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*Sciennes Assembly Challenge Yourself 8.9.17


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On Friday 8th September we explored 'Challenge Your Mindset' which is one of ten strategies in City of Edinburgh's Health and Wellbeing programme for "Building Resilience."

Pupils were encouraged to have a Growth Mindset and realise that their abilities are not fixed. Believing that achievement is possible is important, but lots of effort and being open to make and learn from mistakes are also keys to success. We watched videos from Class Dojo and Sport Scotland to encourage us to keep challenging ourselves and keep persevering in our efforts.

Miss McGrouther's P6B class has created a display with inspiring quotes on self belief entitled "Believe in Your #Selfie." Ivy and Alba researched leadership quotes for homework, working hard to impress their teacher with their extra efforts and shared these at Assembly.

The first Maths Week Scotland takes place next week and Ms Mackintosh is leading many maths events and activities in school. Some classes are also taking part in a national Sumdog competition, in school, at home or both.

Today, 8th September, is International Literacy Day and pupils have been invited to take part in the First Minister's Reading Challenge again this year. Reading passports have been ordered and reading challenges will take place throughout the year. One of the first is to join a local library, which then gives access to dozens of free resources such as Mathletics and ebooks.

This week P7C pupils assisted at Assembly in a quiz and in celebrating pupil achievements.

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*Sciennes Assembly Challenge Yourself 8.9.17

  1. 1. Sciennes Primary Assembly P4-P7 Friday 8th September 2017 Challenge Yourself! Challenge Your Mindset!
  2. 2. This year, how will you at Sciennes?
  3. 3. Building Resilience
  4. 4. Building Resilience
  5. 5. Building Resilience
  6. 6. Building Resilience
  7. 7. Skipper has found that these ten tools help him to cope with the river of life
  8. 8. Building Resilience • Who we are and what we are good at is not fixed • The way we think, feel or learn shapes our brain • You can change through the choices you make Challenge Your Mindset
  9. 9. Building Resilience Skipper finds some things hard Skipper has to sit a navigation test about the river of life. He doesn’t think he is very good at reading maps. Rather than fail, he has decided he won’t even try and chooses not to take part. I can’t do this! Can you think of a time when you avoided doing something you thought you’d fail at?
  10. 10. Building Resilience Who we are and what we are good at is not fixed
  11. 11. Building Resilience Skipper has a fixed mindset. What he doesn’t know is how the brain works and that people only get better at anything with effort and practice. We are not born artists, musicians, athletes or scientists Do you know? People who believe that they can’t change have a Fixed Mindset
  12. 12. Building Resilience Fixed Mindset versus Growth Mindset When Skipper has a Fixed Mindset, he… When Skipper has a Growth Mindset, he… embraces challenge believes effort is most important uses feedback to improve learn from others’ success avoids challenge gives up easily gets frustrated and ignores feedback feels threatened by others’ success
  13. 13. Building Resilience The way we think, feel or learn things shapes our brain
  14. 14. Building Resilience The amazing brain quiz Q1: Approximately how many brain cells do we have in our brain when we are born? A – one hundred B – ten thousand C – one million D – one hundred billion
  15. 15. Building Resilience The amazing brain quiz Q 2: Our brain cells begin to make connections with each other when we are…? A – Thinking something over and over again B – Learning something new C – Feeling excited or worried D – All of the above
  16. 16. Building Resilience How the brain grows Every time we think, feel, learn or do something it shapes our brain. As we repeat these things over and over again, the connections in our brain become stronger.
  17. 17. Building Resilience Skipper has a film about how we can change how we think about learning….
  18. 18. Building Resilience You can change through the choices you make
  19. 19. Building Resilience You can choose to think differently I’ll be no good at this I’ll give it a try This is too hard This may take some time and effort I can’t do this I can’t do this…YET! Like Mojo, do you think… …or are you more like Katie and think…
  20. 20. Building Resilience You can learn to take one step at a time When we are learning to do something for the first time, it usually doesn’t happen straight away. It takes effort and practice. Breaking down the challenge into small manageable steps can help you.
  21. 21. Building Resilience I can’t do it…. Now he knows this new information, Skipper decides to give the navigation test a go and sets about putting in the effort to learn what he needs to know about reading maps. YET!
  22. 22. Building Resilience At home you could In class you could Create a recipe to grow your brain. Think about what the essential ingredients you would put in. Add it to your H&WB Toolkit classroom display. Make a ‘Doodle Art’ poster of a growth mindset slogan. These words can help us to change our mindset.
  23. 23. Building Resilience We can sing by Stephen Fischbacher We may not be… Top of the Pops We may not be… number one spot We may not be… in record shops But we can sing We may not be… on MTV We may not be… on a CD We may not be… on DVD But we can sing
  24. 24. Building Resilience Sing everybody sing (in your own way) Sing everybody sing (in your own way) Sing everybody sing (in your own way) Don’t you be afraid. We sometimes sing… a little flat We sometimes sing… just like that We sometimes sing… like a cat But we can sing
  25. 25. Building Resilience We sometimes sing… out of tune We sometimes sing… a little bit soon We sometimes sing… with a croon But we can sing Sing everybody sing… We love to sing… Deo We love to sing… Deo We love to sing… Deo
  26. 26. Building Resilience Mmm Mmm Mmm… We love to sing… Deo We love to sing… Deo We love to sing… Deo Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm… Sing everybody sing…
  27. 27. Building Resilience Challenge Your Mindset “If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.” (Unknown)
  28. 28. Maths Week Challenge Yourself
  29. 29. Maths Week Challenge Yourself
  30. 30. Today is… How will you CHALLENGE YOURSELF in Literacy this year?
  32. 32. The First Minister’s Reading Challenge Launched on Monday 4th September THE PASSPORTS HAVE BEEN ORDERED!
  33. 33. What is the Challenge? The First Minister’s Reading Challenge is a chance for you to go on a reading journey, read whatever interests you, discover new books along the way and tell us all about it. Where will your journey take you? Are you ready to take up the challenge?
  34. 34. Your Reading Passport • You will all receive your very own Reading Passport. • This is for you to record books or any reading materials you have read. • You can rate a book by colouring in the stars. You can also add notes about what you liked and didn’t like about the book to help you choose your next one. • There is room in the Passport for you to note down recommendations from your friends.
  35. 35. Challenge Yourself! • There will be an award for the pupil who reads the most books throughout the year • Your teacher can nominate the person in your class who they think has made a real effort with their reading… It could be you! • There is also a prize for the school who manages to read the most!
  36. 36. Challenge Yourself! • Join a library! • Write down the name of your local library and librarian • Fantastic FREE eBooks, audio books! • Learn a language! Free Mathletics!
  37. 37. All Reading is Good Reading!
  38. 38. Creative challenge You could… • Do a drama and film it • Write a blog • Make a comic strip • HOW WILL YOU SHOW THAT
  39. 39. What have you done today that makes YOU feel proud? Ivy and Alba Leaders
  40. 40. What have you done today that makes YOU feel proud? Zoe Raises £57 for MacMillan Cancer
  41. 41. Mon 11th MATHS WEEK SCOTLAND P4C Museum on the Mound P7A Water of Leith Tues 12th P7B Water of Leith Thurs 14th JGHS Open Evening P7C Water of Leith P6 JRSOs at City Chambers Fri 15th HOUSE ASSEMBLIES World’s Largest Lesson 2017 International Day of Democracy Pupil Council Election Results ECO Rep Election Results Mon 18th September HOLIDAY
  42. 42. Meet Your New P6 JRSOs Lyall, Essie and Anna
  43. 43. This Week’s House Points Tantallon Lauder Sienna Grange