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Free Webinar - Disaster Prep and Recovery for Nonprofits and Libraries - 2017-04-04


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Visit for donated technology for nonprofits and public libraries!

Spring is a good time to take stock and make sure your organization is prepared to remain resilient and keep the doors open to serve your community - whether you face a natural disaster or a simple server failure.

During this free webinar with IT and disaster preparedness expert Lars Eric Holm, learn basic things you can do TODAY to help your nonprofit or library be better prepared ahead of a disaster and bounce back quicker after one strikes.

Key Takeaways:

-- Leverage mobile technologies to prepare and respond to emergencies
-- Get the scoop on best practices for backup technologies
-- Useful apps to help you respond, assist those in your community, and recover quickly
-- And more!

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Free Webinar - Disaster Prep and Recovery for Nonprofits and Libraries - 2017-04-04

  1. 1. Disaster Prep and Recovery For Nonprofits or Libraries: Using Technology April 4, 2017
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  5. 5. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved Presenters Assisting with chat: Susan Hope Bard, TechSoup Becky Wiegand Webinar Program Manager TechSoup Lars Eric Holm Disaster Preparedness Coordinator Eden I&R, Inc
  6. 6. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved Objectives 1. Learn about 2-1-1 and other already-existing tech resources to support your community in an emergency or disaster 2. Consider whether your organization has backup, power, and communications strategies planned AHEAD of any disaster 3. Discover types of mobile apps available to provide support and response during an emergency
  7. 7. About TechSoup
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  10. 10. Disaster Prep and Recovery For Nonprofits or Libraries: Using Technology Lars Eric Holm Disaster Preparedness Coordinator Eden I&R, Inc. (@EIR_211Alameda | @211AlamedaCounty)
  11. 11. A fast bit about Lars Eric Holm Childhood in Alaska; learned the Yupik phrase “Upterrlainarluta” which translates as “always getting ready”. I am told that being ever prepared, Upterrlainarluta, is a common caution from Yup’ik elders to young people, whether they are preparing for fishing or a trip to the city. Implicit is the understanding that one must be wise in knowing what to prepare for and equally wise in being prepared for the unknowable. Always Getting Ready - Upterrlainarluta Yup’ik Eskimo Subsistence in Southwest Alaska James H. Barker
  12. 12. Relevant Background • Backup software from Dantz Development – support for seven years! • Continuing to offer CARD‘s innovative curriculum as Eden I&R‘s Disaster Preparedness Coordinator. • CARD – Collaborating Agencies Responding to Disasters for eight years, helping nonprofits “Prepare to Prosper!”
  13. 13. Preparedness Geek Yes… I am a bit of a nerd about this topic!
  14. 14. About Eden I&R • Eden I & R has been successfully "linking people and resources” for 40 years! • The only centralized source for health, housing, and human services information in Alameda County. • Critical information bridge between individuals in need and human service agencies with aid. • Our main (but not only) program is 2-1-1 Alameda County.
  15. 15. Why call 2-1-1? • 2-1-1 is a free, 24/7/365, multi-lingual, confidential, easy to remember telephone number that enables anyone to access vital community services before, during, and after disaster. • 2-1-1 resources are verified annually and updated throughout the year.
  16. 16. What is Information & Referral, I&R? • Helps people access health and human services including family support, disability services, legal referrals, consumer assistance, and counseling • Provides in-depth assessment of needs to best link people to one or more service providers • Offers trained Resource Specialists to assist callers in a confidential and safe environment
  17. 17. Finding Answers Eden I&R is that librarian: for health, housing, and human resources
  18. 18. What is Information & Referral AFTER disaster? • Referrals to service providers that address immediate needs: food, shelter, utilities, and financial assistance • News and updates: road closures, health advisories, evacuation information • Crisis support: referrals to legal aid, counseling, linkages to helplines For life-threatening emergencies, call 911! For everything else, call 2-1-1!
  19. 19. Why call 2-1-1 after a disaster? • After disaster, 2-1-1 works with county government and community partners to push verified disaster information out to the public in a timely manner. • 2-1-1 becomes THE Public Community Information phone number after disaster – No need to remember new confusing 1-800 numbers.
  20. 20. 2-1-1 and disaster preparedness • 2-1-1 participates in EOC drills and continually prepares to respond to natural disasters (including wildfires, mud slides, floods, earthquakes and tsunamis; as well as terrorist attacks). • The statewide 2-1-1 network, with its back-up systems, is part of the state’s crisis preparedness and response. • 2-1-1 is available immediately during times of crisis, to direct callers to changing services most appropriate for their needs. • 2-1-1 maintains an ongoing 24/7 presence in the community; so people are able to find the help they need whether their needs arise a week or several years after the crisis event.
  21. 21. Who we serve • Critical resource for thousands of at-risk individuals: – youth – non-English speakers – the economically disadvantaged – people living with HIV/AIDS – domestic violence survivors – the elderly – disabled – the homeless – human service agencies seeking services or housing for their clients
  22. 22. Labeled People – Slide 1: • Seniors, older residents, frail elderly • Extremely low income, poor, significantly below the poverty level, and without financial resources • Blind, visually impaired, low vision • Single parents, lone guardians with no support systems • Deaf, hearing impaired, hard-of-hearing (HoH) • Limited English Proficiency (LEP), monolingual • Emergent special needs (new needs due to disaster) • Children, infants, unattended minors, runaways, latchkey kids • Homeless or shelter dependent - including domestic violence shelters • Chemically dependent – includes legal and illegal drug dependence issues • Medically compromised, low immune system, medically fragile, contagious
  23. 23. Labeled People – Slide 2: • Criminals, registered offenders and other clients of the criminal justice system • People fearful of (or refusing services from) government, Red Cross or any unfamiliar organization • Physically disabled - from minor issues to complete dependence on life support • Mentally/Cognitively/Developmentally disabled - from minor issues to complete dependence on support systems • Transient needs (tourists, people needing replacement hearing aids or glasses, etc.) • Owners and guardians of pets/animals, people who make life and death decisions based on animal concerns • Culturally isolated, with little interaction outside of their chosen community, or with most actions preferred inside their chosen community -- religion, sobriety/recovery, carless, LGBT), geography caused isolation, etc.
  24. 24. [Poll] • Very fast ‘yes/no’ poll (or handraise)– are ANY of the folks listed on these immediately prior slides served by your agency?
  25. 25. [Poll] • A poll about job titles/roles that includes “many hats” as one of the answers.
  26. 26. WEAR MANY HATS? Often “Other Duty as Assigned” and thus Hard to Prioritize. Thus, the importance of leveraging the technology you already use every day.
  27. 27. “Linking people and resources” for 40 years. Call 211, or on-line use our resource finder. TechSoup’s shiny new disaster planning and recovery guide. More links about downloadable resources will be at the end of this presentation. Resources
  28. 28. POSITIVE FRAMING The CARD approach eliminates the negative, fear-based conversation typically attached to traditional “Disaster Preparedness.” Preparedness can be about: • protecting people we care about • leadership • securing preparedness funding • safeguarding things that matter to us • using every piece of the process as a learning opportunity • learning how to make good decisions under stress • having fun; learning about each other’s strengths and skills • building a strong, empowered team. Getting started: Keep the preparedness conversation focused on what you CAN DO and how it will help your people achieve their goals!
  29. 29. is present when you have preparedness as a way of being – it’s how you operate, think, and act. Once something is deeply embedded as part of your culture, it can survive and prosper even as people and circumstances change.
  30. 30. Technology – especially mobile technology – has fundamentally changed how we communicate and function. Our pre-existing culture of technology can be embraced to make us a more prepared and resilient society.
  31. 31. Preparedness + Technology Everything has changed: •The Internet •Social Media •Technology •Public adoption of tools •Expectations Use Technology To: • Build community • Communicate • Increase preparedness • Facilitate emergency response • Support your partners • Alert and warn • Raise money • Build Support • Walk the world BEING more prepared and confident!
  32. 32. Where Are You? Related to TRULY embracing technology for empowering community outreach and resilience? C.A.V.E. Dwellers Consistently Against Virtually Everything
  33. 33. [Poll] • Where are you on the curve? – Innovator – Early Adopter – Early Majority – Late Majority – Laggards – Vocal Resistance
  34. 34. BACKING UP - Motto for Dantz Development's Backup Software “Retrospect”
  35. 35. BACKING UP What makes for good backups? • Automated – the backups run frequently without requiring human intervention • Monitored – someone is regularly inspecting backup logs, documenting media rotation, etc. • Redundant – multiple copies, and multiple types of backups • Rotated – multiple devices, multiple locations
  36. 36. BACKING UP The Holy Trinity of Backups Three different types of backups: • Versioned Backups - copies of your files as they appeared at many points in time • Bootable Backups - an exact copy of your startup disk on an external drive • Offsite Backups - an extra backup stored far away from your regular backups
  37. 37. BACKING UP - VERSIONED BACKUPS • Copies of your files at many points in time. • Protects against file corruption, software bugs, user error • Can recover that earlier revision of your Novel • Use an external hard drive (not an internal drive or CD/DVD) • Set your software to update once a day minimum, preferably much more often.
  38. 38. BACKING UP - BOOTABLE DUPLICATES • Also known as a “clone”. • Exact copy of your startup disk, on external drive. • Can boot from duplicate right away, even from a different machine. • Must use backup/duplication software. • Schedule at least once a week. Daily is better. • Update duplicate(s) before major upgrades. • Multiple drives, rotating off-site, for especially critical machines.
  39. 39. BACKING UP - OFFSITE STORAGE • Stored far away: at the very least in a different building. • Protects from local catastrophes, (fire, flood, earthquake, tornado, etc.) • Easiest way: cloud backup service. • Alternatively, rotate two or three drives (versioned or clone) • Keep away from extreme heat or cold • Keep in secure location (not car or garage). • Consider encryption.
  40. 40. BACKING UP Every Friday the 13th, observe “International Verify Your Backups Day”: Restoring a few files to confirm that your backups are working. Test booting from your bootable duplicate.
  41. 41. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Backup can be a topic with lots of questions… …does anyone have any questions?
  42. 42. BACKING UP - Sydney J. Harris, American Journalist
  43. 43. PROGRAM YOUR CELL PHONE “Potty Poster” Program Your Cell Phone This will soon be available at Eden I&R’s “Disaster Resources” web page – in the mean time, contact me.
  44. 44. Program Your Cell Phone to Be Your Greatest Safety Tool! • ICE Your Phone: Add "ICE" (In Case of Emergency) • Friends, Family, Neighbors: Program all important contacts • Non-emergency numbers for Police and Fire Departments. • Doctors / Hospital / Clinic • Medication and medical conditions and allergies • Location of emergency rally points • Daycare providers for kids / seniors PROGRAM YOUR CELL PHONE To Do: From the list below, please do at least one action.
  45. 45. Program Your Cell Phone to Be Your Greatest Safety Tool! For Smart Phones : • Pictures of self, home, pets, kids, key people, and property • Important documents: prescriptions, insurance, etc. • First Aid and CPR instructions • Apps: GPS, Alarms, Flashing Lights • Do not depend on your memory! PROGRAM YOUR CELL PHONE To Do: From the list below, please do at least one action.
  46. 46. POWER You’ve got the Power!
  47. 47. POWER Plethora of Products. See recent article: "30 of the juiciest portable battery chargers money can buy”
  48. 48. POWER Powered Case A phone case that is also a battery Just flip the switch, and you are good to go! Car Adaptors A nearby source of power for many Preparedness habit #1: Plug your phone in whenever you drive Preparedness habit #2: Give your friends car chargers as gifts.
  49. 49. POWER Pocket / keychain batteries are inexpensive and make great stocking stuffers Good for a single charge, and easily tucked into pocket, glove compartment, desk draw, bag, etc.
  50. 50. POWER Solar Chargers: Check your local camping supplier. Costs have dropped to under $200, and in some cases, under $100.
  51. 51. Staying Connected via Social Media
  52. 52. Fast Social Media Overview - Twitter • Elections in Iran • Attacks in Mumbai • H1N1, Whooping Cough • Haiti Earthquake • Oroville Dam "Public Information Officers" (PIOs) find that Twitter is: - Fast: used before Facebook or Web Page updates - Many now embed a Twitter stream in their pages - Tailored (user picks sources) - Cell phone accessible - Easy; fewer skills required - Massive public acceptance • Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill • Japan EQ/tsunami/nuclear • SuperStorm Sandy • Boston Marathon Bombings • Recent CA Storms and Floods Twitter was instrumental as a planning & response tool for:
  53. 53. Fast Social Media Overview - Facebook Facebook is marvelous for: • Engaging with government agencies • Engaging with elected officials • Engaging with health agencies In an emergency, the benefits are: • A communication tool many are familiar with • Some agencies have a page to be used specifically for emergencies • Others plan to post to their existing page • Can have an out-of-state contact be able to post on your behalf.
  54. 54. Fast Social Media Overview - LinkedIn LinkedIn is about professional connections: • The largest online Business Networking platform in the world • Nearly half of all members are outside the U.S. Benefits: • Establish and maintain connections to partners beforehand. • Status Updates (140 character messages) can be sent from your cell phone. • Receive expert advice or suggestions from your network - very useful in emergencies. • Can link other applications to your LinkedIn profile: Twitter, WordPress, SlideShare, Polls, etc.
  55. 55. Real World Response for #OccupyOakland
  56. 56. Preparedness Apps There’s an App for That!
  57. 57. TYPE OF APPS
  58. 58. Nixle
  59. 59. 511 Transit
  60. 60. Weatherbug
  61. 61. GroupMe
  62. 62. Flipboard
  63. 63. Dropbox
  64. 64. 1Password
  65. 65. First Aid & Care
  66. 66. Police Scanner
  67. 67. Recorder HD
  68. 68. NIMS ICS Guide
  69. 69. iBanner
  70. 70. Pocket CPR
  71. 71. iTriage
  72. 72. Skype
  73. 73. Siren Machine
  74. 74. Jibbigo Translator
  75. 75. What Are You Going to Do???
  76. 76. Tools and Resources: Eden I&R: “2-1-1 in Disasters/Emergencies” This is in the process of updating, so keep an eye! Coming Soon: Downloadable Resources, such as Potty Posters! TechSoup: The Resilient Organization: A Guide to IT Disaster Planning and Recovery Resources
  77. 77. Take Control of Backing Up Your Mac by Joe Kissell This is the current advice and standard for Macintosh backups. While this is centered around Macintosh backups, it's not difficult to generalize this advice. The Complete Guide to Backup Management by Dorian J. Cougias and Tom Dell. While this is an older book, it encapsulates much of the knowledge I gained at Dantz. Bibliography
  78. 78. Transform everyday brilliance into disaster resilience! Eden I&R offers Disaster preparedness trainings for all! Prepare for the unexpected and participate in a full range of free disaster preparedness trainings, ranging from personal preparedness to agency response and long-term recovery.
  79. 79. Trainings Offered • Build a SKIP (Safety Kept in Place) kit with everyday household items • Make a Disaster Preparedness Plan for staff, volunteers, and clients • Create an Agency Emergency Plan Designed to meet the preparedness needs of staff, volunteers, and clients of nonprofits and community-based organizations, choose the trainings that are right for your group:
  80. 80. Trainings Offered (2) • Learn about Incident Command System (ICS) and disaster response • Incorporate social media and technology in plans and responses • Empower parents and practitioners with preparedness tips for specific populations: children, seniors, caregivers, persons living with disabilities, etc.
  81. 81. Please Connect! Contact Lars Eric Holm Disaster Preparedness Coordinator 510-727-9516 online at: Made possible from generous support by WALTER & ELISE HAAS FUND Proudly presenting curriculum developed by CARD - Collaborating Agencies Responding to Disasters
  82. 82. Please connect to Eden I&R Eden I&R can be found online at: Please consider creating a recommendation on LinkedIn, giving us a shout- out on any social media platform, sending a note of thanks and appreciation to our funders. We greatly appreciate your support! Thank you!
  83. 83.
  84. 84. Questions?
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