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Blockchain in Aviation & Logistics: On-Demand Webinar


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Slides of our webinar on ‘Blockchain in Aviation & Logistics’ presented by Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM EM), Microsoft & Ramco Systems.

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Blockchain in Aviation & Logistics: On-Demand Webinar

  1. 1. Blockchain for Aviation & Logistics By And
  2. 2. Webinar will commence in 60 seconds Important to Note the following - All participants will be on mute through out the webinar so that you don’t get feedback through the speakers The 15 Minute Q&A will be at the end of the webinar Send in your Questions via the chat window shown in the interface
  3. 3. Speakers James Kornberg Director Innovation Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance Richard Knight Cloud & Blockchain Evangelist Microsoft Ramesh Sivasubramanian Head - MRO Innovation Lab Ramco Systems
  4. 4. Agenda  About Ramco and The MRO Lab Singapore  Supply Chain Challenges  Proposed Solution  Demo Ramco  About AFI KLM E&M  Overview of TheMROLab  Why are we investing in Blockchain Air France Industries KLM E&M 1 2 3  Overview on Blockchain  Microsoft’s contribution towards Etherium  Blockchain Applications Microsoft
  5. 5. © AFI KLM E&M - No disclosure without AFI KLM E&M authorization AFI KLM E&M Innovations and Blockchain
  6. 6. AFI KLM E&M: a multi-product MRO for new generation platforms © AFI KLM E&M6 Multi-product aircraft maintenance group for all Boeing and Airbus aircraft A broad and integrated range of adaptive services: “Customized Fleet Services” Leader in component support services for 787, A320 family (Incl. NEO), A330/A340, 737NG/MAX, 777, A380, E-Jet and ATR aircraft Leader in CF6 and CFM56 engines maintenance, unique experienced MRO source for Very Big Engine as GE90, GP7200 and GEnx Extending our leading position on New Gen Technology by building up comprehensive capabilities for GEnx engine and for 787 & A350 components
  7. 7. AFI KLM E&M, a multi-product MRO with nose-to-tail adaptive solutions 7 14,000 EMPLOYEES ENGINE SHOP VISITS PER YEAR >500 600,000 PARTS IN STOCK 2,000+ AIRCRAFT IN COMPONENT SUPPORT 4,2 TOTAL REVENUES 200 CUSTOMERS AFI KLM E&M Adaptive MRO Solutions Engine Component Cabin modifications Total care On-demand services Airframe Aerostructure m
  8. 8. Global Network
  9. 9. Over 200 Customers Around The World © AFI KLM E&M9 North America Air Canada Air transat ALC American Airlines Atlas Air Centurion Air Cargo Cargoje Delta Airlines GE Aviation Honeywell ILFC Miami Air Omni Air Kelowna National Airlines Southern Air Sunwing Airlines The Boeing Company Universal Asset Management United Airlines Willis World Airways South America Aerolineas Argentinas Aeromexico Avianca Conviasa GOL LATAM Satena Surinam Airways Europe Aercap Agean Airlines AirBridgeCargo Aigle Azur Air Astana Air Atlanta Icelandic Air Corsica Air Europa Air France Air Méditerranée Airbus Alitalia Aurora Cargolux Cargo Air CityJet Corendon Corsair Fly Dniproavia Dutch Army El Al Europe Airpost Evelop Finnair Flybe Freebird French Air Force Gainjet Gazpromavia Globus Hifly HOP! Icelandair Africa Air Algerie Air Arabia Air Austral Air Madagascar Air Mauritius Air Seychelles Air Zimbabwe Afriqiyah Airways AKFED Arikair Atlas Blue Comair Libyan Airlines Kenya Airways Nouvelair Royal Air Maroc South African Airways Syphax Airlines TAAG Tunisair Middle East Almasria Universal Alpha Star Aviation Gulf Air Egyptair Emirates Etihad Kuweit Airways Libyan Airlines Oman Air Petra Airlines Presidential Flight Qatar Airways Qatar Amiri Flight Royal Jordanian Safi Airways Saudia Yemenia Asia Air Asia X Air Calin Air China Air China Cargo Air New Zealand Air Tahiti Nui Asiana China Airlines China Cargo Airlines China Eastern China Southern Drukair Fiji Airways Garuda Indigo Asia Jet Airways Korean Air Myanmar Airways Nokair Pakistan International Airlines Philippines Airlines Qantas Royal Brunei Shenzhen Airlines Sichuan Airlines Sri Lankan Thai Airways Turkmenistan Airlines Vietnam Airlines Xiamen Airlines Europe Jetair Fly KLM Royal Dutch Airlines KLM Cityhopper LOT Lufthansa Martinair Masterjet Monarch Nordstar Airlines Nordwind Airlines Orenair Pegasus Privilege Style SES Snecma SR Technics TAP Thales Titan Airways TNT Airways Turkish Airlines Transavia ULS Airlines Cargo Virgin Atlantic XL Airways Wamos
  10. 10. AIRBUS A350 BOEING 787 AIRBUS A320Neo BOEING 737MAX GEnx Strong Development on New Platforms
  11. 11. The MRO Lab Adaptive Innovations 11 As an Airline MRO, AFI KLM E&M has developed a unique portfolio of know-how and engineering capabilities reflected in its development of a wide range of value-adding innovations. "The MRO Lab" is the program where all the innovations developed by AFI KLM E&M and its network of affiliates converge. Specially tailored to the challenges of aircraft maintenance, the innovations are the fruit of continuous development aimed at satisfying the requirements of airline operating performance. The know-how deriving from mastery of these technologies benefits AFI KLM E&M clients by generating scale effects and optimizing fleet performance.
  12. 12. Think Big - Start Small - Act Fast With prototyping & experimentation Participative Innovations - Creative rooms - Maker Space and FabLab Open Innovation - Industrial partners - Universities / research centers - The MRO Lab Singapore - Start-ups The MRO Lab uses different tools to help us innovate
  13. 13. Digital Maintenance & Services
  14. 14. Examples of customer and employees Centric Innovations developed by AFI KLM E&M
  15. 15. Exploring new technologies : The Blockchain Like other new technologies , exploring and experimentations of Blockchain have to be done but with the following principles: Realistic: Blockchain needs to answer to a precise business need. Let’s not push the Blockchain just for the Blockchain Tailor-made : several protocols exits and let’s select the appropriate one to have a tailor-made solution Multidimensional approach : Blockchain cannot only look at technical issues but we also need to take into account legal, organizational, and change management
  16. 16. Blockchain Key Features well suited to aviation Supply Chain Resilience Integrity TraceabilityDisintermediation
  17. 17. Exploring new technologies : The Blockchain As an example, Blockchain is being evaluated on the following use case:
  18. 18. Follow us on twitter @afiklmem
  19. 19. 19 Blockchain @ Microsoft Richard Knight
  20. 20. Distributed Ledger (Blockchain) Systems Cryptographically Authentic Uses tried and true public/ private signature technology. Blockchain applies this technology to create transactions that are impervious to fraud and establishes a shared truth. Shared Blockchain’s value is directly linked to the number of organizations or companies that participate in them. There is huge value for even the fiercest of competitors to participate with each other in these shared database implementations. Distributed There are many replicas of the Blockchain database. In fact, the more replicas there are, the more authentic it becomes. Ledger The database is a read/write-once database so it is an immutable record of every transaction that occurs.
  21. 21. Distributed Ledger Decoded Blockchain Mining
  22. 22. Components Of A Blockchain Based System Non DLT/ Traditional Infrastructure DLT – Specific Infrastructure IBM Bluemix Microsoft Azure Amazon Web Services ETH BaaS Public/Private Cloud- AWS, Azure, etc. In house systems/ Data centers Infrastructure / Technology Providers Platform / Technology Providers Digital asset NASDAQ (Linq) Chain Intel ( Sawtooth) Ripple Casper SETL Tendermint Wave Juno Corda R3 CEV Sentinal Multi Chain HyperLedger Ethereum Stellar Coinprism Bitcoin Paxos Symbiont Private/ Proprietary Private consortium Open-source Public/ Open Applications/ Use cases Trade Finance Cross border payments Digital Identities Asset/Security tracking Cryptocurrencies / Tokenization Smart Contracts Fund settlement Energy TradingRecord Keeping Track and Trace Digital Asset Holdings This layer consists of APIs (Application Programmable Interfaces) to facilitate the use of blockchain functions and user interfaces to enable consumer interaction Platforms would enable various third-party projects to leverage the core infrastructure and develop their own product / project The core infrastructure on which distributed ledger ecosystem is built Ethereum Ethereum
  23. 23. Blockchain @ Microsoft Fully-Managed Distributed Ledger HealthcareRetail & CPG GovernmentDiscrete Manufacturing Banking, Capital Markets Azure & Azure Stack – Blockchain resource provider Horizontal SaaS & Adapters 3rd Party 1st Party 3rd Party MiddlewareLedgerCore ….. IndustrySolutions Professional Services & Support Identity & Key Management Data Platform (ML/BI) 3rd Party Services Encrypted Execution (Cryplets) Monitoring & Security Partner Distributed Ledger C Partner Distributed Ledger A Partner Distributed Ledger B Hosted Compute (VMs) Partner Distributed Ledger D Partner Distributed Ledger D Partner Distributed Ledger D
  24. 24. Microsoft Azure | An Open Cloud We’ve delivered an open, broad, and flexible cloud across the stack Applications Management Clients Web App Gallery Dozens of .NET & PHP CMS and Web apps Infrastructure Databases AppFrameworks SQL Server +Hundreds of community supported images on VM Depot AzureBaaS HyperScale EnterpriseGrade Hybrid
  25. 25. Retail & Manufacturing Financial Healthcare Government
  26. 26. Customer References - Early Starters World's largest mining company BHP Billiton uses blockchain to record movements of wellbore rock on Microsoft Azure Webjet transforming the travel industry managing hotel bookings using blockchain on Microsoft Azure
  27. 27. About Ramco & The MRO Lab Singapore Blockchain @ Ramco
  28. 28. We are a 20 year old startup With over 1700 entrepreneurs Innovating at a crazy pace Growing with a +ve bottom-line Part of the $1 Billion Ramco group
  29. 29. Single platform covering the entire hire to retire process Grew by 4X in revenue in last 2 years Payroll compliant across 40+ countries on Ramco’s platform. 70+ countries supported through partners Empowering 450+ customers worldwide on a unified platform Powering 800+ Companies & 150,000+ users globally Industry flavors to address Product, Project and People-centric businesses - Logistics - Professional Services - Maintenance Management - Facility management Powering 4000+ aircraft & 21000+ users globally Largest operators of 7 OEMS run on Ramco Air France KLM & Ramco open APAC’s first Co-innovation center ‘The MRO Lab Singapore’ Our Solutions
  30. 30. Connect to the Future with Ramco and AFI KLM E&M DronesWearable Blockchain Facial BiometricBig Data through IoT Gesture Computing
  31. 31. What?Blockchain @ Ramco
  32. 32. Part Life Cycle in Aviation Maintenance Base Operator Un serviceable Component Serviceable Component Contracted Maintenance Repair Shop OEM Repair Consignment Replenishment Forward Exchange Lease or Loan Repaired / Overhauled U/S Item OEMs PMA Suppliers Traders Repaired / Overhauled Direct Purchase Scrap BER Lease/Loan Return Exchange Return U/S Core Return
  33. 33. Importance of Part Traceability Assuring Safety Regulatory Compliance Asset Value Management Maintenance Record Keeping Track Usage Configuration and Status Efficiency Improvement and Cost Avoidance Prevent Fraud and Counterfeits Simplification and Standardization of Data Back To Birth Traceability – Need to ensure the following before installing Safety Cost Security
  34. 34. Challenges To Part Traceability Continuous changes on Part data and Interchangeability information due to frequent Modifications and enhancements No easy way to track and control Rogue / Black List items Lack of uniform data exchange standards across stakeholders
  35. 35. Cumbersome regulations and restrictions on Parts (ITAR / ECCN Laws) Lack of shared reliability data and tracking methods ( Global tracking) The Back to birth records are never complete - No traceability or control Challenges To Part Traceability
  36. 36. How?Blockchain @ Ramco
  37. 37. Part Visibility using Blockchain
  38. 38. Part Visibility using Blockchain
  39. 39. Why Blockchain? Assure Product Genuineness and Condition – From Supplier to Warehouse Manage Trusted Data Share (Single Source Of Truth) Between Non Trusting Stakeholders Smart Contracts in code as binding contracts between individuals, and guarantee their enforcement without the need of a third party
  40. 40. Solution Framework
  41. 41. Product DemoBlockchain @ Ramco
  42. 42. Other Use casesBlockchain @ Ramco
  43. 43. Blockchain: In F&B industry Challenges • Adulteration, • Expiry timelines, • Quality check of ingredients Solution • Complete visibility into the movement of the consumables, right from the raw material stage down to last mile delivery • Unique identity generated for each individual item
  44. 44. Blockchain: LSP’s Assets Challenges • High value equipment used for fleet, & warehouse operations. • Malfunction might result in very large scale losses Solution • Verify the authenticity of the product right from manufacturer’s facility up to LSP’s premises
  45. 45. © Ramco Systems 15 min Q&A session Type your questions in the chat window here and we will answer over the mic
  46. 46. Connect with Us /ramco-systems Tweet IT @RamcoAviation or @RamcoLogistics or @RamcoSystems Mail Us