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How to drive the digital transformation of sales and build a social selling methodology

Definition of social selling: Leveraging your professional brand to fill your pipeline with the right people, insights and relationships.

Winning social selling methodology: identify and connect and engage with buyers on social networks.

The digital transformation of sales.

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How to drive the digital transformation of sales and build a social selling methodology

  1. 1. Social Selling Best practices Industry Principal - Social Selling Koka Sexton @KokaSexton
  2. 2. 1999 Sales 2005 Linkedin profile 2007 Twitter profile 2010 Marketing *Dark side* 2011 Social Selling University 2013 Social Selling Goes Global 2014 Sales Navigator 2016 Head of social @LinkedIn Integration of social into the sales stack Koka’s journey into social selling 2017 Hootsuite
  3. 3. Identify and Engage Marketing SalesSocial Selling Personal engagement at scale Welcome a new paradigm When sales and marketing combine efforts to engage more buyers, your company will transform Sales / Marketing Alignment
  4. 4. Leveraging your professional brand to fill your pipeline with the right people, insights and relationships. Definition of social selling
  5. 5. Advanced social selling Isolated behaviors Integrated activities
  6. 6. +36%customer satisfaction +15%revenue growth +28%willingness to recommend +33%less likely to cancel/churn Social journeys are strongly correlated with business outcomes
  7. 7. Social buyers It’s never been more important to connect and engage with decision makers. 84% Of C-Level and VP-level buyers use social media for B2B purchase decisions.
  8. 8. ✓ Set in their ways ✓ Integrate social into their existing processes ✓ Invest in this group ✓ Education & training ✓ Look for right formula ✓ Give them best tools ✓ Get out of the way Maturity Hesitant to change Moveable middle Experts No risk High risk Social selling starts with a social business. Consider your salespeople
  9. 9. $193K $355K Social buyers spend 84% more per purchase. 84% More
  10. 10. 12.3 19.8 Social buyers also make 61% more purchases on average than buyers who don’t use social. 61% More
  11. 11. 95% Of B2B decision-makers expect new or different insights from sales professionals. Insights Lead with insights and give them something to think about.
  12. 12. 92% Of buyers delete emails or ignore calls from people they do not know. Cold calls Mostly a waste of time.
  13. 13. Privacy settings Connection philosophy Profile optimization Updates Omnipresent. Something or someone that is everywhere all at once Visibility creates opportunity
  14. 14. Koka Sexton Resume to Reputation
  15. 15. Drive as much traffic back to your LinkedIn profile as you can. Profile views Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Single greatest growth hack I learned
  16. 16. Trigger events Create saved searches Bucket the information Engage member ● Trigger events ● Social capital ● Leverage connections Relationships matter
  17. 17. #RelationshipsMatter 64% Like it when a salesperson does internet and social media research about them and their company before reaching out to them. Research Become relevant to the buyer by understanding them and their company.
  18. 18. #RelationshipsMatter 72% Of B2B buying steps are completed before buyers connect with a salesperson, mostly by using online resources. The early bird Social selling positions yourself in front of buyers in the earliest stages.
  19. 19. 5X More likely to engage with sales professionals via warm introduction than cold outreach. #RelationshipsMatter Connect Common connections open doors.
  20. 20. Collect Distribute Engage Take offline ● Blogs ● Research ● PR ● Entertainment Content is the fuel of social selling
  21. 21. ● Curated content ● Multiple keywords ● RSS feeds ● Mobile Content integrations #SharingIsCaring Content curation
  22. 22. On average, decision makers consume 5 pieces of content before being ready to speak to a sales rep. #SharingIsCaring Sharing value
  23. 23. Identify interest Make contact Build social capital Take offline ● More focused ● Social capital ● Ask for the meeting ● Disqualify quickly Move online to offline
  24. 24. Hootsuite LinkedIn Twitter Google ● Social dashboard ● Ease of sharing ● Searchable ● Automated Technology Tools of the trade
  25. 25. Basic Twitter Lists Companies Competitors Customers Buyers Thought leaders
  26. 26. Different type of status updates in Twitter
  27. 27. Use your status updates to inform your network • Industry news • Relevant content Use your status updates to inform your network
  28. 28. • Press • Blogs • Content Use your status updates to promote your company
  29. 29. ● Dashboards ● Scheduling ● Cross promotion ● Automated Hootsuite Hootsuite
  30. 30. ● Curated content ● Scheduling ● Cross platform ● Mobile Hootsuite Amplify Amplify
  31. 31. Daily •Read news from your assigned Named Accounts (via Google Alerts, Datafox, LinkedIn, Owler and other tools) •Read and respond to individual trigger events and news from Named Account decision makers (from LinkedIn, Google Alerts, Newsle and other tools) •Interact with social updates from your Named Account individuals (favorite/ retweet their Twitter updates, favorite or respond to LinkedIn updates, etc.) •Scan key “trades” for relevant articles •Post interesting third-party articles into your LinkedIn updates, Twitter feeds
  32. 32. Weekly •Look for new individuals or decision-makers within your Named Accounts; get introductions and engage where appropriate. •Identify and start following any industry-specific hashtags (including upcoming conferences) to both engage with Named Account targets and find new content to curate/share with them via your email and social channels. •Look at last week’s meetings and presentations; add any new Named Account targets to LinkedIn; follow on Twitter; add them to your Twitter lists of Named Account targets to follow via Hootsuite.