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Warm Up & Cool Down


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Ms. McKay's Grade 9 Health Class:

Warm Up & Cool Down

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Warm Up & Cool Down

  1. 1. Warm Up & Cool Down Grade 9 Health Ms. McKay
  2. 2. Instructions • Please take notes on the following information • Record your notes on loose leaf paper • Come to class prepared, with your own written notes • Be prepared to use your notes for class activities and discussions
  3. 3. What is a Warm Up? • Different movements/exercises involved • Mimic movements you will be performing in your activity. • Recommended to do before you begin activity • Dynamic Movements
  4. 4. Dynamic Movement Examples • Jogging • Arm Circles (forward/backward) • High knees • Butt kicks • Grapevine • Side shuffle • Skipping with high knees • Open the gate • Floor sweeps • Most any movement that prepares muscles
  5. 5. Benefits of A Warm Up • Help prevent injury during exercise. • Increased oxygen delivery and nutrients to muscles • Prepare muscles to stretch • Prepare heart for activity • Prepare nerve-to-muscle pathways
  6. 6. 3 Key Elements of a Warm up • 1. General Warm Up ▫ Low intensity activity designed to elevate heart rate, increase oxygen transport and blood flow • 2. Sport/Activity Specific Warm Up ▫ Mimic movements that you will be performing ▫ Ease into activity • 3. Dynamic Stretching ▫ Moving through controlled range of motion to extend a joint and prepare it for movement
  7. 7. Why Cool Down? • Cooling down after exercise means slowing your level of activity gradually. • Allows muscles to return to their normal temperature and avoid injury. • Return heart rate and breathing rate to normal gradually. • Remove waste products from muscles.
  8. 8. 2 Key Elements of a Cool Down • 1. Low intensity exercise ▫ slowing down the pace and exertion of your activity • 2. Static Stretching ▫ flexibility exercises after your cool down. Controlled stretching while remaining still.