Social Media Case Study: How Glitch Commenced Digital Promotion Activities for OUATIMD


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A Social media case study on how glitched commenced various promotional activities to promote Once upon a time in Mumbai Dobara on its social media platforms.

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Social Media Case Study: How Glitch Commenced Digital Promotion Activities for OUATIMD

  1. 1. CASE STUDY
  2. 2. • Starring Akshay Kumar as the powerful king of Bombay – Shoaib- OUATIMD was pitched as the biggest Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller movie of 2013. • Directed by Milan Luthria and with the dialogues written by Rajat Arora – OUATIMD had all the ingredients of a super hit movie
  3. 3. The Glitch commenced digital promotion activities on the OUATIMD social media pages on 23rd May 2013.
  5. 5. CONTENT ON FACEBOOK • MINIMAL POSTERS: We started the page with minimal posters that had the dialogues from the first movie. This way we cashed on the most important part of the OUATIM franchise • DIALOGUEBAAZI POSTS: Using images from the trailers and songs we asked our fans to caption these images with witty dialogues.
  6. 6. • DIALOGUE MEMES: To popularize the dialogues of the movie we made various memes on them. This also helped us to popularize these dialogues • EXCLUSIVE EVENT PICTURES: Images of the trailer launch, song launch and other events were posted on the page, hence giving out exclusive content for our fans. CONTENT ON FACEBOOK
  7. 7. CONTENT ON FACEBOOK High number of likes and shares along with comments helped us to get good reach
  8. 8. CONTENT ON FACEBOOK The reach of our posts shot up during the release month.
  9. 9. CONTENT ON FACEBOOK AverageLikeson thepostswere4000
  10. 10. CONTENT ON FACEBOOK Average number of people who saw our posts in an hour – 2,17,700
  11. 11. CONTENT ON FACEBOOK The likes on the page shot up during the release month reaching high numbers in very few days
  14. 14. Facebookapps
  15. 15. •In order to create a buzz around the first song ‘Ye Tune Kya Kiya’ – we made the TV app •The unique feature of this app was that in order to watch the song video – a user had to share/Tweet about it first TVAPP More than 1 lakh views on just a 49 seconds preview of the song
  16. 16. Predict the champion app • Since cricket match was a big part of the first OUATIMD trailer – we developed the Predict The Champion app • This app gave users a chance to predict who would win the ICC championship matches In 21 days we touched numbers that went above 10,000 TOTAL APP PLAYS: 10,451
  17. 17. • Since the whole communication of the second trailer changed to ‘Hero Vs Villain – we launched the Unfriend App • This app gave the users an opportunity to play the villain in their friends’ lives and had to unfriend them to watch the trailer Unfriend App TOTAL APP PLAYS: 14,894
  18. 18. The ramadaan calendar  The movie was positioned as an EID release, hence we designed the Ramadaan Calendar App.  By simply registering with the Gmail ids users got Sehri and Iftaari alerts Everyday On their phone TOTAL PLAYS:10,015
  19. 19. Launched on 6th August Total site visits: 18,997 #OUATIMD takes over
  20. 20. #OUATIMD takes over Launched on 6th August Total site visits: 18,997 • Closer to the movie release we intensified our campaign and launched the OUATIMD internet take over. • We designed a micro-site where in the users had to input a website and watch it get an OUATIMD touch • Also, these websites which were transformed started playing ‘Bismillah’ hence creating a buzz for the song too.
  21. 21. Total site visits: 18,997 #OUATIMD takes over
  22. 22. • As the final app on Facebook we launched the Shoaib Look Contest • The grand prize of this contest were the sunglasses that Akshay Kumar wore in OUATIMD Shoaib look contest TOTAL APP PLAYS: 14,894
  23. 23. Activities on twitter
  24. 24. Activities on twitter Contests:  To keep the buzz going throughout the campaign we did various contests on Twitter and managed to trend regularly. There were contests during the major asset launches with gratifications like Meet and Greet with the stars, invites for the trailer launch and an iPad along with movie merchandise. Live Tweeting:  All the major events like trailer launch, song launch etc were live tweeted along with exclusive pictures. This helped us to make our followers feel a part of these events via Twitter
  25. 25. trends on twitter 6 out of 10 top trends in India were OUATIMD related
  27. 27. • Seeding: We seeded content from the film on major websites and blogs such as Bollywood Hungama, Pinkvilla, Bollywood Life, Koimoi etc to ensure high visibility and views for all the trailers and songs from the film. Social media pr
  28. 28. numbers
  29. 29. We started the OUATIMD FB page on 23rd May and reached 1 Lakh likes on the day of the trailer launch i.e. 29th May. 1 LAKH LIKES IN 6 DAYS!
  30. 30. Our Facebook target was 3.5 Lakhs by release and we reached 9.5 lakhs. As of 20th August the page had 9.7 lakhs with talking about of 71,422.
  31. 31. Our Twitter target was 2000 followers by release and we reached 3100 followers along with trending regularly and high interaction ratio
  32. 32. THANKYOU! Presentedand Executedby-