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Media violence

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Media violence

  1. 1. Will’s ‘ikkle pitch About a little thing Will likes
  2. 2. WARNING! What I’m about to show you is some “Violent,” and/or “Gory” scenes from Saw and Saw II I can understand if you do not wish to view these scenes as they are widely considered unpleasant. But please, don’t make a fuss. Just walk out of the room, avert you eyes or just think happy thoughts. But don’t make a scene. If you can’t comply you will be asked to grow some b***s by the speaker.
  3. 3. Some Clips for your delectation • dBk • k7cdI
  4. 4. So you maybe wondering why I presented those clips • The first clip is from Saw and the Second is from Saw II and you may have noticed that the second one of which took a greater focus on the trap and made it more viseral. • That was deliberate • “(Greg)Hoffman said in an interview with Fangoria that they listened to fans' suggestions. For instance, instead of only showing the aftermath of a character violently dying in a flashback, they would allow it to unfold as it happened. This was in contrast to Saw, in which most of the violence was implied off-screen.”
  5. 5. This got Will thinking • Its been stated by countless people that violence in the media makes people act violent, and there is mass speculation as weather that’s true • But, Is it possible that we, as consumers, make the media violent? The Saw team looked at their audience to see what they wanted from the franchise and they answered more gore, so is it the other way round? Is it both? Is it neither
  6. 6. Some Numbers • A list of domestic Gross of movies from 2012 (Taken from • 1Marvel's The Avengers BV $623,357,910 • 2 The Dark Knight Rises WB $448,139,099 • 3 The Hunger Games LGF $408,010,692 • 4 Skyfall Sony $304,360,277 • 5The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey WB $303,003,568 • 6The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 LG/S $292,324,737 • 7 The Amazing Spider-Man $262,030,663 • 8 Brave BV $237,283,207 • 9 Ted Uni.$218,815,487 • 10 Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted P/DW $216,391,482 • 11 Dr. Seuss' The Lorax Uni. $214,030,500 • 12 Wreck-It Ralph BV $189,422,889 • 13 Lincoln BV $182,207,973 • 14 MIB 3 Sony$179,020,854 • 15 Django Unchained Wein. $162,805,434 • 16 Ice Age: Continental Drift Fox $161,321,843 • 17 Snow White and the Huntsman Uni. $155,332,381 • 18 Les Miserables (2012) Uni. $148,809,770 • 19 Hotel Transylvania Sony $148,313,048 • 20 Taken 2 Fox $139,854,287 3 The Hunger Games LGF $408,010,692 15 Django Unchained Wein. $162,805,434
  7. 7. Will that was boring, so please explain. • Django unchained is arguably one of the most violent films in recent memory and whilst no one says Hunger Games is, for something aimed at a teen demographic, the idea of teens murdering each other is a very harsh and gory implication. • In addition to this, Quentin Tarintino is often considered one of the best directors working by people and his films Kill Bill and Grindhouse are very violent films. • What this shows is that violence sells, and that over time consumer audiences will be attracted and intrigued by violent films, gaining these directors money, so they will repeat the formula for similar results
  8. 8. Other side of the argument • The argument that the media makes us violent is nearly as old as the media itself. • One piece of evidence for this is the Bobo doll experiment in which the experimenter would show one group of children a video of a woman hitting a doll and the other a tape of the woman hugging the doll. The group that saw the woman hitting the doll would also hit the doll, showing that young childeren at least would recreate what they saw
  9. 9. Some examples of violence being influenced by the media. • James Holmes killed 12 (some sources say 15 but most 12) people in a shooting in aurora Colorado during a screening of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. He was quoted as calling himself ‘The Joker’ and the violence is arguably influenced by the manic character. He is recently trying to get let off the case with the plea of insanity. This could be supported by the copy cat theory.
  10. 10. However… Just because this person has clearly watched batman movies/ batman comics doesn’t mean that everyone who does watches/read’s them is going to turn out to be murderous psychopaths. These movies have thousands of fans and only one of them committed mass murder, so the idea of copy cat violence is one in million, usually done by them mentally unstable.
  11. 11. Hypothesis I believe that it’s more that we make the media violent for reasons that I have stated. The media does desentise us, but doesn’t make stable people go out and commit horrible acts. However the more unstable people may take influence from violent images they see and with us making the images more violent they become violent as well.