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6 Reasons Your Employees Will Love Collaborative Learning


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Our latest infographic is a testament of how collaborative learning can help to enhance employee engagement and spark innovation. So if you are looking to score big with your employees this Valentine’s Day you might want to learn how to share the love of collaborative learning!

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6 Reasons Your Employees Will Love Collaborative Learning

  1. 1. 6 Reasons Your Employees Will Love Collaborative Learning 1 It’s self-paced. Allowing employees to learn at their own pace enhances learning speed and effectiveness. And it often allows employees to apply their own learning styles and preferences. 2 It can incorporate scenario-based tests. This enables employees to apply what they’ve learned in real-time and using reality-based situations—all of which reinforces learning. 3 It supports immediate feedback loops. This helps to measure and reinforce the “stickiness” of what’s been learned, and it facilitates ongoing testing, reflection and guidance from others. 4 It improves performance alignment. Collaborative learning keeps knowledge, behaviors and skill sets tightly aligned to business goals and objectives without any lag time. 5 It fosters ongoing innovation. It does so by unleashing the intelligence, experience and creativity of your entire organization - from internal teams to subject matter experts to savvy senior leaders - along with that of valuable external sources. 6 It elevates employee engagement. Employees feel valued and are more inclined to be loyal when employers offer learning opportunities and the chance to develop personal skills and knowledge. ABOUT PEOPLEFLUENT Peoplefluent is the leading provider of talent management solutions designed to support the entire workforce. We provide the mobile enablement, social collaboration, information visualization and the domain expertise required to empower strategic decision-making and true employee engagement. Our talent management software enables organizations to unlock each individual’s potential by removing the boundaries that limit the performance and productivity of your workforce. With the most comprehensive talent suite in the industry including solutions for talent management, workforce compliance and diversity, contingent workforce management, analytics and workforce planning, Peoplefluent offers a solution to optimize every step of the talent lifecycle. Our solutions have helped over 5,100 organizations in 214 countries and territories successfully achieve their talent aspirations. Today, 80% of the Fortune 100 relies on Peoplefluent solutions as part of their talent management delivery strategy. For more information, visit Raleigh, North Carolina 434 Fayetteville Street, 9th Floor Raleigh, NC 27601 USA Toll-Free: (877) 820-4400 Tel: +1-919-645-2800 FOLLOW US Waltham, Massachusetts 300 Fifth Avenue Waltham, MA 02451 USA Toll-Free Product Info/Sales: (877) 422-1114 Tel: +1-781-530-2000 London, United Kingdom 15 Fetter Lane London EC4A 1BW United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 20 7832 3440