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Woody Goulart presentation 10-10-15 Las Vegas, NV


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How to transform the multi-generational culture at your organization using your existing intranet and social business apps.

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Woody Goulart presentation 10-10-15 Las Vegas, NV

  1. 1. Transforming a multi-generational culture using your existing intranet New collaboration tools Technologies & social media
  2. 2. Written and produced by Woody goulart Presented on December 10, 2015 in Las Vegas, NV Advanced Learning Institute (ALI) Intranets for Internal Communications Conference
  3. 3. Nonprofit advocacy association Management & technology consulting firm United states federal government Global financial services network Sharing lessons learned from working in four very different organizations:
  4. 4. technology Radio camera Television Personal Computer Internet - INTRANET Hand-Held Communication Device
  5. 5. apps Audio & video playback apps Apps for use on computers Apps for use on hand-held devices social business apps
  6. 6. emotions technology
  7. 7. emotions technology+ =Power To control & influence Attitudes & behaviors
  8. 8. Why Do you need to have an intranet At all?
  9. 9. how Do you select social business apps For your workplace?
  10. 10. What Expectations Should you embrace For using social business apps?
  11. 11. Where Are the stress points, Barriers to success, And roadblocks?
  12. 12. Who Can make or break Your implementation of Social business apps?
  13. 13. When Is your best opportunity To implement Social business apps?
  14. 14. emotions technology conclusions
  15. 15. Opportunity For Questions & answers
  16. 16. Download this presentation and then connect/interact with others at: uzz ommunity nline