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XPages: You Know the 'How to'. Now Learn the 'Why and What'.


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XPages: everybody wants them, and there are lots of great resources on how to add XPages to your applications, but they all show you the 'how'. There are a couple of critical decisions to make before you get to that point.

Before you start development, you need to identify which applications you're going to web-enable or mobilize. Then, within the identified apps, you need to identify which functions need to be web-enabled or mobilized. This webinar will help you identify which applications are good candidates for web-enablement or mobilization, and which are not. You'll discover reasons why they are or are not a good fit. Learn ways to analyze your portfolio of IBM Notes applications, and come up with a list of which applications to move to XPages and what functionality in those applications should be updated. You'll leave this webinar armed with the knowledge to make informed decisions about bringing your applications to the web and to mobile devices.

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XPages: You Know the 'How to'. Now Learn the 'Why and What'.

  1. 1. XPages: You Know the 'How to'. Now Learn the 'Why and What'. Tweet about this event: #xpages and mention us: @teamstudio @TLCCLTD @majorking November 19, 2013
  2. 2. Courtney Carter Inbound Marketing Specialist @teamstudio @TLCCLTD @majorking
  3. 3. Who we are • Our background is in creating tools for collaborative computing in mid-size and large enterprises, primarily for Lotus Notes • Easy-to-use tools for developers and administrators • 2300+ active customers, 47 countries • Offices in US, UK and Japan • Entered mobile space in 2010 with Unplugged – easy mobilization of Notes apps to Blackberry, Android and iOS
  4. 4. Teamstudio Unplugged • Your Mobile Domino Server – take your Notes apps with you! • End users access Notes applications from mobile devices whether online or offline • Leverages existing skills and technology – XPages – Replication model you already know • Unplugged 3.0 just released • IBM Collaboration Solutions Award Winner 2013
  5. 5. Teamstudio Continuity • Mobile BCM application for smartphones and tablets – iOS, Android and BB • • • Offline access to all your BCM and Disaster Recovery data Store plans, contacts, call trees, and more Client available for download from app stores
  6. 6. Teamstudio • Next webinar: December 12th • SocialBiz webinar: Enterprise Mobile Strategy December 17th • IBM Connect: booth 114 • Promotions: – Receive Continuity for free when you purchase Unplugged
  7. 7. XPages: You know the ‘how to’. Now learn the why and what? Your Hosts Today: Paul Della-Nebbia TLCC @PaulDN Howard Greenberg TLCC @TLCCLtd #XPages 1
  8. 8. Don’t Miss the OpenNTF Webinar Tomorrow!!! Link to Webinar Details (Registration is Not Required) Link to Join E-Meeting Meeting password: ICSAppDev Link to Dial-In Numbers (You can use the E-meeting for audio instead) Passcode: 71387162 2
  9. 9. Upcoming and Recorded Webinars Next Webinar on December 12th Check back after November 20th!!! - Until then it’s an Essential Secret View Previous Webinars (use url above) 3
  10. 10. TLCC Courses and Services • The Leader in Notes and Domino Training since 1997 • Self Paced Distance Learning Courses for Notes/Domino – XPages, Development, and Administration (user too!) – Learn anywhere using your Notes client – Many demos and activities – An Instructor is a click away • OnSite Private Classes • TLCC Mentoring Services • Free demo courses – Intro. To XPages Development – Application Development 1 4
  11. 11. IBM Developer Certifications for Notes and Domino 9 • IBM Certified Application Developer - Notes and Domino 9.0 • Already certified for 8.5? • Take one update test Test LOT-408 • Not Certified Yet? • Two Core Exams Test LOT-409 Application Development A Test LOT-410 Application Development B • IBM Certified Advanced Application Developer • Once certified at the first level then take ONE of the following: Test LOT-411 - XPages Mobile Advanced Topics Test LOT-405 - IBM Notes and Domino 9.0 Social Edition System Admin Update Test LOT-406 - IBM Notes and Domino 9.0 Social Edition System Administration A Test LOT-407 - IBM Notes and Domino 9.0 Social Edition System Administration B 5
  12. 12. What’s On the Application Development Exams? EVERYTHING! • Consult the exam objectives for a complete list • Both core exams are very comprehensive and cover: Domino Designer Notes client development XPages Mobile Development Extension Library Controls 6
  13. 13. TLCC Can Help! Already Certified as an 8.5 Application Developer? One Update Test, the following TLCC course will help prepare you: Notes Domino 9 Application Development Update Not Certified Yet? These five TLCC courses cover everything on the two exams: Notes Domino 9 Application Development 1 Notes Domino 9 Application Development 2 XPages Development 1 for Notes Domino 9 Rapid XPages Development using Application Layout and Dojo UI Controls (9.0) Mobile XPages Development for Domino 9 (also 411 mobile exam for Advanced) Certified Developer Package for Notes and Domino 9 (five courses listed above) XPages Certification Package for Notes and Domino 9 (three XPages courses above) TLCC Certification Sale – Ends November 30th! Save on the courses/packages to help you pass the exams Link to Certification and Sale Information 7
  14. 14. Drawing for Two Exam Vouchers!!! 8
  15. 15. Asking Questions Q & A at the end! Type in your questions as they come up 9
  16. 16. Your Presenter Today: John Kingsley GreyDuck Technology #XPages 10
  17. 17. XPages: You Know the 'How to'. Now Learn the 'Why and What'. John Kingsley Senior Consultant GreyDuck Technology MWLUG 2013
  18. 18. About Me John Kingsley has over 20 years experience with Lotus Notes application development ranging from stints at DEC to Teamstudio. His experience has provided him with exposure to a wide variety of development practices, both good and horribly bad. John currently works through Greyduck Technology to provide his expertise.
  19. 19. Agenda Why  Reasons for Web Enabling  Mobilizing What  Assess current Portfolio of applications  Prioritize Application selected for web enabling/mobilizing Additional Concerns  Device considerations  UI considerations  Connectivity  Security Links to more information Summary Questions
  20. 20. NOTE! This is NOT a technical Session If you are looking for the “How” then this session is not for you.
  21. 21. Why? Why would we want to Mobilize/Web enable our existing IBM Notes Applications?
  22. 22. Why? Reasons for Web Enabling Eliminate Notes Client • Reduce License Costs • Reduce Support issues Expand applications to external stakeholders • End users are not employees • Can’t dictate use of Notes Client Easier to web enable than full scale migration Reasons for Mobilizing…
  23. 23. Why? Source -
  24. 24. Why? Source -
  25. 25. Why? Smartphones brought  Access to corporate email  More ubiquitous access  More modern look and feel
  26. 26. What? We’re going Mobile? OMG!! • There need not be a corresponding web/mobile version for every application in the enterprise. • Data intensive tasks executed in back-office applications are not a good fit for web/mobile applications. • Mobile applications don't address every situation. You don’t need to ‘mobilize’ every form, view, agent, etc.
  27. 27. What? No Comment
  28. 28. The Process 1. Asses current environment 2. Evaluate application complexity 3. Identify first ‘win’
  29. 29. Assess Current Environment Find unused applications first  Use customized database catalog  ‘Activity’ not really relevant  3rd party tools and services This is just good practice in keeping your environment clean  Check ACLs – Default Access as Manager?  Databases with ‘test’ or a date in the name/filepath  Template inheritance
  30. 30. Assess Current Environment Find applications that are not business critical (“Recipe swapping database”) • One client had a database titled “Recipes”, that actually held recipes used in production of their products. • Not always easy • Find business owner(if possible). • Find out what applications are used for. • Can use a spreadsheet to track, or be creative and create a notes application
  31. 31. Evaluate Application Complexity Assess business process of remaining applications • Determine what makes sense to mobilize.  Look at workflow.  Look at complexity.  Look at amount of data needed to complete the process. Do I need 35 forms, 4 sub-forms, 50 views, and 7 agents to do the task?
  32. 32. Evaluate Application Complexity Prioritize Application selected for web enabling/mobilizing. • Effort to web enable/mobilize  High – Not many views and forms, easy workflow processes, limited data needed to function.  Medium – a larger number of views and forms, a few more complicated workflows, more data needed to function.  Low – Very complicated workflow apps with lookups to backend systems. Many views, forms, agents, Etc. Large amounts of data required to function
  33. 33. Evaluate Application Complexity
  34. 34. Identify first ‘win’ Prioritize Application selected for web enabling/mobilizing. • Business criticality  High – Having mobile/web is Business critical  Medium – Having mobile/web would have some business impact  Low –Seldom used, non mission critical
  35. 35. Identify first ‘win’ Additional Concerns • Device considerations   • Pc’sLaptops – Typically web browser access TabletsSmartphone’s – Native apps or web browser access Types of Application  Simple approval  Form fill  Reference
  36. 36. Identify first ‘win’ Additional Concerns • UI considerations  Different screen sizes base on client.    Pc’sLaptops TabletsSmartphone’s Do I try a one app fits all approach?
  37. 37. Identify first ‘win’ Additional Concerns • Connectivity  Will the users have Wi-Fi or 3/4G connections?   Is there a need for data offline in mobile devices?   Device storage (If offline access is needed) Is being able to access applications where there is no connectivity a requirement?   Speed of connection will affect how the application should be designed Ever try to get a signal in downtown Manhattan? Do you have an unlimited data plan for you mobile devices?  Do they even still exist?
  38. 38. Identify first ‘win’ Additional Concerns • Security    Loss of mobile devices Access network remotely You should already have a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution in place.  IBM Notes Traveler© ( at a minimum)  AirWatch®, MobileIron®, or other 3rd party solutions
  39. 39. Summary Do • Go for the quick wins first. • Then move on to more complicated/ advanced functionality apps Do Not • Take a 32GB CRM solution and try to mobilize the entire app • Require a 32 page document to be read prior to action in the mobile/web application
  40. 40. Links to More information Business Insider: The future of Mobile – Great forward looking information Eweek Mobilizing Enterprise Apps: 10 Tips for Doing Business on Smartphones, Tablets – Kind of the next step from this presentation SSW Rules to better interfaces – Good advice and examples of what NOT to do
  41. 41. Questions
  42. 42. Contact Information Thank you for attending Contact me. John Kingsley, Senior Consultant GreyDuck Technology Email: Twitter: @majorking Blog:
  43. 43. Questions???? Use the Q&A pane in WebEx to ask questions We will answer your questions verbally 11
  44. 44. Question and Answer Time! John Kingsley Howard Greenberg Upcoming Events: OpenNTF Webinar Tomorrow!!! DCLUG meeting on Nov. 21st IBM Connect 2014 Registration is open Paul Della-Nebbia Courtney Carter #XPages @TLCCLtd @Teamstudio @PaulDN TLCC Certification Specials End November 30th Teamstudio webinar on Dec 17th - Tips to Build a Rock Solid Enterprise Mobile TLCC Questions? 888-241-8522 or 561-953-0095 Teamstudio Questions? 877-228-6178 12