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Social Media Case Study: How Slideshare Helped Simplify360 Build a Strong Global Brand


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Find out how Slideshare helped Simplify360 get millions of views and tons of leads.

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Social Media Case Study: How Slideshare Helped Simplify360 Build a Strong Global Brand

  1. 1. HOW SLIDESHARE HELPED SIMPLIFY360BUILD A STRONG GLOBAL BRAND“Being an SMM product company, social media was the mostnatural way for us to communicate our brand. And Slideshare wasthe perfect platform to execute our vision. ” – Deep Sherchan, CMO Simplify360
  2. 2. The Business is a Castle.Social Profiles are the Towersdefending this Castle.
  3. 3. Share company presentations, white papers, Research Reports Official Blog for PR and content GenerationInform, update,broadcast, engage Simplify360 Website Share latest promotional Video with fans Promote, Engage, Advertise Simplify360 Online Marketing Grid
  4. 4. At Simplify360, Marketing isabout Strategy and Execution.
  5. 5. Intelligence Content Venue Promotional KPIs Platforms • Size of the Listen for community.Simplify360’sCompetition & Industry • Level of Keywords Engagement. Listen on Twitter, • No of issues Facebook, resolved. Blogs, News, • Amount of product feedback received. • Leads Generated or Actual Sales.Execution and 360 Degree Reporting:The evolution of a Social Enterprise.
  6. 6. Success is not easy.Concept to Content to Creative.
  7. 7. Optimizing and Whitepapers, Visualizing the Presentations & Content VideosIdeas and Stories Shared on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Pinterest, Google Plus, and more.Innovation and creativity is the baseline.Simplify360 masters it.
  8. 8. The most successful Slideshares
  9. 9. The sky is the limit. A hundred thousand views perpresentation no longer remains the lone benchmark forcelebrity videos. We achieved it for Technical Presentations.
  10. 10. A Look at our Mighty Competition
  11. 11. The beauty is in beating the topper.We produce better results with concentrated efforts that donot end in publishing presentations on Slideshare. OurContent Marketing starts with publishing on Slideshare.
  12. 12. Content StrategyThat Rocked The World
  13. 13. Business is not just about creating few more leads and selling a fewmore subscriptions; its about DOMINATION.
  14. 14. Media Coverage achieved bySimplify360
  15. 15. The SlideShare Journey.Output that Matters.
  16. 16. 81 Slideshares Over 2.5 Million Views 2,730+ Downloads 251 Direct LeadsBlogs, Twitter and Facebook can complement Slideshare in a bigway
  17. 17. • On an average, 31K + views per Slideshare post• 22 Slideshare posts promoted by Slideshare as ‘Featured Content’ on the Slideshare front page• 23 Slideshare posts became HOT on at least one social network (Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn)• Several presentations feature on the first page in Google Search for industry keywordsSuccess Stories with Slideshare
  18. 18. The Business Outcomes
  19. 19. • 3 to 5 strong business leads every week; over 25 indirect leads.• Most enterprises know Simplify360 through one of our research papers• Strong branding among agencies; they are our regular readers.• The creation of a premium brand – Simplify360.The best content rules. The strategy takes it there.The right choice of platform keeps it at the top.
  20. 20. What Did We do Differently?
  21. 21. How-To & Case Studies On Simplify360 Leadership Presentations Research Reports How- To Generic Social Media PresentationsThe secret of our success : A strong content plan that publishescontent weekly or bi-weekly
  22. 22. After 2 years of serious effort,Simplify360 is one of the Most Prominent Brands in the industry.All hail to The King of Social Media - Slideshare.
  23. 23. For more information:contact@simplify360.comwww.simplify360.comFollow our Slideshares at :