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Dhl india

  1. 1. DHL-INDIA Group No.7Presented By:-Mr. Sagar Sambare Ms. Sakshi SontakkeMs. Shilpa Susan Mr. Omkar TamboliMs. Pradnya Shetty Mr. Subin LucoseMr. Dattatray Shinde Ms. Gayatri UmaryeMs. Shruthi Rahan Ms. Namita Kafaliya
  2. 2. Meaning Logistics involves the integration ofinformation, transportation, inventory,warehousing, material handling,and packaging, and often security. Logisticsis a channel of the supply chain which addsthe value of time and place utility.
  3. 3. Units DHL is part of Deutsche Post DHL. DHL India offers customers comprehensive logistics solutions through their four business units: DHL Supply Blue Dart DHL Global ChainDHL Express Express provides customized South Asias Forwarding logistics and industry premier number is the marketDHL Express is the solutions in the one express air and leader in air andNo.1 international areas of supply chain integrated ocean freight, management,air express services transportation, customs brokerage warehousing, distribution and and industrial distribution, valueIn 1979 at Mumbai logistics Company. projects. added services and lead logistics
  4. 4. Supply Chain Solutions 2.Source1.Plan Bringing it all togetherLaying the foundation for an effective Procurement Servicesand efficient supply chain. Raw Materials WarehousingSupply Chain Analysis and Design Raw Materials TransportationLead Logistics Provider (LLP) Services International Supply ChainEnvironmental ComplianceMake Management3.Manufacturing the product 4.Store & CustomizeIndustrial Projects Transportation Getting it ready to sellInbound to Manufacturing (I2M) Finished Goods WarehousingIn-plant Logistics Assembly and Co-packingContract Manufacturing5.Deliver 6.ReturnGetting it where it needs to be Bringing it back when it’s notTransportation and Distribution neededService Parts Logistics (SPL) Reverse LogisticsHome Delivery Environmental Compliance
  5. 5. How Work Done?1.Creating Your Solution2.Managing Your Objectives3.Delivering Your Results
  6. 6. Service 1. WarehousingTypes Of Warehouses• Ambient• Temperature-controlled• Bonded• Raw Materials• Finished Goods• Automated
  7. 7. Service 2. Freight TransportationTypes Of Services• Air Freight• Ocean Freight
  8. 8. Service 3. Customer Brokerage• Negotiating complex international shipping regulations on behalf of customer at offices located at every major global port, airport and border crossing point. Additional Services• Free Trade Zone• Sub-assembly• co-packing• customization• Postponement• kitting• Sequencing to pre- retail activities
  9. 9. Financial Results
  10. 10. Leadership• Motivated people force• Dedicated air and ground capacity• Cutting-edge technology• Wide range of innovative• Vertical specific products• Value added services• Numerous awards and recognitions from customers for exhibiting reliability• Superior brand experience• Sustainability
  11. 11. Good PracticesInnovation• DHL Innovation in four Centres• Showroom, laboratory, Hands- on-Lab and the conference area• On Time Delivery• World wide Coverage• No Hidden Costs• Imports & Exports• DHL Express Account Offers
  12. 12. Bad Practices• Reduce Inventory Cost• Costly
  13. 13. ConclusionDHLs combination of global reach and localknowledge is a key competitive edge that providesthe most efficient, innovative and reliable solutionfor customers.
  14. 14. Thank You…………. Thank You…….