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Unit 1 warm up


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Warm Up

Published in: Education
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Unit 1 warm up

  1. 1. PHYSICAL EDUCATION 1st ESO UNIT 1: WARM UP 1.- Concept: What is warming up? It is a group of activities or exercises we perform before a stronger sport activity 2.- Objectives: Why do we warm up? Warming up has a lot of possitive effects, but it has two main objectives:  To avoid injuries: we prepare muscles and joints for a high intensity activity so we avoid cramps, contractures, or sprains.  To increase the physical performance: it allows us to start the match or competition at máximum level. 3.- Warm up parts: A- Starting up or general movements: we perform exercises to move most muscles of the body. (to run or play a game) B- Joint mobilization: we move every joints in order. We heat every joints. (to move every joints in their different axes of movement) C- Stretching: we stretch our muscles to increase the range of movement of our joints. (stretching exercises) D- Strength exercises: the aim is to heat again muscles and joints again and start the competition in best conditions.(sprints, sit ups, push ups, …) WARM UP (group of activities or exercises we do before making a stronger sport activity// OBJECTIVES To Avoid injuries PARTS General movements 5-10 min Joint movements 3-5 min To increase my physical performance Stretching 3-5 min Muscular exercises (strength exercises) 3-5 min