Prince of Madness: An OWBC - chapter 2


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Prince of Madness: An OWBC - chapter 2

  1. 1. Prince of Madness: An OWBC Chapter Two: Fun House
  2. 2. Welcome back to my OWBC, where we do actually have a gnome, I just failed to mention him in the last update. His name is Leroy. Last time, founder Rowan Prince went on a hunt for witches and found himself a wife instead, in the form of Kimberly Straight. They were married and pursued their favourite hobbies, while having their first child, Bad Apple Blaire. Let’s jump straight in!
  3. 3. While Rowan made it to maximum enthusiasm for music and dance in the last update, Kim still needs to max tinkering, hence why there is still a junk car on the driveway. They also go for a fair bit of money, which is quite nice.
  4. 4. This car is supposedly orange. I’m pretty sure that’s yellow. It also didn’t go for a very good price. Maybe because it’s not orange.
  5. 5. Even so, a new car is bought and some changes to the house made. The ongoing construction of the house is another reason for Kim to fix up cars.
  6. 6. Kim’s routine of fixing up cars, eating, washing and sleeping means Rowan gets to spend a lot of time with Blaire. At some point, he taught her how to talk.
  7. 7. A friend was invited over to see Rowan, and Leroy gets stolen for the first time – it’s been a whole chapter, it was probably about time someone took the gnome. So who is the culprit?
  8. 8. The Handsome-but-Evil warlock, Bill Siew. He doesn’t look quite the same without his warlock get-up on.
  9. 9. “Hey, Bill. Have you seen my gnome at all? I swear he was just there…” “Gnome? People still decorate their gardens with those?” “Bill, I’m pretty sure I saw you take Leroy.” “I’m an atrociously evil warlock, what did you expect me to do?”
  10. 10. Bill comes inside mostly just to turn Rowan into a warlock, which is pretty exciting. I don’t think I’ve played a witch for awhile.
  11. 11. “Hey Rowan, have you seen…what are you up to now?” “Look! I’m sparkly!”
  12. 12. Kimberly then decided to lounge around in the nude. Which was just too much for Rowan to handle, apparently.
  13. 13. Because he’s not really nice or particularly evil, Rowan’s going to be the neutral witch for the Witchy Good Time challenge. Also, there are no dead sims to raise just yet. We’ll save evilness for later.
  14. 14. Not that Rowan has an evil bone in his body. He’s a massive softie. “How cute is my little lady?” “You’re the worst evil warlock EVER.”
  15. 15. That night, after Bill had gone and the household was asleep, Kim went into labour with the first baby “O”. “STOP GRINNING, ROWAN. I CAN SEE YOUR SMILE.” “But baaaaabies. I love babies.” “THEN YOU CAN HAVE THE NEXT ONE!”
  16. 16. Rowan and Kim had another girl! This is baby Olive. At first glance, she looks a lot like Blaire. We’ll see if that changes as she grows.
  17. 17. Just before he was turned into a warlock, Rowan started work on his own portrait. So bandana-Rowan will hang on the walls rather than warlock-Rowan. Because for some reason I felt the need to tell you that.
  18. 18. For the most part, Blaire’s mostly quite quiet and entertains herself. It’s only when she needs something that everything goes wrong – she’s quite good at waking her parents up in the middle of the night.
  19. 19. But that’s about to change – hooray! – and now Blaire can feed herself (ish) and sleep and whatever she wants, really. Maybe she’ll cause chaos, who knows.
  20. 20. And here she is, all grown up in ducky pyjamas! Lark was right, that is Rowan’s nose. The rest of her does seem to take after Kim, though.
  21. 21. At some point, Rowan finished the portrait. I love my founding couple!
  22. 22. Meanwhile, outside, Blaire’s learning some important lessons from Kim. “And that’s how you buff scratches out of the body, any questions?” “When can I go inside?” “You’d rather watch your Dad paint than fix cars with your Mum?” “No…I want to do something fun.”
  23. 23. “This is more like it!”
  24. 24. Rowan then decided to steal back Leroy. Hooray!
  25. 25. Meanwhile, Blaire couldn’t find a bed to sleep in, despite the fact she’d been jumping on one moments ago. I later figured out it was my Smart Beds hack that caused this. I’m planning to yank that out to avoid the kids sleeping on the floor constantly.
  26. 26. Another day, another car. Kim will be allowed to do other things once she’s maxed this hobby. Yes, I’m aware there must be an easier way of maxing tinkering.
  27. 27. But probably not one that involves this much profit. Also note how Kim has disappeared to stalk her husband.
  28. 28. Blaire looks so angry when she sleeps. Again, this was before I yanked the mod out that stopped Blaire from recognising the crib was no longer her bed.
  29. 29. And after what feels like an eternity – or maybe just a long day or two – Olive grows up!
  30. 30. It looks to me like Olive got Rowan’s nose, like Blaire, but also his mouth. Or maybe his jaw. We’ll see as she gets older. Olive has a personality of 5/8/4/3/7 – outgoing and freakishly nice.
  31. 31. I couldn’t find anything against aspiration rewards – thank Wright – and so Kim gets to use smart milk to train up Olive. It’s just so much quicker. I only recently starting using aspiration rewards again – now I know I’d been making my life harder before!
  32. 32. As for Blaire, she likes to smustle at all hours, but it’s not her hobby. Other than that she likes to clean, I predict several neat points.
  33. 33. “Why am I digging?!” The family is still on the edge of being broke. Mostly because I chose expensive windows. Curse my desire to have a pretty house. Also, Rowan needs a telescope. The aliens aren’t going to abduct anyone otherwise.
  34. 34. “Boo! Neutral witches suuuck!” “Nice to see you again, too, Bill!” “Thanks for inviting me! Boo!”
  35. 35. The reason Bill – and apparently a bar tender – were invited over is because it’s Olive’s birthday. That flew by, didn’t it? I’m not sure why. I don’t even have an excuse.
  36. 36. She looks similar to Blaire, and yet somehow different. They’re both pretty cute, though.
  37. 37. The girls then teamed up to start a dance party in the kitchen. Apparently, Kim was the only one who didn’t want to join in.
  38. 38. And of course, we can’t have Bill over without Leroy going missing. So Rowan gets on that straight away. When he pulls that face, he could almost pass for an evil warlock.
  39. 39. In case anyone’s wondering, this is what Olive grew into. The family’s too poor to buy clothes at the minute. But she looks like she’s copying her parents fashion choices.
  40. 40. When he’s not looking after the kids, especially now the girls and kids and can start doing things for themselves, Rowan makes reagents and sells them. And sometimes the craftable items. Purely because the family really need the simoleans.
  41. 41. The one thing I had forgotten about bad apples is how they have to be taught their homework every night. Blaire’s actually been falling behind – and that’s when I remembered the social worker! Thankfully it wasn’t too bad.
  42. 42. “Am I glowing? I think I might be glowing.” Finally! Although this doesn’t mean the family is done with fixing up cars. The money in it’s just too good. Also, Kim is pregnant again. Apparently this is the first picture I have of her with a baby bump.
  43. 43. And the hobby plaques. I still have no idea where I’m going to put them. For now they’re in the living room.
  44. 44. With the money from the last junk car, Kim gets a robot bench, because I’m sick of directing Rowan to pick up dishes and old newspapers, and we can’t hire a maid. I thought this would take awhile, to get Kim up to a gold badge, but it turned out she already had one. Bonus!
  45. 45. Then, in an attempt to speed things up even further, I got Kim a thinking cap. I don’t know if it had any affect or not on the speed of servo building. I like to think it did.
  46. 46. And so the family goes back to this – Rowan amusing the girls while his wife works. She has to take a lot of breaks because she’s heavily pregnant at this point.
  47. 47. Giving birth means she’ll need less breaks, right? And then I found out it was twins. Wrong. No breaks for anyone!
  48. 48. “Oh! Blaire, what do we do?” “I don’t know. I’m going to get a snack.” “Blaire!”
  49. 49. We have twin boys! Olaf and Oxford. And no, I can’t tell you which one is which. But they both look kind of similar, really.
  50. 50. “I don’t like it.”
  51. 51. Blaire decided to play with her sister instead of giving the newborns any attention. “Pew, pew! You’re dead Blaire!” “No fair! I don’t like you either!” “You do!” “It’s true. You’re my best friend, Liv.”
  52. 52. Well, that didn’t actually take as long as I thought it would. I put it down to the thinking cap.
  53. 53. Meet Roberta the servo. Kim initialised her so we have someone else to help restore cars for cash. You know, and do all of the other jobs that need doing around the house.
  54. 54. “AND THEY ALL LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER, THE END.” “Thank you, Roberta! I love having a robot storyteller!” “YOU ARE WELCOME, SMALL HUMAN.”
  55. 55. In case you were wondering, this is what the house looks like now. I’m really happy with how it’s turning out. The upstairs is still mostly useless, and there’s no mysterious bookcase yet – all in good time! And yes, that is a Christmas cactus on the bottom left. I just thought it was neat.
  56. 56. Roberta can repair cars twice as fast as Kim can because she doesn’t need to bathe or sleep. This is perfect for the Prince’s finances! I’ve just decided I love servos!
  57. 57. “Look! Look everybody! Drop everything! I got an A+!” Hooray for Liv!
  58. 58. “Everybody drop everything, I’ve-” “Beat ya to it, Blaire.” “Awwww.” I’m surprised Blaire managed an A+. Yay for the girls!
  59. 59. You know, I wonder what the other kids think when the bus stops outside this house.
  60. 60. That evening, Blaire stepped down from the telescope – where she had been spying on the neighbours – to burst into sparkles. This is exciting!
  61. 61. Blaire is really pretty! She rolled fortune. -------------------------- That’s all I have for this time! See you soon!