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Social Media Case Study: How Courtyard By Marriott Spread the Word about it's 30th Anniversary on Twitter


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Social media case study on how Courtyard by Marriott uses Twitter to Create maximum visibility that they are celebrating their 30th Anniversary

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Social Media Case Study: How Courtyard By Marriott Spread the Word about it's 30th Anniversary on Twitter

  2. 2. AIM We wanted to let tweeps know that we (Courtyard by Marriott) are celebrating a milestone – Our 30th Anniversary.
  3. 3. Objectives 1. 2. Create maximum visibility to let tweeps know that we are celebrating a milestone – Our 30th Anniversary Educate tweeps (a little) about Courtyard by Marriott & especially Courtyard by Marriott, Mumbai yet keep them entertained. 

  4. 4. Campaign Brief #Courtyard30 was used as the hashtag. The campaign was divided into two parts. a. The #Courtyard30 birthday announcement b. The #Courtyard30 contest

  5. 5. Execution a. The #Courtyard30 birthday announcement 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. We searched through our followers list to see if anyone shared the same birthday. If yes we wished them via a tweet and said what an amazing co-incidence. We wished only 2-3 tweeps/tweeps family members in the beginning. We then said that @CourtyardMumbai has a special surprise for all tweeps who share the same birthday with us. This helped create a small buzz. Tweeps then started pointing out that it was their friend’s birthday/family member’s bday etc. to know what is the surprise. We wished their friends and fly members before we tweeted about the surprise. The surprise was a ‘Coffee & Cookies’ treat for tweeps and their friends who shared their Birthday with us. This got retweets as well. Tweeps who shared the same birthday were really happy. A total of six tweeps showed interest to come over at MoMo Café for the ‘Coffee & Cookies’ treat. There was a conversation that started between us and tweeps who did not share their birthday with us as well. Soon there was an inflow of birthday wishes from various tweeps (for @CourtyardMumbai). The hashtag #Courtyard30 was used in all the tweets.
  6. 6. Execution b. The #Courtyard30 contest 1. On the same day we rolled out a contest titled #Courtyard30. Dinner vouchers would be given to the winners. The aim was to educate people about Courtyard by Marriott & esp. Courtyard by Marriott, Mumbai. Hence, questions like When did the first Courtyard by Marriott open?, How many rooms does our hotel have?, Names of our restaurants, price of our breakfast buffet etc. were asked. Answers had to use the hashtag #Courtyard30. 2. Due to active participation this hashtag became a trending topic in Mumbai & India. It also trended in other cities
  7. 7. The Result 1. Over 70 new followers 2. Considerable increase in our website traffic as participants had to navigate through our website for answers. 3. Approx. 1,37,000 could’ve seen the hashtag #Courtyard30 until it became a trending topic. 4. Vital information like breakfast prices, banquet hall info etc. had been broadcasted to a large audience. 5. Screenshots are in the next slides.
  8. 8. The #Courtyard30 ‘Coffee & Cookies’ offer
  9. 9. #Courtyard30 Trending Screenshots
  10. 10. THANK YOU!