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Unit 1 specific warm up


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Unit 1 specific warm up

  1. 1. PHYSICAL EDUCATION 4th ESO UNIT 1: SPECIFIC WARM UP 1. GENERAL WARM UP (RECAP): WARM UP (group of activities or exercises we do before making a stronger sport activity) OBJECTIVES To Avoid injuries PARTS General movements 5-10 min Joint movements 3-5 min To increase my physical performance Stretching 3-5 min Muscular exercises (strength exercises) 3-5 min 2. SPECIFIC WARM UP: 2.1.Concept: “It is group of exercises that we perform to prepare a particular sport or activity” (Footbal warm up, swimming warm up, cycling warm up….) 2.2.Objetive: it simulates competition actions and intensity in order to start the competition in the highest level. We perform it after a general preparation. 2.3.Specific warm up parts: We distinguish two parts: A. General Part (15 min.): it consist on develop a general warm up (point 1), paying special atention to those parts of the body that are used more in the activity.
  2. 2. PHYSICAL EDUCATION 4th ESO B. Specific part (15 min.): two parts: - Technique exercices: it consist on repeating technical activities, for example, passes, throwings, shootings, bouncing, etc. - Real Game Exercises: we simulate real game situations (1x1, 2x2, 3x3, etc.) 2.4.Specific Warm up Rules: - Intensity: It must be gradual, from low intensity to high intensity. It must not cause tiredness. Not over 160 bpm. - Duration: no longer than 30 minutes. - Individual: each athlete is different so you must adapt the warm up to your conditions.