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Survey of video sharing apps

A survey of video sharing apps for mobile devices.

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Survey of video sharing apps

  1. 1. A Survey of Video Sharing Applications on Mobile Devices Aadarsh Gupta Guided by: 1VI09IS001 S. BABU
  2. 2. Contents  Introduction ◦ Video ◦ Video Sharing ◦ A Day in the Life of a Mobile Phone Video User  Video Hosting Service  Introduction to Mobile Video Sharing Apps  Introduction to Vine  Introduction to Cinemagram  Conclusion
  3. 3. Introduction It has been said that 80% of what people learn is visual  Allen Klein
  4. 4. Video  Video is the recording, reproducing, or broadcasting of moving visual images.  First developed for CRT television systems.  In 1951, the first Video tape recorder(VTR) captured live images from television cameras.  Video recorders sold for $50,000 in 1956, and videotape cost $300 per one-hour reel.  After the invention of the DVD in 1997 and Blu-ray Disc in 2006, sales of Videotape and tape equipment dropped sharply.
  5. 5. Video  Later advances in Computer technology allowed computers and mobile phones to capture, store, edit, and share video clips.
  6. 6. Video Sharing  A video sharing service allows “user generated” video clips to be uploaded, and users of the service can view, rate, and comment on uploaded videos.  Video sharing features depends on the company providing the service. ◦ The most common features include:  Account creation to manage videos uploads  Comment system to communicate  Playlist  Keyword tagging  Video editing tools, and  Live video streaming
  7. 7. Day in the Life of a Mobile Phone Video User We will discuss about a survey done by “ON DEVICE RESEARCH” on few topics.  66% of mobile phone video users use mobile video for an hour plus each week.
  8. 8. Day in the Life of a Mobile Phone Video User
  9. 9. Day in the Life of a Mobile Phone Video User  Music, movie trailers and tutorials are the most frequently encountered mobile phone video genres.
  10. 10. Day in the Life of a Mobile Phone Video User
  11. 11. Day in the Life of a Mobile Phone Video User  The Survey tells 55% of Videos are watched via apps, 41% via the mobile web.
  12. 12. Day in the Life of a Mobile Phone Video User
  13. 13. Day in the Life of a Mobile Phone Video User  The survey shows that 92% of mobile phone consumers share mobile video content with others, and on social networks.
  14. 14. Day in the Life of a Mobile Phone Video User
  15. 15. Day in the Life of a Mobile Phone Video User  We also found that Mobile phone video usage grows throughout the day, peaking up in the evening.
  16. 16. Day in the Life of a Mobile Phone Video User
  17. 17. Day in the Life of a Mobile Phone Video User  The Survey also tells that Usage of mobile videos occurs more during on weekdays.  Music and funny short clips are viewed throughout the week.
  18. 18. Day in the Life of a Mobile Phone Video User
  19. 19. Video Hosting Service  Allows individual to upload video clips to an Internet websites.  The website, mainly used as the video hosting website, is usually called as video sharing websites.  The mass market for camera phones has increased the supply of user-generated video.
  20. 20. Video Hosting Service  History of video hosting services ◦ Before Vimeo and then YouTube and now Vine and Cinemagram changing the way videos are hosted on the web. ◦ The first internet video hosting site was “”. ◦ Founded in 1997, ran till 2001, closed due to budget and bandwidth problem.
  21. 21. Video Hosting Service  Mobile video hosting ◦ A more recent application of the video hosting services is in the mobile web 2.0 arena. ◦ Some video hosting services have developed means by which video can be watched on mobile devices. ◦ Mobile-oriented web-based frontends as desktop oriented web services have yet to be developed.
  22. 22. Introduction to Mobile Video Sharing Apps  Micro Video? ◦ Micro video sharing services for mobile phones are among hottest startups of 2011 and 2012. ◦ Micro means small or literally one-millionth.  Refers to short videos.  Designed to take the pain out of uploading video shot.  Popular example:  Vine and Cinemagram.
  23. 23. Introduction to Mobile Video Sharing Apps  There are different styles and types of micro video services: ◦ Micro-Video Blogging: Video status updates ◦ Micro-Movies: Mini filmmakers ◦ Micro TV: Live mobile streaming ◦ Mobile TV Guides or Mini YouTube
  24. 24. Introduction to Mobile Video Sharing Apps  Mobile Video Sharing Apps ◦ Vine ◦ Cinemagram ◦ Klip ◦ Viddy ◦ SocialCam
  25. 25. Introduction to Vine
  26. 26. Introduction to Vine  What is the Vine App? ◦ Recently acquired by Twitter, Vine is an iOS app that allows users to create 6-second video loops that can be embedded directly into Twitter posts. ◦ A mobile service that lets you create and share short looping videos. ◦ Initially only available in iTunes App Store.
  27. 27. Introduction to Vine  How do I get Started?
  28. 28. Introduction to Vine
  29. 29. Introduction to Vine  How do I find new posts or people to follow on Vine?
  30. 30. Introduction to Vine  How to shoot Vine Video Clip?
  31. 31. Introduction to Vine  Sharing Vine Videos
  32. 32. Introduction to Cinemagram
  33. 33. Introduction to Cinemagram  What is Cinemagram? ◦ An application that provides its users with a beautiful and creative way to animate photo. ◦ The first word “Cinema,” comes from the Greek word “Kinema” which means: “movement”. ◦ Cinemagram literally means: “movement you can share.”
  34. 34. Introduction to Cinemagram  What does it do?
  35. 35. Introduction to Cinemagram  How to use Cinemagram and create a Cine?
  36. 36. Introduction to Cinemagram
  37. 37. Introduction to Cinemagram
  38. 38. Introduction to Cinemagram
  39. 39. Introduction to Cinemagram
  40. 40. Introduction to Cinemagram  Social Networking with Cinemagram
  41. 41. Conclusion and Future Aspects  There are a number of video sharing apps are available on mobile device.  We found that Vine and Cinemagram are the most popular and even among the two Vine has more numbers of users.  Such apps can turn smart phone users into mobile movie moguls by helping them share footage shot on their phones onto a mobile video network.
  42. 42. Questions?
  43. 43. Thank You!