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About blue dart

  1. 1. About Blue Dart We are South Asia's premier courier, and integrated express package Distribution Company. We have the most extensive domestic network covering over 33,751 locations, and service more than 220 countries and territories worldwide through our group company DHL, the premier global brand name in express distribution services. Our vision is to establish continuing excellence in delivery capabilities focused on the individual customer. In pursuit of sustainable leadership in quality services, we have evolved an infrastructure unique in the country today: State-of-the-art Technology, indigenously developed, for Track and Trace, MIS, ERP, Customer Service, Space Control and Reservations. Blue Dart Aviation, dedicated capacity to support our time- definite morning deliveries through night freighter flight operations. A countrywide Surface network to complement our air services. Warehouses at 68 locations across the country as well as bonded warehouses at the 7 major metros of Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad. ISO 9001 - 2008 countrywide certification by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance for our entire operations, products and services. Ecommerce B2B and B2C initiatives including partnering with some of the prime portals in the country. Our Competitive Advantage lies in: Our vast and unparalleled Domestic Network Linked by some of the most advanced communications systems and positioned to offer a consistent, premium, standardized quality of service. A spectrum of services to provide customized solutions. We are the only express carrier in the country today which offers an entire range of services that extend from a document to a charter-load of shipments. Our services are relentlessly monitored to deliver a net service level of 99.96%.
  2. 2. Our Customs and Regulatory expertise We have a dedicated team of specialists who provide the expertise for customs as well as regulatory clearances at all States within the country, to support seamless service to the customer. Our Technology Designed to enhance the reliability of our operations and process efficiency, and add value to the customer through time and cost savings. Our Air Network The only one of its kind in the country today, that is focused on carriage of packages as its prime business, rather than as a by- product of a passenger airline. A dedicated aviation system to support Blue Dart's services is self-sustaining, with its own bonded warehouses, ground handling and maintenance capability. Our financial credibility Fitch Ratings India Pvt. Ltd. has assigned the highest "F1+(ind)" [F one plus (ind)] rating for our short term debt programme of Rs. 30 crores. Further, ICRA Ltd. has also assigned the highest "A1+" (pronounced A one plus) Rating for our Commerical Paper Programme of Rs. 25 crores. Our People force Committed, diverse and over 8,390 strong are our most valued asset. All our achievements have been possible because we have a team who believes in themselves and their company, a team with a winning attitude. We are a learning organization, we value self-development, and most of our managers are homegrown. Our Sustainability Initiatives Social Responsibility is a core element in our corporate strategy. We as a socially responsible corporate have undertaken numerous steps to give back to communities, in whatever way we can. Our commitment towards community causes has been unwavering since our inception in 1983. We as a socially responsible corporate has an in-house Sustainability Team responsible for identifying and addressing various sustainability issues and supporting initiatives that make the world a better place for future generations. As part of the DHL Group & in line with its CSR platform, our major focus areas have been: - Go Teach (Education)
  3. 3. - Go Green (Environment) - Go Help (Disaster Management Response) Go Teach (Education) We in association with Oasis India (NGO) started an initiative called "Blue Edge - Empowering Lives", which is aimed at enriching the lives of young adults from difficult environment, who have not been able to complete their education. Through this initiative we enable around 50 students every six months, by providing training on English Speaking, Computer Skills, Life Skills and Customer Orientation. Since inception, 524 students have successfully completed this program and have felicitated at seven Graduation Ceremonies held in Blue Dart headquarters in Mumbai. Go Green (Environment) One amongst the biggest concerns facing today's world is global warming. A warmer Earth may lead to changes in rainfall patterns, a rise in sea level, and a wide range of impacts on plants, wildlife, and humans. The main cause of Global Warming is emission of CO2. We have fervently taken up various steps in this regard, to sum up as 'Go Green' initiatives: " Sapling plantation. " Mangrove Clean-up. " Recycling Waste. " Energy Conservation (Eg. Power Saver: Lights Off Initiative) " Route Optimization Go Help (Disaster Management Response) We in association with Think Foundation (NGO), Sarla Blood Bank and other blood banks regularly hold Blood Donation Drives at our facilities, to help young Thalassaemia patients, who need blood transfusion every 15 days to survive. In October 2009, floods at Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka affected hundreds of lives, who lost their near and dear ones, homes and belongings. To make a difference in the lives of the affected people, we decided to do something quick and called for support from its Group Company - DHL. Teams from all Business Units responded fast and a quick plan was worked out to send the relief material to the affected areas of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. We jointly with our colleagues from DHL, organized Volunteers Day, to promote the spirit of volunteerism amongst our employees in India. We organize the 'Help a Child' initiative to mobilize resources from across the Regions and give 'gifts' to deprived children
  4. 4. during the festive season of Christmas. The gifts comprised bags of donations - clothes, woolen clothes, toys, books, stationery, bags, shoes, lunch boxes, water bottles, soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, etc Milestones 1983 : Khushroo Dubash, Clyde Cooper, and Tushar Jani establish Blue Dart Courier Services with a capital base of Rs: 30,000. They forge ties with Gelco Express International U.K., and introduce India's first international air package express service. 1984 : Blue Dart Courier Services is the first carrier in India to provide domestic and international on-board couriers, a hub-and-spoke system and a 10.30 a.m. delivery service. 1988 : Blue Dart Courier Services establishes real-time, on-line tracking for all international shipments. 1991 : Blue Dart Express is registered as a private limited company, and introduces its economical logistics service option, Dart Surfaceline. It indigenously develops its domestic tracking system, COSMAT-ITM . 1992 : Blue Dart Express Pvt. Ltd. connects its in-house domestic E- mail network, and sets up its employee satisfaction programme - Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS). 1994 : Blue Dart Express Ltd. goes public with an equity offer of 2.55 million shares, at a premium of 14 times, worth Rs: 382.5 million . Blue Dart Express Ltd. launches Dart Apex (Domestic Air Package Express), a multi-modal, premium package delivery service, and COSMAT-IITM , an advanced system which includes track and trace. Blue Dart Aviation is registered as a public limited company and becomes the first private company to receive government permission for operation of cargo aircraft in India.
  5. 5. 1995 : Blue Dart Aviation acquires 2 Boeing 737-200 freighters and receives ATO permission. Blue Dart Express Ltd. develops its SMART (Space Management Allocation Reservations and Tracking) system for its aircraft, the first cargo management system in the country. Blue Dart, Calcutta is proud to have the office inaugurated by Mother Theresa of the Missionaries of Charity, and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. 1996 : Blue Dart Aviation launches India's first jet express airline. Blue Dart Express Ltd's turnover crosses the Rs: 1 billion mark, as it expands its domestic network by entering into strategic alliances in North, South and West India. Blue Dart Express Ltd. is the first express company in India to receive an ISO 9001 certification, and post its website on the internet. 1997 : Blue Dart Express Ltd. signs agreements with leading international airlines for distribution of bonded cargo within its network. Blue Dart Aviation launches its domestic charter operations. 1998 : Blue Dart Aviation develops India's first Load and Trim software for its B737F flights. Blue Dart Express Ltd. launches SMARTBOX, its economical, packaged door-to-door product, and extends its delivery to over 1000 locations. 1999 : Blue Dart Express Ltd. moves to its state-of-the-art Administrative, Technology and Operations Superhub, the Blue Dart Centre, at Mumbai. At close proximity to both the international and domestic airports and equipped with the latest technology, the Superhub has improved efficiency and increased load-handling capacity multifold. Blue Dart Express Ltd. Launches Power Dart 2000+, a software that provides customers free connectivity to its database, enabling customers to track and retrieve all information related to their shipments. 2000 : Blue Dart Aviation acquires its 3rd aircraft on lease. The aircraft is scheduled for operations on the Bangalore-Delhi-Bangalore sector. Blue Dart Express Ltd. also revamps its website replacing it with an interactive website to support e-trade and commerce and facilitate customer interface on the net. 2001 : Blue Dart launches its 3rd aircraft operations on the Bangalore- Delhi-Bangalore sector. The Civil Aviation Ministry requisitions
  6. 6. Blue Dart aircrafts for relief operations into earthquake-battered Bhuj in Gujarat. Technology tools and customer software - MobileDart, On-Line Pick Up and ShipDart - are developed in- house and launched. Blue Dart declares 1:1 bonus shares. Blue Dart, Kolkata moves into heritage building, Kanak, its new premises inaugurated by Sr. Nirmala of the Missionaries of Charity. 2002 : Blue Dart is re-certified as one of a handful of Indian companies to the new global ISO 9001 - 2000 standards for "Design, management and operations of countrywide express transportation and distribution service within the Indian Subcontinent and to international destinations serviced through multinational express companies". Blue Dart ends its contract with Federal Express and signs a path-breaking Sales Alliance with the World's No. 1 international air express company, DHL Worldwide Express. Blue Dart crosses 100,000 shipments per day. 2003 : 2003 - Blue Dart acquires its fourth Boeing 737 freighter. With a thrust on strengthening infrastructure, Blue Dart establishes twelve of its own offices in the South, delivering to an additional 198 locations, expands its hub at Bhiwandi and sets up a bonded warehouse in Mumbai. The company is selected a Superbrand from over 700 brands across 98 categories by a jury of eminent marketing and advertising professionals. The company celebrates its 20 years of service to the nation on 19th November 2003 2004 : Blue Dart inducts its 4th aircraft into operation on 17th May 2004, connecting Hyderabad as its 6th Aviation Hub. Blue Dart acquires its fifth Boeing 737 freighter. 2005 : DHL Express (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. completes the acquisition of 81.03% of the equity capital of Blue Dart Express Limited. Blue Dart continues to operate as an independent brand and provides a complete spectrum of domestic and international express services through synergies with DHL. 2006 : Blue Dart launches its unique SMS based Mobile Tracking Service. A decade after its launch of India's first domestic express airline, Blue Dart introduces the first Boeing 757 freighters in the Indian skies on the 1st June 2006 with 2 of these aircraft connecting the 5 major metros of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Kolkata. A second flight is launched from Hyderabad and Ahmedabad is the 7th airport connected to Blue Dart's network.
  7. 7. 2007 : Blue Dart launches it’s fortified Ground Express Service – Dart Surfaceline with time bound deliveries and features like DOD (Demand Draft on Delivery), FOD (Freight on Delivery) and FOV (Freight on Value) - Insurance Arrangement. Blue Dart inducts 3rd Boeing B757 freighters. 2008 : 25th year of operations in India. First Integrated Blue Dart-DHL facility in Bangalore. Blue Dart inducts 4th Boeing B757 freighter. 2009 : A SUPERBRAND - 5th time in a row. 2010 : Certified to the ISO 9001-2008 standards. Readers' Digest 'Most Trusted Brand' - 5th time in a row. 2011 : Blue Dart launches Smart Truck. Blue Dart launches GOGREEN Carbon Neutral Service. Blue Dart inducts 5th Boeing B757 freighter. Fact Sheet Description : South Asia's premier courier and integrated air express package distribution company. Began Operations : November 1983 Headquarters : Mumbai, India The Board : Sharad Upasani (Chairman) Anil Khanna (Managing Director) Malcolm Monteiro (Director) Clyde Cooper (Director) Suresh Sheth (Director)
  8. 8. Jerry Hsu (Director) George Berczely (Alternate Director to Jerry Hsu) Revenues (Jan 2012 - Mar 2013) :<br <br </br </br Rs.21,620.62 million Number of Shareholders (as on 31st March, 2013) : 4762 Domestic Locations Serviced : Over 33,751 locations International Destinations Serviced : More than 220 countries and territories worldwide through sales alliance with DHL. Air Support : 2 Boeing 737 and 5 Boeing 757 freighters Ground Support : 7,719 vehicles Network : Domestic hubs : Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Erode, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Guwahati, Secunderabad, Cochin and Nazafgarh. International Outbound Gateways : Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai to Dubai, London, Frankfurt, Bahrain, Hong Kong and Singapore. Number of shipments handled (in million) : Jan2012 - Mar 2013 Domestic 141.70 International 1.00 Tonnage handled (in tonnes) : Jan2012 - Mar 2013 Domestic 593,100 International 1,800 No. of computer terminals (as on 01st, July, 2013) : Over 5,458 E-mail at 500 locations accessed by over 4,578 users Technology : Cosmat IITM , SMARTTM ,ShopTrackTM , PackTrackTM , MobileDartTM , TrackDartTM , MailDartTM , InternetDartTM , ShipDartTM , ImageDartTM and Schedule a Pick-up., SENTOR, CARESS and SHIELD.
  9. 9. People Force : Over 8,390 World Wide Web address : http://www.bluedart.com As of July 01, 2013 The Board Chairman Sharad Upasani Sharad Upasani has been appointed as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company with effect from December 21, 2007. Sharad has done Masters in Commerce and LLB from Mumbai University and also holds MBA degree from USA. He has varied experience in Administration and had the opportunity to work both in the State and Central Government and Public Sector Corporations. He has worked as Secretary of Industry Department, Maharashtra State and as Managing Director of Maharashtra State Finance Corporation, Chairman of Maharashtra State Textile Corporation and Vice – Chairman of Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation. He retired as Chief Secretary, Government of Maharashtra. At the Central level, he has worked in the Finance Ministry, Industry Ministry and Information & Broadcasting Ministry. He was also Chairman of the Company Law Board and Chairman of the Bureau of Costs and Prices, New Delhi. He was also Chairman of Film Certification Board, Mumbai and Vice-Chancellor of Agricultural University, Akola, Maharashtra. Sharad was also on deputation to International Monetary Fund, Washington from 1974 to 1978. He is a member of Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa. After retirement from Government Service as Chief Secretary, Government of Maharashtra, He is now giving Consultancy on Corporate Law matters and acts as Arbitrator in corporate disputes.
  10. 10. Sharad is Vice Chairman and Member of Council of Management of M. Visvesvaraya Industrial Research & Development Centre, World Trade Centre, Mumbai Managing Director Anil Khanna Anil Khanna has assumed the position as Managing Director of Blue Dart Express Limited with effect from 21st February 2007. He has 29 years of experience in various industries and has been with Blue Dart for over 16 years. He moved to the position of Managing Director from his earlier position as Senior Vice President - Western Region. As the Head of the Western Region, he was responsible for developing business potential, driving strong growths in the region, which contributes to a third of the company's revenues, and enhancing service quality. Anil is a graduate from St Stephen's College, Delhi and holds an MBA degree in Marketing and Finance from UBS, Chandigarh. Director Malcolm Monteiro Malcolm Monteiro is Senior Vice- President and Area Director, South Asia, DHL. He is responsible for reinforcing the vision of DHL, growing the business, maintaining and growing market share, ensuring high customer service standards for India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Maldives, Bangladesh and Bhutan. Prior to this role, Malcolm was the Managing Director of Blue Dart between the period from 13th March 2006 to 21st February 2007 and led the organisation's commendable performance duing the same period. He has over 18 years of experience in various functions in Blue Dart. Malcolm is credited with setting up the much acknowledged ‘Track and Trace’ System & ERP System (COSMAT 2), as well as the Aviation ‘Space Management’ System (SMART) among other cutting edge technologies. He was the prime mover in the re-launch of the Blue Dart’s website, www.bluedart.com - a quick response, interactive eBusiness solutions site as well as building an
  11. 11. extensive, secure countrywide IT network. Malcolm was primarily responsible in developing committed and trained human resources resulting in highly reliable operations and unmatched service excellence that have been major contributors in making Blue Dart the undisputed Market Leader in the Domestic Express Industry. Malcolm holds a post-graduate degree in Management from IIM, Ahmedabad, and is a graduate in Electrical Engineering from IIT, Mumbai, both of which are world- renowned top ranking institutions in their respective fields. Director Clyde Cooper Clyde Cooper is one of the founding members of Blue Dart Express Limited. Clyde was instrumental in drawing the vision that differentiated Blue Dart and set it on the path of definitive success. He charted the turnaround strategy of the company in 1997, transforming Blue Dart into a consistently profitable one within 2 years, and propelling it into a leadership position in the Express Industry in the South Asian region. He is presently a director on the board of Blue Dart Express Ltd. Clyde has over 25 years of experience in the Air Cargo, Aviation and Express Industry, and has been instrumental in leading several initiatives in the express industry in India - the concept of 'On Board Couriers', setting up the logistics for the Hub-and-Spoke system and launching India's first and, till date, only express airline. He has adapted global best practices which set Blue Dart apart from other players in the industry, relentlessly driving up service quality levels to an unparalleled 99.96%, inducting advanced technology, and resolutely upholding the organization's People programmes that include the Guaranteed Fair Treatment Policy (GFTP) and Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS). Clyde is an Economics graduate of Mumbai University.
  12. 12. Director Suresh G. Sheth A Commerce graduate from Sydenham College, and a Fellow Chartered Accountant (FCA) and Member of the Institution of Chartered Accountants for the past 38 years, Suresh Sheth is a partner in a firm of Chartered Accountants, Sheth & Company. His area of specialization is Audit, Taxation and Financial Consultancy, and he has travelled worldwide extensively in a professional capacity. He has been a Director of Blue Dart Express Limited since 1992, and has been associated with various charitable institutions. Director Jerry Hsu Jerry Hsu is CEO, DHL Express Asia Pacific and a member of the DHL Express Global Management Board. Based in Hong Kong, he is responsible for China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South East Asia, India and South Asia, Oceania and other markets and territories in the region. In his former role as President of DHL Express Greater China, Jerry has helped to guide DHL's Greater China Area to strong double-digit growth and consistent generation of more than US$1.5 billion sales turnover over the last few years. He was instrumental in developing DHL Express' market leadership position in the Area's key markets of Hong Kong and Taiwan, as well as China, the company's fastest-growing markets. Under Jerry's leadership, more than US$1.3 billion has been invested in the Greater China Area. Jerry Hsu joined DHL Express in January 2001 as Area Director responsible for Newly Industrialized Economies (NIE), which included Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan. In September 2002, he was appointed Regional Director responsible for Greater China, Korea Peninsula and Mongolia before being named President for the Greater China Area. Prior to joining DHL Express, Jerry held various senior positions at U.S.-based DaimlerChrysler Corporation including Vice Chairman of Beijing Jeep Corporation, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Asia Pacific and General Manager of Japan, Taiwan and China subsidiaries.
  13. 13. Jerry graduated from the National Chengchi University in Taiwan, and holds a Master's degree in International Economics and Politics from the University of Detroit Mercy. Alternate Director to Jerry Hsu George Berczely George Berczely is currently Vice President - Business Planning and Performance Management for DHL Asia Pacific. He is responsible for Mergers and Acquisitions, Partnerships and Planning and Performance Management. Prior to joining Deutsche Post DHL in 2004, George spent about 5 years with McKinsey & Company, Inc., as a strategy consultant specialized in the Logistics sector. He then joined Deutsche Post DHL as Director, Corporate Strategy, where he was responsible for strategy and M&A projects. He then moved to DHL Express in 2007 to lead a project to increase operational efficiency, and took on a role as CFO for Network Operations & Aviation, Asia Pacific and Emerging Markets, in 2009. George is a British and Austrian citizen, who has lived and worked in South America, Europe and Asia. He holds an MBA from INSEAD and speaks six languages. Blue Dart Aviation Ltd.
  14. 14. Blue Dart Aviation Ltd. was incorporated in May 1994 as a 100% subsidiary of Blue Dart Express Limited, and launched its operations with a fleet of 2 Boeing 737-200 freighters on the 17th June 1996. Blue Dart Aviation Ltd. was created primarily to support the growing demands of Blue Dart Express Ltd. In an express industry where growth, year over year, consistently exceeded 35%, the management viewed the delivery capabilities of the domestic airlines inadequate and a limitation to the explosive growth of air express. The restricted day flights and capacities oriented to passenger requirements were not consonant with the demands of the express market, which is committed to morning deliveries that rely on guaranteed space and late night operations. Taking a cue from the enormous success of the U.S. express industry, which started with a 4% share in 1977, averaged a compounded annual growth rate of 25% and progressed to claim close to 60% of the U.S. market, Blue Dart Express Ltd. made a path-breaking decision to create its own infrastructure and buy its own aircraft. It set up the first domestic freighter operations in India. The night operations were designed to meet the specific needs of the business community as they focused on late night cut-offs and early morning deliveries. Shipments originating from a city at the end of the business day could arrive before the start of the next business day at their destinations. Customers could now rely on air capacity that was focused to service business needs and not passenger travel schedules. A third aircraft was inducted into the network in February 2001, to meet increased customer demand. A fourth aircraft was acquired in June 2003 to augment capacity and connect a sixth aviation hub, Hyderabad, and a fifth aircraft was inducted in December 2004, to support Blue Dart's future expansion plans. Two Boeing 757 freighters have been inducted into the network from June 2006, and Ahmedabad has been connected as the 7th aviation hub. Hyderabad was been connected as an outbound gateway to the rest of the country with an additional flight. Today, Blue Dart Aviation has a fleet of five Boeing 757 and one
  15. 15. Boeing 737 freighters, providing a network payload of 300 tonnes across 60 route connections each night. Blue Dart Express Limited has divested 60% of its shareholding in Blue Dart Aviation Ltd. on 11th March 2005, and Blue Dart Aviation has since been contracted to provide dedicated services to Blue Dart Express Limited. Blue Dart Aviation Ltd. has many firsts to its credit: The first Indian-manufactured main deck loaders at all its 5 on-line stations - Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata in 1996. The specs were provided by Blue Dart Aviation, and design and manufacture undertaken by a Coimbatore-based manufacturer, MAK Control, in a 4-month period at less than 20% of the cost of the international equivalent. In collaboration with the Madras Institute of Technology, it has developed the only Indian software for handling of the Load and Trim Sheet, STAB (System of Trimming and Balancing), curtailing handling time by 80%. It has also developed the following software applications, in-house, that have resulted in improved safety standards, enhanced efficiency in daily operations, better time-management, lower manpower costs, and cost-savings in operations because of increased fuel efficiency: - SALIM (System for Aircraft Logistics Inventory Management). - FUSION (Flight Updating, Scheduling, Inquiries and Operational Notes) - SODA (System of Digital Flight Data Recorder Analysis) - VINDAS (Voice Integrated Data Analysis System) - integrating the cockpit voice recorder in real-time with the Digital Flight Data Recorder. Its own maintenance capability to clear aircraft through the D-Check level. Warehouses at all the 7 airports are equipped with X-ray machines, making it the only private operator capable of accepting freight without the requisite cooling-period for security. Bonded warehouses with customs personnel to enable transhipment of cargo within India. Established at substantial initial investment to the company, this facility has enabled distribution of imports within the country, has provided exports access to and from the gateways of international airlines, and resulted in returns for the organization. Given the high operating costs and decreasing yields, this facility provides international airlines a cost-
  16. 16. effective option to restrict their on-line stations and enhance their marketing possibilities by utilizing the distribution capabilities of Blue Dart Aviation. India's first Boeing 757 freighters. Click here for Blue Dart Aviation Offices Visit the Blue Dart Aviation Site Dart Technology Blue Dart has been the only Indian Air Express Company that has invested extensively in Technology infrastructure to create differentiated delivery capabilities, quality services and customised solutions for the customer. Some of the technology-based business offerings on our site are as follows : TrackDartTM MailDartTM MobileDartTM InternetDartTM ShopTrackTM PackTrackTM ShipDartTM Billing Schedule a pickup Waybill Generation Location Finder Transit Time Finder Price Finder COSMAT II SMART ImageDart We have one of the largest private computer networks in India,
  17. 17. with over 5,458 computer terminals connected by dedicated leased lines, VSATs and Microwave links. Our E-mail is accessed at 500 locations daily by over 4,578 users. We also employ wireless, mobile telephones, radio sets and pagers extensively to enhance our communication speed and connectivity with our troops on the field. Our Customer Service Cell is equipped with Automated Call Distribution Systems (ACDs) to provide quick response and support to our customers. We are the only Indian express company to have indigenously developed COSMAT IITM , which includes an advanced state-of-the- art track and trace system for all our consignments. Consignments are scanned from pick up to every transit point till delivery, using bar coding and laser scanner technology, transmitting updates automatically to our Oracle database. This enables our customers to receive real-time, complete and accurate information about their consignments. For our aviation system, our in-house team has developed SMARTTM (Space Management Allocation Reservations and Tracking) for effective space and revenue management. E-commerce Initiatives E-vision To enable global connectivity to Blue Dart's present and future interactive technology strengths, for value added solutions. To facilitate seamless integrated transportation, distribution and supply chain management, from, to and within the region, thereby increasing value to our customers and shareholders. As a technology leader in the business of supply-chain management in the country, Blue Dart Express Limited recognised the far-reaching scope of the internet in 1996, and has been exploring web-based solutions to extend the range of services available to its customers and integrate them into its core products. It has evolved an e-strategy. This e-strategy encompasses E-Solutions to deliver additional process efficiencies to business by allowing them access to Blue Dart's e-shipping tools and integration with its e-business tools.
  18. 18. An individual solution is available for each business, big or small, transacting off the internet or on the internet, and ranging from a stand-alone to a fully integrated one The basic tracking solution will enable Blue Dart's customers to track their shipments, through single or multiple waybills, on- line. Customers can check the status of their shipments using a waybill number or a reference number. A mail-based solution will allow the customers to query status of their shipments using e- mail. Registered customers of Blue Dart can make advanced queries on the status of their shipments, and can keep track of them for up to 45 days on-line. They can filter their queries by date range, origin, destination and service, and sort the results on- line. Registered customers can download the entire waybill tracking data - schedule the download, and select the frequency and the data to be downloaded. These customers can also generate and download various reports customised to meet their individual needs. Ecommerce Initiatives: Case Study #11. Top E-Shipping Tools These tools are convenient aids to support your shipping management processes: Web Based Tools TrackDartTM MailDartTM Location Finder Transit Time Finder Price Finder Billing Schedule a pickup Waybill Generation ImageDart TrackDartTM : Track the status of your shipment by using the TrackDartTM box, which is available on the upper left panel of every page on our website. You may track shipments sent on Blue Dart services between India, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal. Shipments under single or multiple waybills may be tracked using either the waybill number or the reference number given at the time of shipping. MailDartTM : You may either use the Waybill Number or the Reference
  19. 19. Number to track the status of your shipments. This feature helps you to track Single or Multiple shipments. To track the status of your shipments by Waybill Number. enter the waybill numbers either in `Subject' or in the text of the mail, each Waybill number separated by a comma. Then send the mail to mailto:track@bluedart.com To track the status of your shipments by Reference/Order Number. enter the reference/order numbers in `Subject' of the mail, each reference or order number separated by a comma. Then send the mail to mailto:trackref@bluedart.com Another powerful feature in the MailDart is the Intimate Me Option. Incase you need to know the status of the shipment upon delivery you only have to send a mail to intimateme@bluedart.com with Single or Multiple Waybill numbers in `Subject' or in the text of the mail, each Waybill number separated by a comma. You will receive an automated reply giving you a Status Update of the shipment(s) upon delivery. Location Finder: Find the service locations of Blue Dart and the Blue Dart counter or franchisee located closest to you. You may search by city, street name or pin code to find one of over 33,751 locations, and more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. Transit Time Finder: Check the transit times for your domestic and international shipments, and for the various services offered by Blue Dart to help you identify the service that meets your requirements. Price Finder: Calculate your shipping costs for your domestic and international shipments by using our Price Finder. If you are a regular customer in need of Customized pricing Contact Blue Dart Waybill Generation : The Online Waybill generation tool helps the credit customer to generate a waybill for a consignment. The user has to enter the details of the consignment and the waybill will be generated in a PDF format. Another powerful feature in Waybill Generation is the Address Book. This feature comes with the online waybill generation module. The Address Book can be accessed by all credit customers of Blue Dart. You can create a new address list and modify or delete the addresses at any point of time. ImageDart : ImageDart will enable users of Blue Dart's Apex (Air Package Express) and Surfaceline services to download Proof Of Delivery (POD) and Delivery Challans (DC) online, from the Blue Dart website. The image has complete delivery details
  20. 20. including the consignee's signature and comments and will be made available on Blue Dart's website 48 hours after delivery of the shipment. With ImageDart, Blue Dart customers will now be able to realise their collections from their own customers much faster, saving them interest costs and making their billing and recovery cycle, and supply chain more efficient. Top Stand-alone Tools COSMAT IITM SMARTTM CARESSTM SHIELDTM SHIPDARTTM COSMAT II : COSMAT II (Computerised On-line System for Management, Accounting and Tracking) is a complete ERP system indigenously developed by Blue Dart. It interfaces with the Human Resources Management, Financial Management, Purchase, Sales Monitoring Executive Information and CRM systems. COSMAT II was constructed in 4 major modules to cover all the complex processes of the entire organisation. To set up this large application, various media were used (leased lines, VSAT, Microwave links) on our very own WAN for effective data transfer between all locations. Barcodes and Scanners were used for speedier operations. COSMAT II enables easy access to the database over a wide area network, and ensures reliable information and feedback even in areas that are afflicted by poor telecom services. All the powerful web-based tools, including TrackDart, interface with COSMAT II to provide real-time response to customer requirements. COSMAT II is an evolving system, upgraded continuously, to deliver value to the customer and make operations easier, more secure and manageable. SMARTTM : SMART (Space Management Allocation Reservation and Tracking), is an inhouse developed state-of-the-art technology system, which allows real-time space and revenue management on the Blue Dart Aviation network. It ensures that the aircraft is filled profitably, and that all customers with space confirmed on the aircraft have the assurance that their packages would travel. SMART dovetails into COSMAT II leveraging on the infrastructural strength of the system. This ensures that packages booked on SMART are picked, moved on the network and tracked until delivery.
  21. 21. CARESSTM : (Complaint Appreciation, Resolution and Evaluation to Satisfaction System), Blue Dart's latest innovation and an extremely powerful online customer complaint-redressal system. Enables intelligence on every single customer complaint to enhance service excellence. SHIELDTM : The powerful, online, security module that simplifies tracking of any security incident across the country. Facilitates closure of cases and deriving of trends as an effective management tool. SHIPDARTTM : ShipDart is a Blue Dart proprietary solution especially created for the convenience of regular customers. ShipDart enables user control over the entire shipping and tracking processes. ShipDart needs to be installed at the customers premises in order to interface with their own system for the pre-shipping and post-tracking activities, thereby playing a major role in bridging the existing gap in any package movement. A set of Master Files which controls the ShipDart system has to be downloaded from the site. Customised Solutions: Blue Dart has delivered customised solutions to various industry segments such as Finance, Pharmaceutical, Consumer Durables and Information Technology, among others. These solutions integrate closely with the legacy systems of the business and enable them to accelerate their processes and provide them with effective MIS. Top E-Business Tools These tools may be efficiently integrated with your systems to provide you with a convenient and cost-effective solution to your shipping requirements. Blue Dart has been the only Indian Air Express Company that has invested extensively in Technology infrastructure to creat differentiated delivery capabilities, quality services and customised solutions for the customer. Some of the technology-based business offerings are as follows : InternetDartTM ShopTrackTM PackTrackTM MobileDartTM
  22. 22. InternetDartTM : Track on-line the status update of your shipments sent over the last 45 days. You may track by a range of dates, origin, destination, delivered or undelivered shipments or service used, on-line. You may generate a series of reports, at a pre- determined frequency, and sort the results on-line. For on-line queries and reports: on providing the input of range of pickup dates, origin, destination and services used, you can check any of the following, on-line: Waybill details and status of all shipments sent during a given period Details of all delivered shipments Status of all undelivered shipments Details of all RTO (Return to Origin) shipments Details of all Re-directed shipments You may download the tracking and status data.This tool will benefit most medium to large businesses in managing their tracking processes and integrating them with their back-end systems. This tool is available only to registered customers of Blue Dart. If you are a regular customer of Blue Dart, Click Here to register for this service. If you are a new user, Click Here to get in touch with us. ShopTrackTM : ShopTrackTM is an API (Applications Program Interface) designed specifically to support and enhance the services provided by a portal or any e-business. Research indicated that, while etailers provided an entire gamut of product services and information, eshoppers invariably had to leave the website or use manual means to track their purchases. The result - less eyeball time on their pages. Portals that sought to resolve this dilemma were faced with the unattractive alternative of database maintenance and call centres. ShopTrackTM provides an effortless, customised solution. Customers no longer have to leave the Portal site to track their purchases. They just need to enter the order-number of their purchase and the shipping and delivery details are displayed on the same page. The Portal can decide how to display the data elements and may even store them in their database. ShopTrackTM is another time and cost-saving tool created to arm Blue Dart's customers with a competitive edge. PackTrackTM : PackTrackTM is an API (Applications Program Interface) designed for any client involved in logistics, distribution and inventory control. It has been designed to streamline and integrate
  23. 23. shipping processes. PackTrackTM can be integrated into the client's systems and enables him to keep track of the entire distribution status of all his customers. It is simple, easy-to-use and can be easily integrated with any windows-based application or any Java compliant machine. Queries are fetched immediately from Blue Dart's database, providing a seamless service for the client and his customers, and bringing the entire chain within his domain. The client may store this data in his database, providing him with an effective CRM tool. These ebusiness tools, the first of their kind in the country, bring increased efficiencies to most B2C, B2B and C2C transactions. Both ShopTrackTM and PackTrackTM provide the following : On-line, real-time status details of the waybill number On-line, real-time status details of all the waybills linked to an order number Results in either XML, TEXT or HTML formats Supports JSP & ASP Requirements: To integrate ShopTrackTM and PackTrackTM you will need: Windows 95, 98, NT, SCO Unix, Solaris, Linux or any other operating system supporting Java 2 and above Access to the internet A valid Blue Dart Account Number (if you do not have a Blue Dart Account Number, you can register for one) Developers familiar with developing applications and web sites MobileDartTM : MobileDartTM - WAP works on any mobile phone or device which supports Wireless Application Protocol. Using MobileDart-WAP, the customer can check the current status of his shipments on-line by entering the waybill number. In the case of an undelivered shipment, he can choose to receive delivery details by email or SMS. The customer can also access the Location Finder which provides details about all locations service by Blue Dart, based on a pincode. Information about all the Service product offerings as well as the company is also available on the WAP site (wap.bluedart.com). This enables the customer to make a shipping decision on the run. MobileDartTM - SMS works on any mobile phone or device which supports sending SMS (Short Messaging Service). This service provides two tracking features - current status of shipments forwarded, and automated intimation on delivery of the shipment.
  24. 24. For instance: T- For current status: Type T< space >airwaybill number and send an SMS to 56767(eg; T 123456789) to receive the current status of the shipment on your mobile phone. I- For status on delivery: Type I< space >airwaybill number and send an SMS to 56767(eg; I 123456789) to receive delivery status once the shipment is delivered Dart Surfaceline Our services are subject to our Terms and Conditions of Domestic Carriage - Dart Surfaceline, and the liability terms incorporated therein. Please read these carefully before you avail of our services. Dart Surfaceline is an economical, door-to-door, ground distribution service to over 33,751 locations in India for shipments weighing 10 kgs and above. It offers a cost- effective logistics option for your less time-sensitive shipments, with the following value-added features and benefits: Time-bound Delivery A fleet of vehicles run to pre-determined schedules to provide committed delivery. Click on Transit Time Finder for information on delivery time, or Contact Blue Dart. The transit times shown are indicative. The Transit time can change due to monsoon conditions and other force majeure events. DOD (Demand Draft on Delivery) The invoice value of the shipment booked by you will be collected from the consignee in the form of a demand draft at the time of the delivery. The demand draft collected from the consignee will be returned back to you to complete the
  25. 25. transaction. FOD (Freight on Delivery) The freight of the shipment will be collected from the consignee at the time of delivery. FOV (Freight on Value) - Insurance Arrangement Blue Dart Express (BDE) can facilitate arrangements to insure your goods through an insurance company. In an eventuality of the shipment being damaged or lost while in BDE custody, BDE would assist you in the claim process and ensure the claim is settled in the minimum possible time after shipper/consignee handover required documents to the insurance company Track your Shipment Over the net, or Contact Blue Dart to receive information on the status of your shipment. You can also view, download and print copies of Proof Of Deliveries and Delivery challans of Dart Surfaceline shipments Regulatory Clearances Our team of specialists will provide you with the clearance support required to ensure a smooth delivery. Click on Regulatory for details of the paperwork requirements, or Contact Blue Dart for assistance. Pick-up Convenience You may Contact Blue Dart to schedule a pick-up, and your shipment will be picked-up, transported, cleared through regulatory channels and delivered to the consignee, while you are able to receive updated information and proof of delivery on demand. Secure Shipments All the destinations serviced by Dart Surfaceline are supported by our own warehouses, manned by trained professionals to ensure the safety and security of your shipments. Economical Tariff All these benefits are available at charges that support value- pricing. Click on Price Finder for the applicable tariff. Security regulations do not permit carriage of certain items on the Dart Surfaceline mode. Click on Banned Commodities-All Services and Dangerous Goods prohibited on Blue Dart for information on these items or Contact Blue Dart for details. For any further assistance with your Dart Surfaceline shipment Contact Blue Dart. For information on Fuel Surcharge Click Here
  26. 26. Click on Case Study #4, #13 for business solutions using Dart Surfaceline services. OTHER Logistics The Information Technology industry is, perhaps, typical of the changing and escalating logistic demands of various industries today, irrespective of their category as 'old' or 'new' economy. In the IT industry, the difference between success and failure is closely linked to the supply/value chain integration, of which there are two distinct processes: 1. The delivery of goods to the customer in the most reliable transit period (and preferably the shortest) possible. 'Reliable' alludes to a certain guaranteed transit time for packages to reach customers or the response that organisations need in the event of any exceptions. 2. The reverse flow of acknowledged, signed delivery records without which, in many cases, recovery of bills are virtually impossible. Especially so in the case of companies placing multi- location orders that could cover hundreds of cities. The task for the supplier is staggering - plan logistics for deliveries to all these locations, and hope for 100% of the delivery records to be returned before bills can be submitted to the customer. In most IT companies, the role of 'logistics' or 'fulfillment' is key. With organisations moving towards close to perfect standards like Six Sigma, interaction with logistics suppliers has taken on a critical role moving up sometimes to the level of the CEO of the organisation. Blue Dart Express Limited applied and found solutions to these critical demands much before other players could even recognise their need. Through its exceptional people processes, superior technology, and stress on quality systems over the last, almost two decades now, Blue Dart was quick to fulfill these needs: The country's most reliable air and surface network offers a pre-determined delivery schedule with close to 100% accuracy. The IT industry could plan its production with precision and avoid expensive inventory build-up. Blue Dart offers the country's most comprehensive communications technology and customer software to
  27. 27. support critical supply-chain distribution demands. The country's only express service provider with a dedicated fleet of seven freighters (five Boeing 757s and one Boeing 737s) ensures that packages are flown to their destinations overnight. These freighters offer capacity and volumes not available with any other carrier in the domestic air space. Retrieval of signed delivery records posed the industry's most intriguing problem. Blue Dart was quick to understand this requirement and put in place a 100% retrieval system. Blue Dart not only handles large volumes and oversize packages overnight - it also provides the industry with status of their shipments and retrieves such records as are necessary for billing. The entire cycle has been considerably shortened, enabling the industry to achieve healthy bottomlines Shipping Use the following tools to simplify your shipping process: Location Finder: Find the service locations of Blue Dart as well as the Blue Dart counter located closest to you. You may search by city, or pin code to find one of over 36,669 locations serviced in India, Nepal, Bangladesh or Bhutan or in more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. Transit Time Finder: Check the transit times for your domestic and international shipments, and for the various services offered by Blue Dart to help you identify the service that meets your requirements. Price Finder: Calculate your shipping costs for your domestic and international shipments by using our Price Finder. If you are a regular customer in need of customised pricing Contact Blue Dart. Service Guide: Use our Service Guide to help you select the service that best meets your business requirements. Schedule a pickup on-line from anywhere in the world. ShipDartTM : A complete downloadable package for all Shipping and Tracking needs of frequent, high-volume users and e-shops. Customs Country Information-India (EXPORT)
  28. 28. For all customs enquiries, you may Contact Us. The following are guidelines to assist you in completing customs formalities for your international shipments. The data is correct to the best of our knowledge. However, Blue Dart Express Limited will not be responsible for any omissions or changes in procedures at the time of shipment. The Customs procedures given below pertain to: 1.Courier-On-Board Exports 2.Freight Mode Exports Courier-On-Board Exports (COB) The courier-on-board export mode permits carriage of: Documents Free Gifts - up to a value of Indian Rupees 25,000/= Samples - up to a value of Indian Rupees 50,000/= (where no Foreign Exchange Remittance is involved) Commercial Shipments (where Foreign Exchange Remittance is involved) where the Shipper has obtained a GR1 Form Waiver from the Reserve Bank of India. All shipments are forwarded under courier Shipping Bill for Exports, and are subject to examination and appraisal by the relevant customs authorities. Customs are liable to detain shipments where the values are in question, and could permit export only upon receiving proof of values OR, in the event the Shipper is unable to substantiate proof of value, release the shipment back to the Shipper after levy of a fine/penalty for value misdeclaration. The Bureau Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) and Airline Security restrictions apply for COB Export shipments where Electronics, Bulk Drugs and Chemicals are restricted for carriage. Further, packages above 32 kgs are also restricted for carriage due to requirements at the destination Carriage of shipments on the Courier-on-Board Export Mode are subject to customs paperwork requirements specified by the destination. Freight Mode Exports Introduction Shipper's Letter of Instruction One-Time Registration with Customs EDI Systems Bank Letter Registration SDF Form
  29. 29. Export Invoice Shipping Bill For Exports Repair and Return Items Gifts & Samples by the Freight Mode Export of Pharmaceuticals Chemicals Additional Documentation for Garments/ Fabrics destined to USA Packaging Introduction Carriage on the Freight-Mode may be accepted for shipments which cannot be forwarded by the COB export mode viz Gifts having a value in excess of Indian Rupees: 25,000/=. Samples having a value in excess of Indian Rupees: 50,000/=. All shipments which are of a commercial nature and where foreign exchange remittance is involved. Items being sent out of the country for Repair and Return Liquids (NON DGR ONLY) Shipments weighing above 32 kgs Electronics shipments accompanied by documentation which need to be acknowledged by customs as Proof of Exports Any item falling under the classification of Dangerous Goods is not accepted for carriage on the International network. Carriage of shipments on the Freight Mode is subject to customs paperwork requirements specified by both Origin and Destination. The paperwork is to be provided by the Shipper. Our Gateway for Customs Clearance for all Freight Mode Exports is Mumbai. Shipper's Letter of Instruction The shipper is required to fill out the Shipper's Letter of Instruction on his Company Letterhead, his list of instructions to Blue Dart Express Limited e.g. Documents handed over, type of Shipping Bill, Documents to be forwarded to destination etc. Shipments received at Mumbai without the Shipper's Letter of Instruction will face delays. One Time Registration with Customs EDI Systems Mandatory Requirement:
  30. 30. It is a mandatory One Time requirement that Shippers, wishing to have their shipments customs cleared through Mumbai Customs, should: 1. The Shipper needs to give this Appendix II form giving details about his Bank Account Number alongwith the Bank's Authorised Dearler Code. Shipper has to obtain this on the Bank's letterhead along wiith the Bank's stamp and signature. 2. The IEC (Importer Exporter Code) Certificate is issued by the DGFT (Director General Foreign Trade) to all Exporters and Importers - First time Shippers need to provide a photocopy of the IEC Certificate with the updated PAN Number, to customs. SDF Form (Appendix I) The SDF Form (which has replaced the GR1 Form) in duplicate, duly filled out, signed and stamped, must be submitted by Shippers, for all shipments where Foreign Exchange Remittance is involved. Incase of manual Shipping Bill the GR1 Form is required. Export Invoice The Shipper's Export Invoice is an essential and very important document, and is the basis for Customs Clearance, both at the origin as well as at the destination. The Export Invoice must: Be Submitted with 6 copies State the Freight and Insurance Amounts separately, if value is declared on the Export Invoice and if the shipment is forwarded on a CIF (Cost Insurance Freight) basis. State the Freight amount separately, if value is declared on the Export Invoice and if the shipment is forwarded on a C&F (Cost and Freight) basis. State the IEC (Importer Exporter Code). Mention the AD (Authorised Dealer) Code Number of the Shipper's bank. This is the Authorised Dealer code number allocated to the bank to which the foreign exchange remittance would be forwarded by the Consignee. The AD Code number is a 14 digit number (e.g. 1234567-1234567). An incorrect code declaration would result in delays in customs clearance, as the document would be rejected by the Customs EDI Systems. Mention the Bank Account Number, which is the Shipper's Account Number with his bank, to which the Foreign Exchange Remittance would be forwarded by the Consignee. Marks and Numbers, as stated on the packages of the
  31. 31. shipment, for easy identification. Specify nature and period of payment. All Export Invoices must be printed and must be signed and stamped by the Shipper. Hand-written Export Invoices are not acceptable by customs. Click for an Export Invoice Format Shipping Bill for Exports The Shipping Bill for Exports is an essential document for Customs. The various types of Shipping Bills are: Free Shipping Bill Drawback Shipping Bill DEPB Shipping Bill DEEC Shipping Bill Bond Shipping Bill Dutiable Shipping Bill All the above except the Dutiable Shipping Bill are computerised Shipping Bills for Exports. For 'Repair-and- Return' shipments, and for shipments sent by individuals, a manual Shipping Bill is permitted. For all types of Shipping Bill, the Shipper must submit with every shipment : 1. Shipper's Letter of Instructions 2. Copy of the IEC Certificate with updated PAN Number Free Shipping Bill A Free Shipping Bill is filed for shipments where the Shipper does not claim any export benefits. For filing of a Free Shipping Bill, only the following documents are required: SDF Form (Appendix I) Drawback Shipping Bill A Drawback Shipping Bill is filed for shipments where the Shipper claims Drawback as an export benefit. To be able to file a Drawback Shipping Bill at Mumbai Customs EDI Systems, the Shipper must have a valid account with the State Bank of India, Air Cargo Complex, Mumbai Airport. For first time Shippers wishing to open an account with the bank, we could provide assistance. The minimum deposit amount is Rs: 10,000/=.
  32. 32. This Bank Account Number is required so as to permit the authorities to deposit the Drawback amount due to the Shipper, in the account. Customs EDI Systems at Mumbai Air Cargo Complex would reject any application of filing of Drawback Shipping Bill where the Shipper does not have an account with the State Bank of India. Shippers wishing to clear shipments through customs would have to submit to us the following, duly filled out, signed and stamped with the company seal. Annexure B Form Appendix III Form (with coloumn 10: PMV value to be filled by Shipper) Appendix 1V Form (applicable only for certain items) Modvat Copy (issued by Central Excise to Shipper certifying that Shipper is not claiming any benefits under Central Excise) ANN I or ANNX II (for garments) DEPB Shipping Bill (Duty Entitlement Passbook Scheme) If the Shipper is exporting an item for which the rate under DEPB is fixed for the serial number of the item being exported, the following are required: Annexure D Form, dully filled out, signed by the shipper and stamped with the company seal. Note: It is important that Column 11 be filled in correctly by the Shipper. Purchase Bill or AR4 Form (for value verification). If the product is listed in the DEPB book but the rate is not fixed, then clearance may be permitted under Provisional basis. The clien cannot claim DEPB if not listed in the DPEB book. Provisional to finalisation of the post cleared shipping bill needs to be handled by shipper on his own. DEEC Shipping Bill (Duty Exemption Entitlement Certificate) For a one time DEEC Registration, the following are required: Annexure For DEEC Declaration Advance Licence - original. DEEC Book or copy of complete application along
  33. 33. with the Joint Director Foreign Trade (JDFT) acknowledgement of receipt of registration. DEEC declaration stating it is an exempted material (if not already stated on the Invoice). Appendix III, if claiming Drawback with DEEC (A State Bank of India account at the Air Cargo Complex branch, Mumbai, is essential. Once the DEEC Registration is complete, the following is required from the Shipper: DEEC Declaration Appendix II. Declaration stating it is an exempted item (if not already stated on the Invoice) Indian Customs at Mumbai Airport require a Chartered Engineer's Certificate for all shipments containing "Engineering Products" forwarded under DEEC Shipping Bills. Bond Shipping Bill Shippers who have the status of 100% EOU (Export Oriented Unit) must export their shipments under the Bond Shipping Bill. The following are required for export under a Bond Shipping Bill: Annexure C1 Form, duly filled out, signed and stamped with the seal of the Examination Officer of the Excise Department, and countersigned by the Superintendent of the Excise Department. Dutiable Shipping Bill Duty for Exports is levied on the Shipper for export of items like Coffee, Mica, Raw Cotton, Raw Wool, Tea, Tobacco, etc. Such items can only be cleared through customs against a Dutiable Shipping Bill, which is the only form of Shipping Bill that is handled manually by customs. Export Duty must be paid by the shipper. Repair and Return Items If a Shipper has imported an item, of which part or the whole is found to be defective, and the Shipper wishes to return it to the supplier for repairs, the following documentation is required for customs clearance: Original Import Bill of Entry. Original customs-attested Import Invoice which should clearly state the serial/part number of the item imported.
  34. 34. Certificate for Repair and Return from any Bank. Note: Customs may request for a Chartered Engineer's Certificate. For export, the Export Shipping Bill will show the serial/part number of the item that will be used when the item is returned after repairs. Duty will be levied only on the "repair cost plus to-and-from freight/insurance". Gifts & Samples by the Freight Mode Shippers wishing to forward bonafide samples or free gifts by the freight mode will have to obtain: A Certificate from any bank that should state the nature of the shipment (gift/samples), and that no foreign exchange is involved. Click for a sample of Bank Certificate for Gifts and Samples Export of Pharmaceuticals For export of Pharmaceuticals, the following additional documentation is required along with the other applicable documents mentioned above: Drug Licence Copy. Form 20/21B. A sample of the contents for inspection by the Additional Drug Controller. Sample of the label affixed on the package. Chemicals Dangerous Goods are not acceptable for carriage. For all other chemicals that are accepted for carriage the following documents are required, apart from the normal customs paperwork: Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Certificate. Certificate from the Shipper certifying that the goods are not covered under the latest edition of the IATA DANGEROUS GOODS REGULATIONS, and are non- hazardous, non-toxic and non-corrosive, and can be carried on a passenger aircraft. MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) which should include `Transportation details'. Additional Documentation for Garments/Fabrics destined to the USA For clearance through US Customs, the following additional documentation is required for shipments of Fabric/Garments
  35. 35. to the USA: Quota Charge Statement: For all shipments to the USA of Garments, Fabric, Made-ups, a 'Single Country Declaration' has to be submitted which must contain details of the following: ·Whether the material is Knitted or Woven. ·Gender (whether the item is for Female, Male or Unisex). ·Type of Neck (crew, no neck opening, V-neck). ·Stitches per centimetre. ·Long or short sleeved. ·Type of bottom (hemmed, ribbed, drawstring). Negative Declaration: negative declaration is required to be submitted by the Shipper when exporting Silk Garments, Fabric, Made-ups, where the content is more than 70%, to the USA. Packaging The Shipper is responsible to ensure that shipments tendered are: Packed in good, air-worthy packaging which will withstand the weight of the contents while in transit to destination. That the Name and Address of the Shipper and Consignee are marked on at least two sides of each package to ensure easy identification. That the Marks and Numbers (as stated on the Invoice) are legibly printed on at least two sides of each package to ensure easy identification. Poor packaging will result in loss/damage to the goods