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Socialtext 5.0 Feature Overview


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Introducing Socialtext 5.0
The best content. The right people. In the flow of work.

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Socialtext 5.0 Feature Overview

  1. 1. SocialtextThe best content.The right people.In the flow of work.
  2. 2. Improved Activity Stream SocialRadar People Matching Engine
  3. 3. Filter the stream todisplay the content you want to see
  4. 4. Add widgets to your Dashboard to display content from a variety of sources
  5. 5. MobileAccess
  6. 6. Share status updates, links,videos and more. Integrate with CRM, ERP and other enterprise systems
  7. 7. Filter the stream todisplay the content you want to see
  8. 8. View pictures, videos, slidesand more without having to leave the stream
  9. 9. Profile pages can now includeSocialRadar keywords which enablepeople to find colleagues based on a series of matching attributes
  10. 10. Personalize your profile by adding widgets to display your favorite content
  11. 11. Groups (public and private) enable a community of people to securely collaborate around a specific topic
  12. 12. The new page editor allows you to createcontent with rich text, tables and images
  13. 13. Easily control the formatting and layout of all the content on the page
  14. 14. Go beyond text and images by embeddingcontent and tools from a variety of services
  15. 15. For advanced formatting, you can switch to HTML mode
  16. 16. Help automate thecreation of pages using forms with dropdownlists, checkboxes, radio buttons and more.
  17. 17. Organize pages and manage workflows using the Page Trackerwidget which groups pages together based on tags
  18. 18. Socialtext