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  3. 3. ORGANISATION STRUCTURE OF PUBLIC RELATIONPROJECT GUIDE - PROF.JHARNA TOLANI.SUBJECT - PUBLIC RELATION MANAGEMENTCOLLEGE - K.G. JOSHI COLLEGE OF ARTS & N.G. BEDEKAR COLLEGE OF COMMERCE. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTThis project “ORGANISATION STRUCTURE OFPUBLIC RELATION” is a result of co-operation, hard workand good wishes of many people. I would like to thank ourproject guide Prof. JHARNA TOLANI for her involvement inthe project work and timely assessment that provided meinspiration and valued guidance throughout my study. I am highly indebted to Dr. Mrs. Shakuntala A. Singh,Principal K.G. Joshi College of Arts & N.G. Bedekar Collegeof Commerce, for giving us an opportunity to do a project. Iwould like to thank Prof. Mr.D.M. Murdeshwar , courseco-ordinator, for his friendly guidance and constantencouragement. 2
  4. 4. ORGANISATION STRUCTURE OF PUBLIC RELATION I would like to express gratitude towards my parents,teachers of K.G. Joshi College of Arts & N.G. BedekarCollege of Commerce, the library staff and college friendswhose co-operation, encouragement and efforts have helped mein giving the final shape and structure to the project. My thanks and appreciations also go to my college matesand to all those people who have willingly helped me out withtheir abilities. INDEXSr. CONTENTS PAGE REMARKSNo. No.1. PUBLIC RELATION 4 INTRODUCTION2. PROFILE OF THE 5 COMPANY ABI3. ORGANISATION 7-14 STRUCTURE OF PR3.a) PUBLICITY 7 b) EMPLOYEE JOB 8-9 PROFILES c) RECRUITMENT, 10-13 SELECTION AND 3
  5. 5. ORGANISATION STRUCTURE OF PUBLIC RELATION TRAINING OF EMPLOYEES d) TOOLS USED BY PR 14 DEPARTMENT4. CONCLUSION 155. WEBLIOGRAPHY 16 PUBLIC RELATION INTRODUCTIONHISTORY- Public Relations has been with us for thousands of years. Public Relationsbecame a profession in 1903 as Ivy Lee undertook to advise John D. Rockefelleron how to conduct his public relations. Rockefeller owned coal mines and thePennsylvania Railroad. Miners were on strike and the railroad hushed up the factswhen its trains were involved with accidents. Lee advised Rockefeller to visit thecoal mines and talk to the miners. Rockefeller spent time listening to thecomplaints of the miners, improved their conditions, danced with their wives, andbecame a hero to the miners. Here evolved the concept of Public Relationindirectly.MEANING- Public is a group of similar Individuals, an assortment ofpersons having the same interests, problems, circumstances &goals. They vary in their forms & sizes they have a multitude of wants& desires. Each group has its own likes & dislikes. Group can 4
  6. 6. ORGANISATION STRUCTURE OF PUBLIC RELATIONbe classified as:- Employees form a group/public, employersform another group, etc. Other members of the public can be dealers,wholesalers, investors, etc. Relation is the outcome of mutual understanding derived fromthe process of sharing of common interest. It exists in humans becausehuman wants. It affects their relationship. The above two concepts –Public and Relation, by integratingthem both, we get the concept of „ PUBLIC RELATION.‟Definition of PUBLIC RELATION- “Public Relation is an attempt by information, persuasion andadjustment to engineer public support for an activity, cause, movement orinstitution.‟‟ - Edward L. Bernays. COMPANY PROFILELEGAL NAME - A ABI AUSPICIOUS BANK OF INDIAINCORPORATION DATE – 02/04/1981LEGAL CORPORATEOFFICE IN INDIA - ABI BUILDING, NAGPADA, MUMBAI CENTRAL, MUMBAI- 400 008. MAHARASHTRA.LEGAL FORM – PUBLIC LIMITED COMPANYSTATUS – LISTED & OPERATIONAL ON BSE: 500087 NSE: ABI BSE SENSEX ConstituentBUSINESS OPERATION – Banking, Financial services 5
  7. 7. ORGANISATION STRUCTURE OF PUBLIC RELATIONAREA SERVED - Worldwide (Figures of 2012)REVENUE - US $ 20.950 billionPROFIT - US $ 2.540 billionTOTAL ASSETS - US $ 350.257 billionTOTAL EQUITY - US $ 13.540 billionEMPLOYEES - 1,62,512KEY PEOPLE - Mr. SUDHIR WAGH.LOGO - THE „A‟ REPRESENTS THE NAME AND THE NAME REPRESENTS IT‟S PURITY.SLOGAN - „A PURE PERSON TO DEAL WITH‟BOARD OF DIRECTORS - As on 14 January, 2013, there are fifteenmembers in the ABI board of directors. The complete list of the Board members isas under:- 1. SUDHIR WAGH (Chairman) 2. SUNIL G. KUMAR (Managing Director) 3. RANI Gupta (Managing Director) 4. Krishna SANGTI (Managing Director) 5. S. Visvanathan (Managing Director) 6. RAVI DESHMUKH (Director) 7. ASHOK BALGAR (Director) 8. VISHAL KHEDKAR (Director) 9. SHRADDHA SATHE (Director) 10.RAVIKANT GAIKAR (Officer Employee Director) 11.SANEETH KUMAR (Director) 12.Bhushan Mohapatra (Workmen Employee Director) 13.VEER GADA (Director) 14.GULABCHAND RAI (Director) 6
  8. 8. ORGANISATION STRUCTURE OF PUBLIC RELATION 15.S.K. Mittal (Director) AUSPICIOUS Bank of India (ABI) is a banking and financialservices company based in India. It is a state-owned corporation with itsheadquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. As of March 2012, it had assetsof US$350.257 billion and 10,119 branches, including 102 foreign offices in 22countries across the globe making it the 5th largest banking and financial servicescompany in India and 385th in the world by Fortune Global 500 rankings of theworlds biggest corporations for the year 2012. ABI provides a range of bankingproducts through its network of branches in India and overseas, including productsaimed at non-resident Indians (NRIs). ABI has 14 regional hubs and 57 ZonalOffices that are located at important cities throughout the country. ORGANISATION STRUCTURE OF PUBLIC RELATION DEPARTMENT OF ABII) PR DEPARTMENT- The PR department of ABI bank is a well managed group of people, agroup of experienced, knowledgeable, expertise, relation maintaining people withpeople. The PR department of ABI works for a cause. It is a well co-ordinatedgroup offering a profitable service for ABI. ABI‟s PR consistently updates theneeds of this changing world and thereafter makes ABI adopt the suggestionsgiven by them.PUBLICITY 1. Offering incentives-A policy to reward those who send you business by offering a bit of money to existing clients,vendors and employees. Chances are, the people you enjoy working with are connected to otherswhom you would also enjoy working with. If you have a policy like this already, considerrunning a giveaway for most leads in a quarter. 2. Has developed strategic partnerships-A network with other agencies or entrepreneurs that work with similar clients but don‟t offerpublic relations as a service. Agree to recommend only the other agency or professional to clientsthat are a fit and vice versa. You can have several different partnerships like this depending onclient size, vertical, location or budget. 3. Creating a client prospect wall-Sometimes it helps to keep opportunities top of mind. At Red Door, we have a wall of logos inone of our conference rooms. Some are of existing clients and others are those we have identifiedas a good fit based on a variety of factors. This wall serves a few different purposes. Just seeing 7
  9. 9. ORGANISATION STRUCTURE OF PUBLIC RELATIONthose logos day in and day out keeps them top of mind for employees (we do offer a new clientbonus program as well). When partners or prospective clients come in for a meeting, they get aclear picture of our current list as well as a clear understanding of the type of clients we arelooking for. Finally, it sparks conversations and connections around the brands, which can alsoopen up inroads at a particular company. You never know has an uncle working at the companyyou have had your eye on, after all. 4. Marketing materials are updated-Having you updated your company mission statement, your about page, your case studies or yourlogo. Does your website look more 2003 than 2013? It can be easy to forget out own websitesand marketing when we are busy making everyone else look great. 5. Passing the information through friends-Sending them know you are on the hunt for new clients. Add in a short elevator pitch they canuse if they come across someone that fits your client profile. 6. Has a referral group-Essentially, it‟s a group of professionals who agree to refer each other business and it can be anoption for building relationships and expanding your network.II)Employees working in PR department in ABI – CHIEF DEPUTY CHIEF PRINT MEDIA PHOTOGRAPH GOVERNMENT COMMUNITY CORPORATE PUBLICATION RELATION Y UNIT RELATION RELATION PR MANAGER PR MANAGER PR MANAGER PR MANAGER PR MANAGER PR MANAGER CHIEF OF PUBLIC RELATION IN ABI- The chief is Mr. Harshad Mehta. An MBA from IIM, Delhi and he also holds anAdvanced Management Program (AMP) from Harvard Business School, USA. In his role, heprovides ABI a strategic direction and leads the team towards achieving rapid growth andprofitability. His functions include- 1. Planning for a better future of company and planning to build relations with people. 2. Organising work for whole staff of PR and other activities as per planning. 3. Staffing in the means of promotion, rewarding, educating and motivating the Employees. 4. Directing the employees by leading them on a proper way by motivating them and communicating with them about their needs, problems, suggestions, sometimes going with their personal. 5. Having a strong Co-ordination with the employees as well as the regular customers. 8
  10. 10. ORGANISATION STRUCTURE OF PUBLIC RELATION6. Controlling all activities related to PR, which include finding out deviations if any, correcting the; reporting/ communicating to other fields than PR; etc.DEPUTY CHIEF OF PR IN ABI- The Deputy Chief is Mr. Arun Gada. He is an MBA from IIM, Mumbai and hascompleted various courses. He co-ordinates with the chief and in absence of the chief hebecomes the acting chief of PR of ABI Bank.Corporate PR manager- The corporate PR manager is Mr. Parag Jain. He manages the PR in the corporate i.e.building relations with the employees of the corporate.Print Publication PR manager- The print publication PR manager is Mr. Amod Kulkarni. The job is related toprinting, publication of company‟s reports as per their research, the relation to hisadvertising, publicity i.e. promotional tools. His functions include- assisting PublicRelations Manager and other staff in coordinating District print, broadcast and new mediaadvertising campaigns, class schedules, college catalogs, printed programs and brochures;assisting with writing and distributing news releases announcing important collegeinformation and events, updates and maintains District‟s online calendar of events;coordinating media buys and reserves advertising space with appropriate media outlets;creates and maintaining integrated campaign spec sheets and determines productiondeadlines; proofs print and broadcast copy for grammatical and typographical errors, etc.Media relation PR manager- The Media Relation PR manager is Mr. Subodh Karve. The job is similar to printpublication PR manager. He tries to maintain relation of the company with the public, asin and through various media. He arranges the media contents, the company‟sinformation and other things.Photography PR Manager – This unit is undertaken by a separate firm of Photography, but the management isdone by the Deputy Chief of our PR. He is entrusted the responsibility to inspect/ overseecontents related to photography.Government Relation PR Manager- 9
  11. 11. ORGANISATION STRUCTURE OF PUBLIC RELATION The government relation PR manager is Mr. Dayanand Rao. His job is - have regular meetings & contact with government officials.2. to submit all the documents required after & before incorporation of the company.3. to take approval from government officials for advertisement & publications.4. to keep close watch on government policies &n changes taking place in policies. Community Relation PR Manager- The community relation PR manager is Mr. Swati Nayak. She is appointed, as a woman to understand the community well. She has been an expertise in maintaining relations with the rural and urban market. Her job is to be in the community of people. The job work includes reaching and getting(understanding) the people by 1. social networking sites/media, 2. newspapers by having a topic related to the company, 3. getting in the unnoticed/ unobserved areas, getting in information, 4. Organizing events, school/college festival sponsoring, and other community programmes, etc. III) RECRUITMENT, SELECTION AND …………….TRAINING OF EMPLOYEES Methods of Recruitment of employees- The ABI recruits and selects employees having the capability of working as its employee. ABI‟s PR department has a management as above, now they have their subordinates and other helpers. For this they need to have team of persons. This persons are recruited as follows, by possible means as follows- 1. Print Advertising- This method is carried out by job offers published in newspapers, magazines of Business standards, pamphlets, etc. The advertisement contains job description, the functions and specific responsibilities of the job; the qualifications, qualities required, experience requirements; work schedule along with company profile. 2. Online Advertising- This method is carried out by job offers posted on busy user sites like Google, yahoo, etc.; or on social networking media like FB, Twitter, etc.; or special employment sites like 10
  12. 12. ORGANISATION STRUCTURE OF PUBLIC RELATION,; etc.; or by making an E-mail to the employee directly through obtained information. 3. Internal Recruitment- Internal recruitment is a process of recruiting people internally within the Organisation. The employees may be - present permanent employees (based on programs of career development), present temporary / casual employees, retired employees, dependents of deceased disabled, retired and present employees. Through- Intranets, staff notice, boards, In-house magazines / newsletters, Internal notices, meetings, Personal recommendation – often referred to as „word of mouth‟. 4. Campus Recruitment- In this method, the HR firm visits a college/ university and interview students who are passing out of the university exam, related to PR and other management activities. They interview the students as to understand them and check whether they and company are suitable for each other to work with. Methods of Selection of EmployeesAfter the calling/Recruitment process, it is not that all persons called are fixed foremployment. Inspection is to be done of those persons for the company to get aproper person for a proper job. This inspection is termed as Selection after passingout in the inspection process. The Selection methods are as follows- 1. Aptitude Test- This is the first stage we can say, where persons have to answer a set of questions as a method of checking the knowledge they possess. In this test they are asked about them, management questions, mathematics, general knowledge & other information. 2. Personal interview- This is the important stage, we can say. In this a panel/ group of experts sit around a table and interview the person. In this Interview they are been asked as per the mind of interviewer. Common questions include- Tell about yourself?, knowledge test, general knowledge, interests, etc. This enable them to judge the person by judging their knowledge, skills, performance which they 11
  13. 13. ORGANISATION STRUCTURE OF PUBLIC RELATION will give, attitude and many more things about them. This is possible because the experts are expertise, experienced, knowledgeable persons interviewing able to understand people. 3. Medical Tests- The medical tests are conducted before selection of an employee, with respect to check whether the person is fit to work as an employee of the company and second if the employee despite of his excellent interview skills, he is proved to be unfit he is rejected, as the person may prove financial loss to the company if he falls ill or something. Methods of Training after Selection of Employees for the Job After selection, the persons become Employees of the company. It is a factthat a new person in the field as employee cannot have practical knowledge and anexperienced joining this new Organisation may not know the methods of thisOrganisation. So the following methods of training for them A) Internal Methods- 1. Understudy - In this method, the new employee receives training from hi/her superiors as understudy. The employee gets experience from the superior. The superior is trained as to train the new employee as subordinate with the practice and problems that confront Public Relation manager in day to day administration. 12
  14. 14. ORGANISATION STRUCTURE OF PUBLIC RELATION 2. Job Rotation- In this method, the new employee after a period of months is shifted to a new job. This is in order to provide diversified training to them as to give them knowledge and experience both of whole working in the firm. 3. Selective Reading – The ABI has a special facility of a Library containing books of topics related to PR. This helps the employees to solve any doubts theoretically and thus increasing the productivity of ABI.B) Off the Job Method of Training- 1.Special Courses- This courses refer to courses of computer (special PR softwares), PR training, etc. 2.Conferences- Conferences do occur, but this are different from others as in this the employees share their experienced information, observation, ideas, etc. in a discussion. 3.Sensitivity Training- In this, the employees are made understood as how groups work and their discoveries and effect of behaviour. 13
  15. 15. ORGANISATION STRUCTURE OF PUBLIC RELATION 4.Management Games- Games are a thing, which energize you, make you fresh and happy and rejuvenate you. During any training programmes, it should not happen that the training is interrupted or obstructed because of boring training. So Management games are involved or carried out to train employees. In this employees are given the task of making decisions on an interesting topic, which is judged by the superiors as to correct them or popularize it. TOOLS USED BY PUBLIC RELATION DEPARTMENT1) Press Release- The PR of ABI studies and analyses the bank‟s IPO, stock listings, etc. and utilizes it for its functions. It also uses at the time of launching any new scheme and to inform about the policies, programs and activities to the press so that it can be publicized.2) Interview and meetings with journalists- The PR interview journalists and meet them to obtain the current on-site market knowledge. They have contacts with them for information they posses.3) Posters and Calendars, Diaries of the company- The PR rather from social media, tries to popularize its bank and its schemes by distributing free calendars, Diaries to its customers and other persons and pasting posters in a busy areas containing promotion of ABI BANK.4) Conferences, Exhibitions and Seminars – 14
  16. 16. ORGANISATION STRUCTURE OF PUBLIC RELATION Organisation of Conferences and Seminars are done to solve issues and promote the not promoted. It helps to clear the doubts of the people.5) Updating Website and Corporate Advertising- The PR is given the responsibility to update and redesign the website as per technology and services offered. It creates a good impression in customer‟s mind. Corporate advertising is done to promote its product and services.6) Sponsorship- This is the most effective tool, through which the Bank comes in customer„s mind i.e. by participating in the events organized by the people, or a donation to a needful society. The Bank‟s biggest sponsorship is to the “SAVE THE GIRL CHILD” and helping in organising its activities. CONCLUSION This Project on “ORGANISATION STRUCTURE OF PUBLIC RELATION” focuses on the well-planned, structured working of a PUBLIC RELATION department. This project deals with PUBLIC RELATION, as to how a BANK or COMPANY should maintain PUBLIC RELATION. The project showcases on how a firm Publicize its contents; how a PUBLIC RELATION should be formed with suggestions of methods of recruitment, selection and training of employees. Today is the age of competition and to remain firm in the competition depends on how efficiently the Organisation manages its PR & projects the companys image. 15
  17. 17. ORGANISATION STRUCTURE OF PUBLIC RELATION The project wholly tells one important thing is the PUBLIC RELATION. Today public relation is a necessary tool to know/understand people, to meet their needs i.e. to innovate ideas and implement functions and policies that the public want; by their process of work and their research. The PR has also the responsibility of convincing the public most the times due to the firm‟s innovative ideas or schemes for the public which the public is new. Today the PR concept has become necessary or……. Pervasive. Any Organisation, company or any firm, be it……..government Organisation, everybody need to adopt……..PUBLIC RELATION. WEBLIOGRAPHY 1) 2) 3) 4) 16