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Social Media Recommendations for WeVideo


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This is an example of the type of Social Media/Community Development Evaluation and Camping Proposal I have done in the past for various Startups.

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Social Media Recommendations for WeVideo

  1. 1. + WeVideo Community Development and Social Media Outreach Layla Sabourian tarwÉ
  2. 2. +Social Media Goal: Increase RegisteredUsers from 100,000 to2 million by end of 2012 Generate Word of Mouth Become the de facto video editing expert Build & Cultivate loyal Community Form Product Educators & Ambassadors Cultivate Evangelists Generate Reviews by Consumers, Increase Inbound Targeted Traffic to Site Influencers & Celebrities Conversion of visitors to registered users Conversion of free users to + accounts
  3. 3. + Tactics • Create educative video editing content Become De facto Knowledge- • Collaborate inspirational video editing content sharing experts in Video Editing • Generate testimonials from existing fans Generate Reviews • Pitch bloggers , influencers & celebrities • Offer samples or trials to influencers • Provide special, targeted training Form Product Experts & • Establish recognition for experts Ambassadors • Enable send to friend and social sharing Generate Word of Mouth • Base offers on consumer conversation • Generate new links Increase Targeted Traffic to site • Motivate Social Sharing • Offer prizes and specials Increase Conversion Rates • Drive targeted/engaged traffic • Highlight benefits of paid accounts
  4. 4. + Outlets Inspirational and De Q&A sites: Quora, Physical Meetups facto Experts on Blog eHow, Yahoo! Answer, & Conferences Video Editing Offer prizes Blog Twitter Facebook Google+ Quora Incorporate Reviews Blog Linked In Twitter Targeted Traffic Facebook Blog Twitter Youtube Google+ LinkedIn Social Generate Links Twitter Blog Youtube News Faceboo Social Social Sharing Blog Twitter k News Pitch Bloggers Blog Twitter LinkedIn
  5. 5. + Target AudienceTarget Audience Where to find them?Social Media Experts Technorati, Quora, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Digg, Stumble Upon, Delicious,….DIY Communities Enthusiasts Yahoo! Sports, Patch, ESPN, Fantasy Sports….Aspiring Entertainers: Current TV, FilmRiot, Revsion3, LinkedTV, Polyvore, Kaboodle…Music/Dance/Film/FashionWeb, Graphic & Video….DesignersCause Related International Museum of Women, Care2, Giving Global..OrganizationsFamily & Friends BlogHer, Shine, BabyCenter, mommycommunity, Yahoo! Answers…Gamers Zynga, Kabam, Ubisoft, etc..Students Universities, high schools, etc..Job Seekers Create Video Resumes (Careerbuilder, Monster, Linkedin….B2B & B2C Content developers, Marketers, Sales, HRJournalists & Bloggers Journals & Blogs
  6. 6. + Next Steps Influencer Outreach Blog Twitter Facebook Linkedin Google + Offline Community Development GetSatisfaction
  7. 7. + Influencer reach out • Identify • Follow • Build Relationships • Pitch our products Reach out Influencers• Attend/Present at least 2 offline target community events/month• Participate in at least 12 online conversations per month (one in each target• audience sector)
  8. 8. + Pitch for Guest Bloggers Greg Jarboe is the president and co-founder of SEO-PR and the author of YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day, published by Wiley in 2009. He is also one of the 25 successful online marketing gurus profiled in Michael Miller’s Online Marketing Heroes: Interviews with 25 Successful Online Marketing Gurus, published by Wiley in 2008.Dear Greg: How are you? I was one of your Social Media Students at MarketMotive (2011). What a wonderful class that was! I feel so privileged to continuereceiving Invitations for your Webinars and over the holidays I finally had a chanceto read the latest release of your book, that was definitely my favorite gift fromSanta .As you might recall, during our last class, I asked you your opinion about WeVideoand you responded the fact that they are a YouTube preferred Partner could onlymean good news. I am now working for WeVideo, and wanted to see if you wouldbe willing to host one of your wonderful Webinars on our Blog? Also I would love toprovide you with some more details regarding our product, in case you would wantto talk about us in your next Book? Let me know when is a good time to connect.Layla
  9. 9. + Value of Blogs Add Personality +Educate+ Congregate +Build credibility +Motivate=Soft Sell80% First time visitors 20% Blog loyalists & Repeat visitors (Compendium)  Communicate and Relate: 80%  Add Personality: Share little snippets of our every day lives,  Build Credibility: Listen, engage, implement  Educate: How to edit, inspire new ways of doing things: collaborative video resumes  Congregate: Place to go to hear the latest on Video editing technology  Motivate: Inspire new ideas, what to do with last 5 years of my daughter’s untouched footage?  Push Sales: 20%  Did you know with a Pro Account you can do x, y, z?
  10. 10. + What our Blog Can do for UsPotential for our Blog Website• Fresh Content • Great fresh but soon to be stale• Personality Driven Content• Viewed as Resource • Corporate Driven (Educational posts) • Viewed as our Sales Pitch (Biz)• Editorial Freedom • Need for focus• 2 Way Conversation= Soft Sell • Opportunity to present Hard Sell• Constant Link Building • Slow link building• Deep topical links • Top level links• Outflow of links • Few outgoing links• Unlimited Keywords • Keyword limitations• RSS Distribution • Requires Visits Indexed 434% more Inbound 97% more Visitors 55% more Conversions Pages links Source: Hubspot Market Motive, Jennifer Cario
  11. 11. + Keeping a Sustainable BlogEditorial Calendar Seasonal Topical Conversion Tie-in holiday Based on Social Analyze Business related videos Media listening & Needs or write keyword search supportive contentPersonalities How Many Small Team ? Dedicated Writer Who CEO/Executive Community/Marketing/PR Education Style Conversational Personal
  12. 12. + How to measure successWhat to measure Possible ToolsNumber of Monthly Page Views Blog/Google AnalyticsTime spent on site Google Analytics/MarketoNumber of Returning Visitors Google AnalyticsClick Through Rate (what are the Wordpress Statisticstop clicked on articles/links) MarketoTop posts Worpress StatisticsTop referrers/Search Engine Terms Web Analyticsthat bring VisitorsSentiment Netbase, BrandEye
  13. 13. + Editorial Calendar kick off: One article/weekJanuary 2nd January 9 January 16 January 23 January 30thExecutive Community Product Events Education/Sal esWho wants to Clement Le Mer We got rid of Do you live in Did you knowmeet Jostein shares his x,y,z bug once LA? that withSvendsen? secrets on Video and for all! WeVideo Plus, Editing using Now you can you can assign WeVideo Check out our meet the an administratorFrom Norway to new release… WEVideo team to your videoSunnyvale, what in person projects? Needdo you think is more reasons toJostein’s favorite Want to host a upgrade, readCalifornian Meetup in your on…meal? region, let us know!
  14. 14. + Twitter Current Status: • Contests/Events/Regular Posts • Polished PR Tone Proposed Enhancements: • Create links to Facebook Page and Blog on background • Tweet under a real identify and help personalize our brand • Participate on #CMGR chat and other live chats to help create awareness for WeVideo • Thank Users who are spreading the Good WOM (Below post was never responded to by WeVideo • Engage with users who are not addressing dialogue with WeVideo using @ and seem unhappy with certain features:
  15. 15. + Facebook Current Status: 761 fans• Serves as a PR and Events Announcement Feed• Occasional Prizes announced• Little Engagement• Certain Support Questions left unanswered Proposal: Create a friendly community with interesting posts that invites visit just because!• Media buys• Cultivate Community: Daily Wall posts that invite engagement, Polls, Behind the Scenes Videos• Acknowledging loyal fans: (The next day Vianney posted on FB, we should have posted something personal, like “It was great to meet you in person, welcome to our FB Page)
  16. 16. + Facebook community best practicesBecome a resource (WeVideo needs to work on this)• Use fan names whenever possible and respond one-on-one to the comments they make.• Invite conversation by asking your fans’ opinions on topics, or asking them to tell you what sorts of content they’d appreciate.Offer your services, free (WeVideo is doing a good job but opportunity for upsell)• According to eMarketer, the #1 reason users become fans of a brand on Facebook is to gain access to exclusive content, events or sales.• The catch is to capture users with an initial promotion, and to keep them returning to your page for information even after the promotion is over.Make your fan page a complete knowledge hub• Opportunity for WeVideo to convey we are the market leader in Video Editing• Provide useful tips and tricks of the day• Live Sessions with Executive Team, Community Manager or Product Managers Holidays are a great time for Facebook Content
  17. 17. + Linkedin Become a Offer Linkedin to source on Perhaps a Business Development co/host meetup, and create video profile Linkedin Initiative,? concepts Today Actively ask Ask Currently I am an active participant in 20 inspirational questions that create awareness Questions Social Media/Community about videos and video/editing Once a Day Linkedin Groups When participating in Answer my Groups, mention where I work and what Questions we can offer
  18. 18. + Google+ OpportunitiesRise up up on the search engine listings, and spend less on ads by increasing Google+user engagement.Pull in a potentially huge mobile audience.Target messaging to audience segments more easily than on other social networks.Use Circles to segment social media audience in order • Live video chats with a “Focus Group” Circle of power users (via Hangouts)Tap into the massive audience using Google’s other apps. • Google has now added a YouTube search tab along the top right edge of each Google+ screen. When users search for a video, they now see a pop-up video player and playlist of related videos, and each one can be +1’ed and shared with the user’s Circles.Collaborate with internal and external customers.  Using Circles, we can allow secure sharing of selective information with our users to easily enable focus groups and crowdsourcing.  similar to Jive or’s Chatter
  19. 19. + Offline Community DevelopmentSilicon Valley Sunnuvale Other US Based CLSWest andMeetup Meetup Meetups other Community Conferences1st Thursdays Silicon WeVideo Community Local Meetups around CommunityValley Meetups USA Development ConferencesMonthly gathering of Monthly Meetups in our We can reach out to I am often asked if ISilicon Valley Online office where we invite the MeetUp owners can participate inCommunity Managers community members to and ask if one of us Community Panels and& Social Marketers come and discuss can fly out and present speak, I can showcase WeVideo at their next event WeVideo..As the Owner, I can We can mix and mingle As the sponsor of Actively respond andcontinue to host and with the event, we buy the seek out speakingmake WeVideo Official community/introduce attendees Pizza and opportunities to helpsponsor so each meet Executives/Product Beer and talk about spread the wordup is spreading the Managers, etc WeVideoword for us!
  20. 20. + Get Satisfaction  Current Status:  Stale Content  (Recent Praise One month old)  Ideas for Consideration (2 months old)  Low level of activity  Very few problems reported--few bugs?  People not leveraging this forum for communication?  Proposal:  Create on-domain community: Discount from Jive?   Implement various Community Engagement Solutions: “Best Answer” “Best Idea” “Coffee with a Product Manager”, etc…