruprakash 2)Mohammed 3) umesh kumar Washing boy Muralidhar.kMANPOWER AND DEPARTMENT39 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  40. 40. 7 people work as sales executives 2 people for accounts section 7 people for service department 3 people for house keeping In metro ford showroom it is a dealership of selling the ford cars. And in dealership showrooms there is no need for human resource . so we only have finance department and marketing department. There are total number of 19 employees including the branch manager. Selection of employees is done by the branch manager himself. He tries to choose a fresh candidate because he can train them to his standards and take work from them in a systematic manner. Training to the employees is given for 1 week in Bangalore . training is given to the suitability of the candidate. It can be given according to the necessity of the candidate. If any new product is launched then he needs to update his knowledge about the product.40 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  41. 41. Metro ford in Bellary is a dealership showroom it is been in existence from 5 years. When compared to other car showrooms metro ford has maintained its brand strategy. It is doing good to all types of income groups. May be it is middle or upper middle class. They give the finance options according to the compatibility of the customers. The record they have done in Bellary is for 100 days they sold 100 cars. They have a customer feedback call. They have the facility of calling the customers and know their queries. They keep asking feedbacks from customers. FORD SERVICE OFFERINGS41 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  42. 42. EXTENDED WARRANTY (EW) :- covers electrical and mechanical failures beyond the standard warranty on your ford SCHEDULED SERVICE PLAN(SSP) :- Covers periodic maintenance services as per the recommended service schedule in the owners manual. TOTAL MAINTENANCE PLAN(TMP) :- covers wear and tear parts, periodic maintenance services and electrical and mechanical failures. PREFFERD INSURANCE(PI):- for hassle- free insurance coverage.EXTENDED WARRANTY (EW)42 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  43. 43. Protect your ford against mechanical and electrical defects beyond the standard warranty. Choose from a range of plans that we have to offer.BENEFITS OF THE FORD EXTENDED WARRANTY 100% backed by ford Replacement or repair of any defective electrical or mechanical part Service at any ford dealership across India No out-of-pocket expenses for repairs under coverage Transferrable upon sale of vehicle Peace-of-mind motoringSCHEDULED SERVICE PLAN (SSP)43 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  44. 44. With a ford of SSP, you get the opportunity to pay up- front and get greatsavings on scheduled service for up to 5 years. BENEFITS OF THE SCHEDULED SERVICE PLAN Savings of up to 10% on all paid service Drive-in and drive-out cashless service with a one- time payment. Available at all ford dealerships across India The cost of the scheduled service plan can be incorporated as part of your EMI’S Transferrable upon sale of vehicleTOTAL MAINTENANCE PLAN (TMP)44 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  45. 45. Comprehensive maintenance plan ( for up to 3 years / 1,20,000 km ) that ensures that nothing gets in the way of enjoying your ford – the ultimate peace – of – mind offering. COVERAGE Mechanical and electrical repairs Periodic maintenance services Replacement of wear and tear parts BENEFITS Includes the cost of parts and labour Protection from price inflation – maintenance prices locked at rates at purchase. Transferrable upon sale of vehicle. Wide variety of plans suited to your usage needs45 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  46. 46. PREFERRED INSURANCEAt ford, we have tied up with leading insurance providers to ensure that youalways get the best coverage and hassle free service. No matter where youare in the country.BENEFITS OF THE PREFERRED INSURANCE Quick and easy insurance Competitive rates and priority approvals Offered at all ford dealerships in India Near cashless service Immediate renewals46 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  47. 47. QUICK SERVICE When it comes to service. No one knows your car better than the expert technicians at your ford service centre. And knowing how important your time is, we offer you with the one – of- a kind quick service facility- a full service of your ford in 90 minutes. In the 90 minutes, we ensure that your vehicle is quickly checked, required services completed and your car cleaned and handed over.47 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  48. 48. 24* 7 ROADSIDE ASSISTANCEWhen you’re out on the road, the last thing you would want is to be stuckwith a flat tyre, an empty gas tank or a dry battery. But worry no more asthe ford roadside assistance is just a phone call away, 24 hours a day, and7 days a week.BENEFITS OF ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE Flat tyre replacement Lost/ locked key assistance Battery assistance Towing assistance Fuel delivery Round-the-clock service Taxi assistance48 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  49. 49. FORD GENUINE PARTSNever compromise on the quality and performance of your ford. To ensurethat you can always get the best out of your vehicle, visit an authorized fordservice centre, where our expert technicians use only certified genuine fordparts. BENEFITS OF GENUINE FORD PARTS Retains the structural & functional integrity of your ford vehicle Confidence and peace- of- mind about the performance of your vehicle at all times. Covered under a 6 month / 10,000 km warranty the global ford standards Guaranteed standards of fit and finish Increases the value of your vehicle upon resale49 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  50. 50. SERVICE PLEDGE Ford service strives to give you the best service and care for your car at all times and to show our commitment. We follow our service pledge. In case the promise are not kept , you can write a mail to the dealer principal. Ask your dealership for the respective email address. If the above promises are still not kept, you can escalate it to thehighest level by sending a mail to the MD of ford India atwrite2md@ford.comFORD SERVICEPROMISE THAT WE WILL…………….. Explain to you the required vehicle servicing, estimated cost and time before hand Deliver the vehicle at the promised time Ensure that the bill is within the estimate and explain the bill in detail Respond to any query or concern within 24 hrsMICHAEL BONEHAM, MD AND PRESIDENTFORD INDIA PVT LIMITED50 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  52. 52. Ford PartnersAt Ford Motor Company, we forge partnerships to better connect with ourcustomers. Together with companies like these, we can offer a broad rangeof innovative products and services.52 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  54. 54. QUESTIONNAIREPlease tick ( ) mark for answer. 1. Do you own a ford car ? (1)Yes (2) No 2. If yes which model? 3. How often you go for servicing? 4. Do you come for service with appointment? (1)With appointment (2) without appointment 5. Are you aware of total no of free services offered by metro ford ? (1) Yes (2) No 6. Do you know the various sub services provided during free services? (1) Yes (2) No 7. How was the approach of the staff during services? (1) Excellent (2) Good (3) Fair (4) Bad (5) Very bad 8. Did they deliver your vehicle on time? (1) Yes (2) No54 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI
  55. 55. 9. During servicing of your vehicle all your complaints were addressed properly? (1) Yes (2) No 10. Which factor you will consider most while giving your vehicle for service at metro ford ? (1) Good service (2) Timely Delivery (3) Staff Behavior (4) Availability of spare parts (5) others 11. I am satisfied with the after sales service provided at metro ford ? (1) Completely satisfied (2) satisfied (3) Fair (4) Dis satisfied (5) completely dis satisfied. 12. If you are not satisfied? Give reasons 13. The paid service at metro ford is? (1) Cheap (2) Moderate (3) Costly 14. Do you want to prefer for future paid services at Metro ford? (1) Yes (2) No 15. If No why? Give reasons 16. Any suggestions to improve quality of service at Metro ford?55 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, HUBLI