Demand Generation From the Outside In


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My slide deck from Online Marketing Summit in San Diego.

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  • Natural Nurturing
  • conversations
  • Triggering events
  • Demand Generation From the Outside In

    1. 1. Demand Generation from the Outside In Ardath Albee @ardath421 San Diego | Room 31B Marketing Interactions, Inc.
    2. 2. About Ardath Albee Clients include:Storyteller, Die-Hard Writer, Marketing Geek, Strategy Nut27 years of business management & marketing leadership Author of eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale Industry Speaker, Workshop Leader, Blogger Top 50 Marketing & Sales Influencer 2012Obsessed about helping B2B companies use eMarketingstrategies & contagious content platforms to turn prospectsinto buyers.Believes buyer personas are the key foundational tool for everycontent @ardath421
    3. 3. The View from Outside
    4. 4. The View From Inside
    5. 5. The Result
    6. 6. Attention is…a capacity to maintain selective or sustained concentration.
    7. 7. Cursory AttentionI might beinterested…
    8. 8. Misleading Attention That started out interesting…I wonder if my dry cleaning is ready?
    9. 9. Voluntary AttentionEvery time I read their stuff, I learn something useful.
    10. 10. Intentional Attention This information will help me solve a problem I’m dealing with. I wonder what else they can add…
    11. 11. The Content Marketing ContinuumThe Evolution of Attention Cursory Voluntary Intentional Attention Attention Attention
    12. 12. Value is…where your company’s strengthsand your customers’ needsintersect.
    13. 13. The Latest Trends for Buyers Using a wider variety of sources More time self-serving research Increased the team members involved Conducted deeper analysis Spent more time on social media doing research The 2012 B2B Buyer Landscape: New Challenges, New Complexity
    14. 14. Context MattersCarol in Customer Service Steve in SalesMy call center agents need I need the call center toto reduce average handle increase up and cross sell oftime (AHT) to improve our new product to expandefficiency. our footprint with existing customers.
    15. 15. What Buyers Want• 75% want content with less “sales messaging” – DemandGen Report• 73% of IT Decision Makers want to discover ideas they can share and discuss with colleagues. – IDG• 56% said they were unsatisfied with their buying experience – 2012 B2B Buyer Landscape: New Challenges, New Complexity• 47% prefer text/narrative content, 33% visual – DemandGen Report• 39% IT buyers appreciate receiving follow-up content related to content viewed; Up to 2 assets in 4 – 6 weeks – IDG• Only 25% say they’re willing to consider vendor content as trustworthy – DemandGen Report
    16. 16. A Few Things to Consider• One-size-fits-all content doesn’t work. – 45% of buyers want to see content structured by business role DemandGen Report• What you think about buyers may not ring true. – Only 31% of marketers say they completely know their target audience. Demandbase / Ziff Davis• Content Marketing means more than content – Top challenge for marketers in 2012 is creating enough content Content Marketing Institute / Marketing Profs
    17. 17. The Story Never Ends
    18. 18. Going Au Naturel Nurturing programs are not defined by your database.
    19. 19. Gain Reach With “Natural Nurturing” Your Database Has Limits Search Get Found Email for Tweets Press Release Nurturing Articles Blog Lead Posts DatabaseConnected Conversations LinkedIn Status/Groupsand Content Pathways Offers for Lead Generation
    20. 20. Channel Consistency is Critical Twitter Website Blog 3 new widgets for How access to colleagues We’re the leading #collaboration in 2013 and data powers #ourcompany + link provider of… productivity Our SaaS #collaboration Our X solution won Improve your customertools increase productivityby 30% - check it out + link another award! satisfaction with presenceWe just released a mobile We added 37 new Shorten your time to app for secure doc customers this revenue with project #collaboration + link month workspaces Product Focus Company Focus Customer Focus
    21. 21. Why Consistency CountsIt’s up to you to connect the dots for your prospects.They will not do it themselves.
    22. 22. Engagement Is Your Compass • Audience Use this data • Topics to inform • Channels marketing • Content program design
    23. 23. How to Develop Consistency Pre-Event: Post-Event: • PPC Campaign • SlideShare • Press Release • Email Archive Link • Industry News Ad • Q&A Blog Post(s) • White Paper • Registration Page • Article Series • Email Invitations • Podcasts • Tweets • Invitation to view • LinkedIn On-Demand • Blog Posts
    24. 24. When to Pull the Trigger 5 Tips for How to Gain How ABC Co. Productive User Adoption Uses Video Video for Video Conferencing Meetings Conferencing to GrowDiscover Explore Buy Revenues Education Expertise Evidence
    25. 25. Email Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Google+ WOMGain “Earned” Triggers
    26. 26. Shift Ideas Approaches Focus Orchestration
    27. 27. Thank You!Ardath Albee, B2B Marketing StrategistMarketing Interactions, Inc.Web: www.marketinginteractions.comTwitter: @ardath421Blog: Free Persona Tool