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From the Hart: An OWBC - 2.5


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My attempt at the Sims 2 Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge. Generation Two, Part Five.

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From the Hart: An OWBC - 2.5

  1. 1. From the Hart: An OWBC Part 2.5: Circles of Life & Death
  2. 2. Welcome back to my OWBC! Last time, Basil continued to develop his relationship with gypsy-drop Heather Huffington, whilst Onyx continued throwing parties to encourage a wolf to bite him. Ringo was born, revealing my Beatles name scheme once and for all. Randy managed to get Kana pregnant, despite the fact all of their other kids are grown up. There were lots of birthdays, and lots of cute kids! The kids got into private school and Keika got pregnant again. And finally, Onyx became a werewolf. I recommend taking a look back if anything’s unfamiliar. And once again, thanks to Keika for lovingly donating her simself as this generation’s spouse! (Keika writes Clitheroe: A BaRKC)
  3. 3. We join the family to find Randy and Kana making use of Onyx’s bed, rather than their own. Which is a bit gross, but it is the sims all afterall. And not unusual in the slightest.
  4. 4. Kana also apparently decided that it’s the best place to nap, because she was still there when she went into labour. My fingers are crossed that this is Randy and Kana’s last baby. I mean, come on, all their other kids are grown up!
  5. 5. A bigfoot, a weird green witch and an aging hippy walk into a bar… Anyway, it’s a girl! This is Rainbow Hart.
  6. 6. Downstairs, Basil’s chilling with Ringo. Mostly because he loves kids – Basil is a Family sim in disguise, I’m sure of it. “You’re not the youngest in the house anymore, little one.” “Ringo cute!” “Yes, Ringo is cute!”
  7. 7. Now that Onyx is a werewolf, there’s only one transformation left – to become a zombie. Which naturally meant sticking Onyx outside and hoping the vampire part of him would sizzle to a crisp and he’d fade away.
  8. 8. “I…am very…uncomfortable…” I didn’t enjoy this one little bit. I don’t generally kill off sims on purpose, so I decided to have a look elsewhere in the house while Onyx complained but lived.
  9. 9. Let’s distract ourselves with cuteness! Something tells me Paul was supposed to be at school, but I’m not sure. I guess one day off won’t hurt…too much…
  10. 10. I check back on Onyx, and he’s passed out, but not dead. I honestly thought it’d be easier to kill him than this. Funnily enough, no one is surprised to see him passed out. “So I took the trash out, Dad, and now I’m off to work. Seeya!” … “Yeah, Dad, love you too. Bye!”
  11. 11. “They like, bought you a fridge? For working so hard?” “Yeah. Who cares. I’m going to slap dance.” “That’s so cool. I like, totally should get a job.”
  12. 12. The case of Onyx vs the Sun wasn’t going anywhere, so it’s time to get a little old school. Behold, a 3x3 box…
  13. 13. …filled with rugs and a fire jet! Hopefully this works, as much as it sucks to have to kill Onyx off.
  14. 14. Dammit, Onyx, stop enjoying yourself! “But…it’s perfect for marshmallows…”
  15. 15. “I am having the BEST day!” Onyx is really weird when you set him on fire. I wouldn’t recommend it!
  16. 16. So while that was happening, this was also happening. I can’t believe I forgot to get Ringo a cake  I also can’t believe he chose to grow up while his dad is catching fire.
  17. 17. He’s so cute, though! And totally blocking the toilet for a heavily pregnant Keika. I don’t envy you guys having to choose an heir, they’re all so adorable!
  18. 18. Look how much difficulty I’m having trying to kill Onyx off – it got DARK before he managed to catch fire properly! Man, am I bad at this murder thing. I don’t know how you other simmers do it!
  21. 21. I had the person with the least amount of relationship call to get Onyx back, which meant the job fell to Kana. I doubt it has any effect really, it’s all based on the monetary donation, but even so.
  22. 22. “My apologies, what did you say? I cannot hear you very well…you want my credit card number?” Someone needs to teach Kana to use the phone.
  23. 23. And in a puff of red smoke, Onyx is back! Still didn’t make killing him off any easier, knowing he’d come back, but whatever.
  24. 24. “Oh no, what have I done!” Exactly what you needed to, Kana!
  25. 25. “I feel fulfilled!” The only difference in Onyx now is the way he walks and the thoughts of brains. No real changes appearance-wise.
  26. 26. “So I brought him back, but I fear he is not the same.” “Brilliant! That’s exactly what he wanted. We can sell that fire jet!” The family’s pretty weird anyway, but having a father who wants to die and come back as a zombie must be pretty odd, even by Hart standards.
  27. 27. “RAWR, Brian! I’m a fearsome dragon!” “I don’t care.” “I’m in labour!” “I still don’t care.”
  28. 28. There always has to be two things happening at once, doesn’t there? Can never just have a birth or a death or something without some other event occurring. “You BIT ME.” “Is it not wonderful?” “NO.”
  29. 29. And the final baby of generation two is here! I like Randy sighing contentedly in the background. “I’m a grandpa again!”
  30. 30. It’s a girl, who was named Strawberry, after the song “Strawberry Fields”. Had she been a boy I would’ve named her George, so I had a full set of Beatles. It wasn’t until afterwards I realised I could’ve named her Georgia. Oh well! She’s also the only one of the kids not to inherit the alien eyes.
  31. 31. After Strawberry’s birth, the matchmaker was called, and an obscene amount of vamp cure was purchased. “Thanks again for the potion, lady. And thank you for setting me up with Heather awhile back. We’re still going strong.” “No worries. Take care of yourself.”
  32. 32. “GUESS WHO GOT DEMOTED!” Stupid chance cards. I mean, I can’t progress Keika very easily as I can only give her 8 commands a day, but still. I was trying. Even if I can’t remember for the life of me what she does for a living.
  33. 33. I can’t believe it’s time for teenagers already – things go really fast when there’s eleven people in the house!
  34. 34. It’s also Rainbow’s birthday – Rainbow being Randy and Kana’s baby if you remember rightly. I know she was only born this update but there’s so many freaking kids I can’t expect anyone to keep up. I have no idea where most of the guests disappeared to, or how that random scorched lady ended up being invited.
  35. 35. So here’s Lennon all grown up! He’s a good mix of Onyx and Keika, if you ask me – and totally adorable! Lennon Hart Family Reach Golden Anniversary 5/2/4/7/10 (Aquarius) Swimwear/Custom Hair – Fitness
  36. 36. And here’s little Rainbow, who looks an awful lot like Kana! Rainbow Hart 7/5/5/10/5 (Taurus)
  37. 37. Binaree and Jasmine’s kids are also teenagers, so they were invited over to hang out with Lennon. This is Daisy, if you remember from the spares update. “Daisy, you grew up so wonderfully!” “You think so?” “Of course!”
  38. 38. Dominic was also about, but he was more interested in slap dancing than getting to know Lennon. He’s also a cutie.
  39. 39. Because I can’t control Paul, he generally does what he likes, and sleeps where he likes. I found it really sweet when he climbed into bed with his grandpa! Randy spends quite a bit of time with Paul, so I imagine they have a high relationship.
  40. 40. And here’s another Hart who enjoys spending time with the kids. It’s decided, I’m going to give him Family as a secondary aspiration.
  41. 41. Later that day, and it’s time for a trip to Beachside Boolprop! I need to come up with a better name for this place… Anyway, Randy didn’t come this time, because it’s time for the family to learn to run it without him – he’s not going to be around forever, as sad as that is to say.
  42. 42. “Hey Binaree, fancy coming in for some poker?” “Do I need to buy a ticket?” “Of course! I won’t make a profit if I let you in for nothing.” “Family and friends discount?” “…Maybe.”
  43. 43. “It’s just like old times.” “An empty business, no profit, and us three playing poker? Yeah. Great.” “What happened to you, Brian, you used to be so cheerful.” “I just lost $100 to Basil.”
  44. 44. Lennon was also at the business, although his customer service skills need a lot of work. Apparently, customers don’t like having balloons pelted at them by strangers. Who knew?
  45. 45. Back at the house, Daisy drops by to visit Lennon, and score a first kiss. Before anyone asks if they’re cousins, they’re not. Daisy is Binaree’s daughter, and therefore no blood relation to any of the Harts.
  46. 46. This…this was not so cute. I didn’t even know ACR HAD that option.
  47. 47. “Hello family! Guess how many nice points I have!” Lennon’s such a dork and I love him.
  48. 48. Anyway, Lennon was waving at his family, who have all gathered for Strawberry’s birthday. Basil has once again stolen the honour of bringing the baby to the cake.
  49. 49. Don’t let that adorable, innocent little face fool you – Strawberry is the meanest kid this generation! A little oddball, considering how nice everyone in this family is. Strawberry Hart 7/10/1/7/1 (Leo)
  50. 50. Heather, being pretty much a solid fixture in Basil’s life, has now made it as a regular at Hart family gatherings. That doesn’t stop these two wandering off and doing their own thing, though. “Hey pretty lady, I like the way you sound.”
  51. 51. “AAAAH!” Yeah…probably a good time to stop, I think. I’ll see you next time for more shenanigans! 