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Socialtext Motley Fool's Social Intranet is Jingle


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The Motley Fool is a company that is firmly committed to putting its people at the center. And when its internal "culture" committee decided an update to its social intranet was in order, everyone rallied behind the effort and brought Jingle to life. Since then Jingle has become a vibrant community where coworkers get a chance to connect and collaborate.

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Socialtext Motley Fool's Social Intranet is Jingle

  1. Fostering collaboration and putting people at thecenter Anessa Fike, Culture Clubista Motley Fool Jeb Bishop, Senior Product Owner Motley Fool Sandra Ponce de Leon, Director of Marketing Socialtext
  2. Jingle: Initial Goals• Increase communication and collaboration• Reinforce our culture and community• Consolidate conversations – Retire legacy intranet and wiki – Wean ourselves from Yammer, email, Sharepoint, Idea Factory, ad hoc internal blogs• Make it easier to find and share• Require very small tech investment for setup and maintenance
  3. Jingle: Daily Practice• Check throughout the day, or leave the desktop app open – Read & post signals • General interest (“Around the office”) • Group-specific (functional groups, project teams, hobbies) – Editorial traffic management – Consume info • Important news, videos • Progress toward goals • HR info (forms, org charts, benefit info, etc) – Write or review documentation • Mostly techies
  4. Jingle: Typical Dashboard
  5. Jingle: Affinity Groups• Nearly 100 groups built around shared affiliations or interests – Types • Scrum teams, functional groups, initiatives, hobbies, shared interests, classified, etc etc etc – Largest Membership • QuarterlyChallenge, Around the Office, Wellness, Love Our Members, Classifieds, Just had to share, Competitors, Techies, NFSHHI – Most active (PVs) • Wellness • Techies
  6. Jingle: Idea Generation• Use Jingle to involve all Fools in important conversations – Examples • What can we do within 30 days to delight members even more? • How can we improve [metric n]? – Approach • Ask via news post, signal, video • Answer on dedicated pages or signal streams • Anyone can ask, anyone can answer
  7. Jingle: Custom Widgets• Make your own Widgets – Open Social • • iGoogle – Some we’ve made • Ooyala video player • Quick Start (essentially sidebar nav) • Metric trackers (members, NCR) • RSS feeds with custom links – Important Fool News – Job Board
  8. Jingle: Custom Widgets
  9. Jingle: Widget Editor
  10. Jingle: 360 Feedback• Make giving feedback to anyone in the company as easy as possible – Four ways… • Dedicated link on dashboard, plus • Five Fools picked at random weekly, plus • Periodic team blasts, plus • Embedded feedback form on dashboard
  11. Jingle: Results• Positive addition to Motley Fool – People know where to look for things, instead of wasting time wondering which system to use • News, info, documents, conversations: it’s all here – Better team and all-Fool collaboration & communication – Reduced email clutter • Easily opt-in to see the types of messages (signals) they want • At least 75% reduction in all-hands email – Enhanced collaboration and code / process quality through centralized, shared documentation • Early adopters: techies • Easier to share between project-based scrum teams – Editors use signals to track workflow and do handoffs. Beats the mix of email & IM we used to use
  12. Jingle: Data• Easily track usage data using built-in reports and Google Analytics
  13. Thank you• Q&A• For more information on Socialtext, please visit• Slides will be available on Socialtext• Follow us: @themotleyfool @socialtext @sandramp