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Ramco HCM on Cloud- The most comprehensive HR software


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Are you trying to stitch point solutions to solve a large problem? We provide a one stop comprehensive solution for all your HR needs from hire to retire

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Ramco HCM on Cloud- The most comprehensive HR software

  1. 1. RAMCO HCMCore HR | Time & Attendance | Payroll GLOBAL TALENT LOCAL COMPLIANCE
  2. 2. PAST PRESENT The Evolution of Business Globally distributed small teams Connected workforce Focus on customer experience Quick to adapt Open ecosystem Larger teams; central locations Workforce Siloes Focus on stated needs Slow to adapt Limited organizational ecosystem
  3. 3. Innovation comes by challenging the status quo
  4. 4. 1 Simplify 2 Contextualize Align 4 3 Differentiate Scale 5 HR strategy for innovation-centric companies Capability Time
  5. 5. 1 Simplify Capability Time Access Transactions Processes Performance Management Cut it short, move faster HR strategy for innovation-centric companies
  6. 6. Payroll Talent management Recruitment Core HR Time & Attendance Planning & Analytics Are you trying to stitch point solutions for your local requirements? Simplify
  7. 7. On cloud Multi tenant Unified reporting Real time analytics Phone to desktop Minimal Programming Intelligence embedded powered by Ramco VirtualWorks® Leveraging the latest 2.0 SimplifyRamco’s Suite of Enterprise Applications is made from a Single Fabric
  8. 8. Employees and managers can carryout their most frequent, transactions such as requests and approvals through mobile phones • Personal information • Time off • Timesheet • Paystubs • Expenses • Training requests • Hire requisitions SimplifyUnchain yourself from Desktop
  9. 9. Ramco supports SMS-based interactions for applying time-off and getting salary information SimplifyNot everything needs a Smartphone
  10. 10. Payroll process progress indicators Simplify Processes- Global Payroll HUB Simplify Stage-wise progress indicators Click on a status link to open the payroll dashboard
  11. 11. Helps in tracking employee time tracking exceptions Efficient employee overtime approval tracker Real time information made available on employee clock ins/ clock outs SimplifySimplify Processes- Time & Attendance(T&A) HUB
  12. 12. Select multiple employees and assign a particular shift with date ranges as well User friendly Ad hoc shift scheduling of employees Consolidated number of employees per shift per day; Helps in Resource planning SimplifySimplify Processes- Time & Attendance(T&A) HUB
  13. 13. SimplifySimplify Performance Management
  14. 14. 1 Simplify Capability Time HR strategy for innovation-centric companies 2 Contextualize User Purpose Situation Time/ Location Process Information based on needs
  15. 15. Your screen, your way Organize your homepage the way it works for you Pick more cards from the library ContextualizeContextualize for the User
  16. 16. Sometimes even login to a system is a challenge when you are out “Mail it” Natural language processing to converse directly with your HCM system ContextualizeContextualize for the Situation
  17. 17. Not everything needs the same attention Managers/ Approvers know exceptions upfront ContextualizeContextualize for the Purpose
  18. 18. Geo-Tagged Timesheets Enable organizations to accurately determine and tag employee timesheets with their locations – e.g. project/ client locations NFC-based Mobile Attendance Kiosks Enable disparately located employees to record attendance by scanning their NFC-based ID cards on a centrally-governed mobile device Scan NFC ID Cards Location marked Time Clock ContextualizeContextualize for Time/ Location
  19. 19. 1 Simplify Capability Time HR strategy for innovation-centric companies 2 Contextualize 3 Differentiate Quantify Know who Matter Manage talent like a portfolio of stocks
  20. 20. LOMA Hadoop Data WarehousingLarge Accounts DifferentiateA Better Way of Identifying Talent
  21. 21. Extrovert High-end Apparels In-store MarketingMerchandizing Social Media Expert DifferentiateA Better Way of Identifying Talent
  22. 22. DifferentiateA Better Way to Search Talent- Employee Tagging
  23. 23. Performance Appraisal New Hire Mentoring/ Confirmation Appraisal New Employee 9-box Potential Ranking Talent Search Talent Pool Succession Planning Career Planning Mentoring/ Coaching Staffing / Resourcing Building the Organization for the Future DifferentiateDifferentiated Strategies based on your Talent Pools
  24. 24. 1 Simplify Capability Time HR strategy for innovation-centric companies 2 Contextualize 3 Differentiate Align 4 Align performance Predict outcomes Prepare for the future People with organization; Processes with strategy
  25. 25. AlignAlign Performance Sales Achievement Roll-up Robert Stewart Regional Head - West Actual vs Target Target: 17.00 Achieved: 11.30 Achievement: 66.47% Anne Fletcher Regional Head - East Actual vs Target Target: 20.00 M$ Achieved: 16.50 M$ Achievement: 82.5% Marc Anderson CEO Actual vs Target Target: 91.00 M$ Achieved: 65.20 M$ Achievement: 71.65 % Stephen Miller VP - Health & Nutrition Actual vs Target Target: 32.00 M$ Achieved: 21.90 M$ Achievement: 68.44% Susan Jones VP - Personal Care Actual vs Target Target: 37.00 M$ Achieved: 27.80 M$ Achievement: 75.14% Andrew Lee VP - Salon & Spa Actual vs Target Target: 22.00 M$ Achieved: 15.50 M$ Achievement: 70.45%
  26. 26. AlignPredict Outcomes From Review to Preview An employee and his/ her manager can maintain a regular journal of the employee’s performance that helps managers predict outcomes much before deadlines. Keep a track of your performance by writing journals regularly Journals can detail achievements, roadblocks/concerns, support required etc. Journals can also be made private if required Attach documents to substantiate the point being recorded
  27. 27. AlignPrepare for the future- Succession Planning Always have the big picture in perspective Compare no. of incumbents vs. successors Define bench strength and readiness indicators to understand the health of your succession plans. Link talent pools to your plan to serve as a ready source to draw successors from.
  28. 28. 1 Simplify Capability Time HR strategy for innovation-centric companies 2 Contextualize 3 Differentiate Align 4 Scale 5 Cover the globe Extend Iterate Repeat success
  30. 30. Employee Self-Service available in:  Mandarin  Arabic  French  Spanish ScaleMulti-language support across geographies
  31. 31. REPORTSDASHBOARDS ADDITIONAL DATA CAPTUREBUSINESS PROCESS FLOWS With Ramco, your HCM system extends & evolves to suit your business process changes, without having to undergo base code modifications ScaleOn Cloud & Customizable
  32. 32. AWS Regions | Ramco Datacentre | Private BGP Tunnel Ireland Ramco DC Sydney N.Virginia Oregon N.California São Paulo Tokyo Ramco runs on ScaleExpand without limits Singapore
  33. 33. Payroll Talent Management Recruitment Planning & AnalyticsCore HR Time & Attendance Workforce Planning Organization Scorecard Analytics Country-specific Compliance Requisition Management Sourcing Candidate Management Selection & Offer Management Onboarding Competency Management Performance & Goal Management Succession Planning Career Planning Training Administration Gross & Net Pay Calculation Retroactive Pay & Increments Financials Integration Direct Deposit Automation Organization Management Personnel Administration Movements & Exit Management Benefits Administration Travel & Expenses Schedule Management Paid Time-Off Management Time Entry Management Project Time Booking Absence & Overtime Tracking Data UploadsAdvanced ReportingMobility Role-based Access Extension Toolkit SOA-based IntegrationWorkflow Enterprise Add-ons Employee & Manager Self-Service Ramco HCM Solution Map
  34. 34. Ramco wins CIO HONOR award for Best Cloud HR & Payroll software NelsonHall recognizes Ramco as a LEADER in Global Payroll in their Leadership Quadrant Ramco wins Best HR Management & Payroll Software Award CIO Choice recognizes Ramco with Best HR & Payroll Software in India Awards & Industry Recognition
  35. 35. Everest's Multi-country Payroll Platform Report Ranks Ramco In The “Achiever” Quadrant
  36. 36. We are a 20 year old startup With over 1600 entrepreneurs Innovating at a crazy pace Growing with a +ve bottomline
  37. 37. Copyright 2016, Ramco Systems Limited. Information subject to change. All rights acknowledged. The contents and information contained in this brochure are intended for general marketing purposes only and should not be relied upon by any person as being complete or accurate. Ramco Systems Limited, its group, employees, agents and other representatives will not accept any liability suffered or incurred by any person arising out of or in connection with any reliance on the content of or information contained in this brochure. This limitation applies to all loss or damage of any kind, including but not limited to, compensatory, direct, indirect or consequential damage, loss of income or profit, loss of or damage to property and claims by third party. Ramco HCM So complete, yet refreshingly simple