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Ramco Aviation M&E MRO Software for Civil & Defense


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Ramco Systems has been a pioneer in providing web-based MRO solution, in offering the Solution on Cloud and Mobile Platforms and continues to be in the forefront of technology. Trusted by the likes of Emirates, Malaysia Airlines, Babcock group, ADAC, Petroleum Helicopters, Columbia helicopters and 70 others, Ramco Aviation Suite powers over 4000+ aircraft and 17,000 users globally. Built ground up for Fixed wing, Rotor Wing and MROs, Ramco offers Next-gen technology into the Maintenance and Operations sector of the global Aviation industry.

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Ramco Aviation M&E MRO Software for Civil & Defense

  1. 1. © Copyright 2012, Ramco Systems M&E MRO Software for Civil & Defense
  2. 2. Largest operator & Type Certificate Holder of Chinooks & Vertols (Civil version) trusts Ramco Largest operator of Sikorsky trusts Ramco Largest operator of Airbus Helicopters trusts Ramco Largest operator of Embraer trusts Ramco Largest operator of Agusta Westland trusts Ramco Largest operator of Bombardier trusts Ramco Largest operator of Bell Helicopters trusts Ramco Aircraft Platform Independent The largest Civil Operators of 7 Aircraft OEMs use Ramco
  3. 3. We are a 20 year old startup With over 1700 entrepreneurs Innovating at a crazy pace Growing with a +ve bottomline
  4. 4. © Copyright 2012, Ramco Systems across 29countries 29 Americas Trusted by the likes of 5 MEA 10 Europe 31 APAC & Oceania over 75customers serving across segments 14 MROs 7 Charters25 Fixed Wing 23 Rotor Wing 6 Defense & Others Global Aviation Customer Presence
  5. 5. Malaysia Airlines went live in record time in under 11 months Goldman Sachs & others invest $52 Million in Ramco after review of the next-gen technology pursuits globally Ramco Quick Bytes 35 customers in last 30 months Ramco Aviation is the fastest growing Aviation Software provider 4000+ aircraft & 17,000+ users trust Ramco Globally Largest operators of 7 OEMs run on Ramco Bombardier - Embraer - Bell - Sikorsky - Airbus – Chinook (Civil) - Agusta Westland
  6. 6. “ The net effect of Ramco is a dramatic improvement in engineering efficiency, optimized fleet management, and reduction in aircraft on-ground time Ramco has tremendously helped reduce our turnaround time “ “ Moving from Windows to Web has been a wonderful upgrade This product really makes people add value to our business “ Customer Speak
  7. 7. Aviation M&E MRO Suite On Cloud/On Premise Supply Chain Mgmt. Material Planning Parts Admin. Warehouse Mgmt. Inventory Analysis Stock Mgmt. Physical Inv & Cycle Counting Scrap Mgmt. Supplier Mgmt. General Procurement Repair & Exchange Loan / Borrow Warranty tracking & Claims Mgmt. MRO Sales Customer Mgmt. Quote &Pricing Mgmt. Customer Order Mgmt. Contract Mgmt. Finance & Accounting Finance Setup Accounts Payable Fixed Assets Accounts Receivable Mgmt. Accounting General Accounting Supplier Invoicing MRO Invoicing Flight Contract Invoicing Human Capital Mgmt. Employee Information Certifications & Qualifications Time & attendance Global Payroll Training Recruitment Talent Mgmt. Employee Portal Safety, Compliance & Quality Compliance Reporting Safety /Occurrence Mgmt. Technical Records Std. Reliability Analysis Quality Audit Mgmt. Adv. Reliability Analysis Maintenance Tool & GSE Mgmt. Engineering & CAMO Configuration Mgmt. Maintenance Program Admin SB / AD Admin. Task Card Mgmt. Library Mgmt. e-Publications LSAP Maintenance Planning Line Maint. Shop Maint. Engine Maint. Flight Operations Flight Charter Contracting Offline Maint. Customer Portal Part Sale Mgmt. Consignment & PBH Hangar Maint. Part Exchange Shipping Part Certification & Hazmat Flight Sheet Mgmt. Manufacturing Product Data Mgmt. Production Scheduling Manufacturing Execution Engineering Change E- Signature Journey Log Entry Mgmt. Goods Receiving Mobility In-memory Planning & Optimization (iPO) Ecosystem Hubs Platforms Warehouse Anywhere Route Anywhere Mechanic Anywhere Customer Anywhere Approval Anywhere Fly Anywhere(EFB) Line Mx Optimization Component Mx Optimization Hangar Planning Optimization Tail Assignment Aeroxchange Ramco Xchange OEM Data Interface FedEx/UPS Integration Tech Record Hub Customer Order Hub Engineering Hub Procurement Hub Inventory Hub Accounts Payable Hub Report Writer Advanced Visualizer iPO Integration Gateway (iRIS) DecisionWorks ZERO UI Enterprise Add-ons Complete solution offering for Part 121, 145, 135, 21, CAMO, FTM, ITM Dent & Buckle Time Tracking Workflow Extension Development Kit
  8. 8. © Copyright 2012, Ramco Systems Key Customers Worldwide
  9. 9. © Copyright 2012, Ramco Systems And more…
  10. 10. innovations in usability smarter decisions exploring next-gen solving complexity
  11. 11. Era of Cognitive & Adaptive Solutions Ramco’s design philosophy aligned to this revolution At Ramco, we Hub it Prompt it Thumb it Mail it ……….Moving towards “ZERO UI”
  12. 12. With Ramco Mail IT . . just send an e-mail Ramco’s intelligent ERP will do it all for you… Create a Work Stoppage part request View aircraft maintenance due list Check work package status Pull up your salary slip Check part availability And much more… Mail it Adam Lofgren Simplicity
  13. 13. • Scan the part on your phone • Send an email to locate part • Within Seconds you receive status of part Quantity | Store Location | ETA | WIP parts Adam Lofgren You are a – you are at the Line and you identify a discrepancy – & you need to replace a part • You walk back to the hangar • Or walkie someone at the hangar to login into the system & check for part availability • The part is not available • You place order for the part and hope for the parts planner actions it immediately Ramco M&E system Adam Lofgren (Line ME) Find part
  14. 14. The zero UI concept You are a - You plan to check stock levels for a few critical part requests from the line and the hangar • You reach your desk • You log into the system • You search for the list of parts one by one • The system provides you the stock levels in the store you are searching at
  15. 15. Typical scenario You rush to check for parts manually on the following venues • at your store • at other stores near you • With AOG suppliers • With other airlines customers who wish to lend the part • As a last resort, contact OEM to check on ETA, if PO is raised for new part time taken > several mins Lets increase the severity of need You receive an emergency parts requisition during a Work Stoppage situation
  16. 16. You receive an emergency parts requisition during a Work Stoppage situation WSPR: Part A: QTY 2 Work Stoppage parts request Lets increase the severity of need New scenario You send an email from any device Within seconds, the solution will search for parts across Internal • Local Stock direct & Stock within kit • Local stock ‘serviceable’ within U/S parent • Local U/S stock • Stock in other warehouses External • Part Vendors • Local operators • With the OEM • Ramco Supplier/Operator/OEM Eco-system WSPR: Part A: QTY 2 Work Stoppage parts request Part A Source Stock QTY ETA (Avg Hrs) Cost Outlay per unit Local Stock 0 Not available Nil Other Warehouses 1 36 Nil Part Vendors 3 10 $6,000 Cost Effective Local operators 11 3 $30,000 Highest Cost Ramco Customers 19 12 $9,500 OEM 12 8 $10,000 Shortest lead time Blue suggestions are based on cost & time weightage & organization policy Grey: not enough quantity Suggestions based on following: • Work Stoppage Parts Policy of your organization allows sourcing from Local operators only if quoted price is Less than 150% of OEM price. • Avg Work Stoppage Cost/hr = $3,000
  17. 17. Mobility is thumb rather than type When you use Ramco Mobility Solutions most probable is defaulted recent ones are listed click is the Way, Selection is Preferred, data entry … Minimal…. Voice & Gesture control .. Thumb it Capturing actions in real time Ramco Anywhere Apps presenting Mechanic Anywhere Warehouse Anywhere Route Anywhere Customer Anywhere Approval Anywhere fly Anywhere
  18. 18. available on all leading tablets Fly Anywhere - Electronic Flight Bag + + + all you need to fly, maintain and bill on a tablet Intuitive & Integrated
  19. 19. EFB solution map Fly Anywhere – fully integrated enterprise class EFB
  20. 20. Mechanic Anywhere 1. Login & Download Task Cards (Automatic integration with OEM’s SB/AD) Thumb itRamco Anywhere Apps
  21. 21. Mechanic Anywhere 1. Login & Download Task Cards (Automatic integration with OEM’s SB/AD) 2. Open Task card & Start Clock Thumb itRamco Anywhere Apps
  22. 22. Mechanic Anywhere 1. Login & Download Task Cards (Automatic integration with OEM’s SB/AD) 2. Open Task card & Start Clock 3. Remove part 4. Click a photo to record discrepancy 5. Check new part availability 6. Stop Clock Thumb itRamco Anywhere Apps Enables Real-time data Capture No paper work No back office No back logs x
  23. 23. Warehouse Anywhere Geo-fencing Key features Stock Issue Transfers Track & Trace Stock Inquiry Stock Returns Stock Correction Cycle CountShipments Receipts Tool Crib Ops All at the click of a button Full Barcode based ActionsStock Locators Map Views Pin turns red when outside the fence disallowing warehouse actions Thumb itRamco Anywhere Apps
  24. 24. Water spiders/liner runners can Download pick list from Job card Scan the part to pick it or drop it Real time stock updation on system Thumb itRamco Anywhere Apps Route Anywhere Track & trace parts flows as they move between Line <-> Hangar <-> Shop <-> Store In just two steps
  25. 25. HUB IT with Ramco consolidate multiple screens into 1 powerful USER EXPERIENCE now lets Hub it Get everything you need to know and do @ a single place. Multiple stopovers make you tired before you get to your destination
  26. 26. Customer Order Management – An example of One Screen One Role Productivity • Inventory Operations • Engineering Hub • Purchase operations • Tech records • Aircraft Maintenance Execution • Journey Operation • Accounts payable • Accounts Receivable HUBs available across all key functions and roles
  27. 27. Managing Aircraft and Component Configuration Managing Aircraft Programs Exception Review Tree to Navigate between multiple levels within Aircraft and Component Assembly Build and Initialize Configuration Straight Through Processing Update and Approve the Configuration Parameter tracking and update Modifications Management Tech Records Hub – Aircraft and Component Configuration
  28. 28. Mark, an aircraft engineer is searching for a crucial part to complete the aircraft’s landing gear overhaul Option 2: Smart Search Mark types ‘landing gear’ on his mobile device app • Recognizes its Mark • Identifies his designation & seniority • The work order he is working on • Analyzes all other inputs from the screen he is currently on • Identifies the aircraft he is working on • And showcases the accurate part availability on store SmartSearch Option 1: Mark goes back to hangar & sifts through multiple catalogues to find the part no
  29. 29. innovations in usability smarter decisions exploring next-gen solving complexity
  30. 30. Ramco’s Genie will anticipate your every need, working behind the scenes… to fulfill your requirement
  31. 31. Do you add value in Learning to bake a cake Getting the ingredients Mixing them in proportion & preparing it? Or Do you see value in Icing the cake Working on its presentation Creating the customer experience & interacting with the customers? While Genie prepares everything else and prompts you for your magical touch
  32. 32. Ramco Genie Prompt it Received a request for a part ? . . Genie will prompt you with the right supplier based on price time of delivery & supplier rating the optimal quantity for the task in hand any existing open documents . . And will go ahead and prepare the document . . . . . . Prompting for your approval
  33. 33. © Copyright 2012, Ramco Systems Propelling Aviation M&E MRO with documentation maintenance Automated intelligence Straight Through Processing
  34. 34. © Copyright 2012, Ramco Systems Unserviceable parts reception | Landing GearMROUse case 1 Straight Through Processing With Straight Through Processing Auto-generated Receive Landing Gear Part stands by at store Customer Order created By Commercial Rep. Work Order created By Shop lead Main Core/Part requested by Shop Part released & routed store > shop Shop receives part & Initiates repair Benefits 75% Resource optimization 70% process leaning >50% Process TAT reduction Receive Landing Gear System auto generates 1. Customer Order 2. Work Order 3. Part Routing slip 4. Alerts necessary personnel for transport Without Straight Through Processing Using inteli contracts embedded STP engine initiates entire process Shop receives part & Initiates repair1 1
  35. 35. 6Manually check the Task master Conventional Customer Task Card Induction Step 1 Add new TasksStep 2 Revise existing TasksStep 3 Activate TasksStep 4 Upload Tasks into Customer orderStep 5 Process CO into a packageStep 6  Addition of new Tasks  Revision of existing Tasks  Activation of Tasks  Uploading Tasks into CO  Task movement into package Customer Task Card inducted successfully 5 Using Ramco’s Task Card feature automates With Ramco’s Task Upload Function 1 Upload New TasksONLY ONE Step Smarter Ways to induct a Customer Task Card  Arduous # of Manual steps  # of tasks can be in hundreds  Delays in inducting a package Problems faced when an MRO inducts a Customer’s Task Card  Task to be created one by one  Manual decisions on addition/ revisions
  36. 36. innovations in usability smarter decisions exploring next-gen solving complexity
  37. 37. © Copyright 2012, Ramco Systems at the touch of his glass, maintenance Engineer checks parts availability in store Store Location, Stock availability & Project in hand based on their now on Wearable devices Fan duct Store 11-A Dallas, TX 745 Miles away 3 units in store 2 days delivery Alternator Store 2-C Phoenix, AZ 50 Miles away 1 unit in store 3 hrs delivery A.P.U Store 1-A Hradec, CZK 5235 Miles away 3 units in store 7 days delivery Parts Request
  38. 38. © Copyright 2012, Ramco Systems On the arrival of 9M- LMS, Mark checks the tasks to be performed along with Package # for 9M-LMS on his Fly Smart and heads out to the gate. Mark is at the hangar waiting for his assigned aircraft’ arrival. now on Wearable devicesTime Reporting
  39. 39. Wouldn’t it be cool if you just move your hands from a distance, & your sys tems understands you! Presenting Ramco Gesture Computing Thumbs up to approve Swipe left to move to previous document Open your hands to start using.. Thumbs down to reject swipe up to move up the list Swipe down to move down the list Swipe right to move to the next document A V sign to successfully close a document A Closed hand to close and exit the experience
  40. 40. Barcoding based on Work Actions Jack is at the hangar surfing through his assigned tasks By zapping Barcodes, Jack can: • Record his task time • Review his tasks • Request Parts Placement • Record Material Request • Complete Tasks
  41. 41. innovations in usability smarter decisions exploring next-gen solving complexity
  42. 42. © Copyright 2012, Ramco Systems Optimization with Multi-Agent System Tail Planning & Optimization Smart Tail On-ground Resource Optimizer flyMORE Component Maintenance Optimization CMOS
  43. 43. © Copyright 2012, Ramco Systems – Reusable Agent based framework – Agents are Autonomous, Intelligent, Interactive, Learning & cooperative – Light Weight Framework - Scalable, Powerful & Flexible – Configurable object model, fields, attributes, and object hierarchies – Built-in Constraint Engine – Powered by In-memory based engine – Integrates with any ERP or legacy system Ramco Multi-agent System Multi-agent System – in a nutshell
  44. 44. a day in the life of Head - Tail planning, Operations Control Center of a leading international airline 200 destinations 150 fleet size across 13 sub fleets Rob has to plan across Rob’s PROBLEM A Honoring every scheduled flight with a suitable tail from his arsenal 3000 flight schedules Rob’s PROBLEM B Maximize yield & Minimize Cost Intelligent transit route mapping Scheduled aircraft vs aircraft under maintenance Sub fleet vs Constraints .comRob’s Objective To efficiently assigning tail numbers to flight schedules that you and I book on Smart Tail your fleetSmart Tail – Tail Planning & Optimization
  45. 45. Ramco’s ‘In-memory Tail optimization algorithm’ within seconds 200 destinations 150 fleet size across 13 sub fleets 3000 flight schedules Inputs all the Considers all constraints Suitable sub-fleet ETOPS cert RVSM cert High-altitude flight capability Ground Power availability vs on board APU Crew Rest Area availability FAK requirement Minimum Ground Time and assembles the most cost and resource optimized tail allocation possible Smart Tail – Tail planning & optimization How does it work?
  46. 46. San Francisco Airport (SFO) San Jose Airport (SJC) Oakland Airport (OAK) Planner at SJC gets a 3 hour heads up that an A380 will land at SFO Ramco APO sends missing manpower alert to planner A380 certified aircraft engineer on vacation at SFO Planner initiates movement of resource from OAK to SFO Ramco APO suggests planner – 33 mins travel time on road via CA - 92 W highway using integrated google maps Problem for Steve - a day in the life of a maintenance planner 1 2 Ramco’s APO algorithm alerts planner of a certified A380 engineer idling at Oakland Airport 3 4 5 On ground resource optimization Ramco flyMORE
  47. 47. $0 $1,000,000 $2,000,000 $3,000,000 $4,000,000 $5,000,000 $6,000,000 Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 Cumulative Investment in New System Cumulative Benefits from New System Faster Aircraft Turnaround time Efficient Parts Logistics Productive Shift planning + + = 10x ROI 10x 8x 6x 4x 2x +Lower Inventory carrying cost * Powered by Ramco’s In-Memory Planning and Optimization Solution for Steve - a day in the life of a maintenance planner On ground resource optimization flyMORE 23 locations Servicing63airlines Across56models 150maintenance resources
  48. 48. With 4 to 8 months of flight schedules, the solution will help evaluate capacity and manpower required for the forecasted demand, Answering critical questions such as - • Do you need to hire more resources? • Do you need to station specific machinery at one station longer than the other? • Will a portion of your manpower need specific training to meet G550 C-checks? • Should you extend vacation schedules for 15% of your engineers in the last quarter? Helping you plan much ahead, on man power & capital expenditure needs etc. 1 week to a month Short term optimizing A week or a month ahead Real-time optimization Handing change every day Long term optimization 6 to 9 months ahead 3 months to a year flyMORE
  49. 49. Resources Maintenance Jobs Tools/MachinesComponents Planned, Scheduled and Assigned Orders Dashboards Reports• Interface with M&E Orders • TAT and Priority based scheduling • Plan for related Tasks/Materials/Resources etc. • Analyze order for violations • Re-schedule JIT/ASAP Planning Agent • Event Driven Scheduling • Disruption Modeling • Multiple Optimization Strategies based on TAT, Cost, Priorities etc.. Scheduling & Optimization Agent • Resource/Skill Assignment • Equipment / Tool Availability • Absence/Training Overtime etc.. • Equipment Downtimes • Tool Calibrations • Alternate Resource Mapping Assignment Agent Planned Orders Planned and Scheduled Orders Component Maintenance Optimization solution CMOS
  50. 50. Orders Resources/ Skills Capacity Materials Optimization Getting the Right Person do the Right Job at the Right Time at the right work station • ATP/ CTP • Advance Scheduling • What if analysis • Prioritization Business Benefits Revenue uplift Real time order promising TAT reduction Productivity Improvement Cost/ Waste reduction Component Maintenance Optimization solution CMOS
  51. 51. Case studies
  52. 52. © Copyright 2012, Ramco Systems Key Business needs  Single Solution for CAMO & Part 145  A scalable & flexible MRO division to meet the future landscape of business needs  Replace SAP for entire M&E/MRO processes  Integration with Various 3rd Party Systems Solution offered  Full suite of M&E/MRO Solution including - e-Procurement - Advanced Planning and Optimization - LSAP Management - Advanced Reliability • Fleet size 137+ • 1 of 13 Five Star rated airlines • Received 100 awards over 10 years • Flies across 850 destinations in over 150 countries Mr. Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, Group CEO, Malaysia Airlines, said, "We made a major decision to migrate from a legacy system to Ramco’s integrated platform. Not only did we set a record time for implementation; we are also now able to reap exceptional benefits and transform our engineering solutions across multiple locations. The net effect is a dramatic improvement in engineering efficiency, optimised fleet management, and reduction in aircraft on-ground time”
  53. 53. © Copyright 2012, Ramco Systems Key Business needs  An integrated application to manage multi company and multi location operations and associated maintenance functions  Adherence to regulatory compliance and enhanced reporting capability to meet requirements of local regulatory authority (DGCA)  Support Insurance and Component Warranty claims, job costing and manpower planning, Component Reliability Analysis among others Solution offered  Aviation MRO solution with Maintenance & Engineering, MRO Sales, Tech Records and Aviation Analytics  Integration with Key Business benefits  Effectively tracking entire history of Aircraft & Components  Increased visibility of parts through all stages of supply chain.  Increase in productivity in Tech Records.  Faster rectification of snags and reduction in TAT  ONE solution for three entities: Air India, Air India Express & Air India Engineering Services  150 + aircraft | Multi-Company/ Multi-location operations | 93 destinations | 9000 employees | $ 3 Bn revenues | Complete M&E/MRO Solution  11 Boeing 787 Dreamliners live + 17 on order  State of the Art Engine Shops :: Capabilities include CFM56, CF650C2, CF680C2, PW4000, GE90, GENX etc.
  54. 54.  FLTechics is part of the Avia Solutions Group  Based out of Vilnius, Lithuania  550 Employees  Complete MRO services including Line Maintenance, Full Engineering Support and Component services  FLTechnics trusts Ramco Aviation solution to turnaround 50+ aircraft on a daily basis  Data Integration  Industry standards and best practices incorporation  Processes standardization  Processes visibility Key Business needs  Sales and Maintenance  Materials  HR- Employee Induction, Time Management and Training  Finance- Finance Setup  40 Pre built reports Solution offered  Product was able to scale up with their rapid business growth as they expanded capability for servicing Airbus and Business jets Key Business benefits
  55. 55. © Copyright 2012, Ramco Systems ■ Defense MRO Facilities for Airframe, Engine and Propellers with modification capabilities ■ Over 50 years of MRO experience ■ Subsidiary of Air New Zealand  Integrated platform for MRO sales, shop order management, routing and planning, Supply Chain Management & Financials  Flexible and Robust Software solution for Growing business and future Expansions Key Business needs  Ramco Aviation MRO Solution  Ramco Aviation Financials  Ramco Aviation Analytics  Product scope includes CAMO & Line Maintenance in a Defence Environment Solution offered  Better control over Inventory & Cost Management with efficient delineation of Civil & Military parts  Complete Visibility on WIP and management of Customer Commitments  Efficiency in External Repairs tracking  Comprehensive Financial, Management Reporting and Analysis Key Business benefits
  56. 56. © Copyright 2012, Ramco Systems  Based out of Portland, Oregon, USA  Over 800 employees  Fleet of over 30 aircraft  Conducts precision external load operations  Authorized repair station for select aircraft models Key Business needs  To monitor the life of helicopters and the sub assemblies, and optimise their maintenance activities so as to maximize flying time  To ensure accurate allocation of costs by having visibility over work execution details of task along with parts & resources consumed  Solution to monitor component life history Solution offered  Complete M&E/MRO Solution managing - Maintenance - Purchase - Inventory - Ramco Financials  Human Resource Management  CHI also uses Offline Maintenance Management Solution (OFMS) Key Business benefits  Increased aircraft availability using the comprehensive preventive and work management features  Optimum levels of inventory and carrying costs maintained by efficiently tracking over 40,000 components  Improved effectiveness of maintenance personnel  Tracking of costs is simple and more accurate.
  57. 57. © Copyright 2012, Ramco Systems Key Business needs  Inability in handling the 787 Aircraft Software Configuration  Unable to integrate with Boeing SCX Tool for comparison and better visibility  Non-automated Engineering Change Management (ECM) Process  Non compliant with the ANSP requirements (Aircraft Network Security Program) Solution offered  Built LSAP Configuration through integration with MBF(  Provision to export latest LSAP Configuration (Hardware & Software) from Ramco Application to Boeing SCX  Repository to maintain the Configuration Discrepancy Report Online process for Management level Authorization of Engineering orders  One click evaluation report submission to any Regulatory Authority and KQ Internal Management Key Business benefits  Online Monitoring to address any discrepancy between the ‘Authorized‘ and ‘As Flying’ Software Configurations  Generating Aircraft Configuration reports in XML for easy interaction with Boeing  ECM of all 787 software Service Bulletins reviewed, authorized & maintained Online  Managing the new era of connected aircraft powered by LSAP Loadable Software Airplane Parts
  58. 58. © Copyright 2012, Ramco Systems  One of the Largest Airline in the world  Fleet of 200+ aircraft | Worlds Largest Fleet of A380  Operates over 2500 flights per week to 130 cities across six continents powered by Advanced Reliability Management Key Business needs  Airline’s reliability team spent most of their time in collecting and consolidating data (using excels),leaving little time for analysis  Inability to publish reliability data in SPEC 2000 format for OEMs  Difficulties faced in back-dating updates and iterative processing of reliability reports Solution offered  Seamless integration with multiple external systems like M&E, safety etc. that was being used by the airline  Consolidation of over 500+ data points for churning out valuable graphical trend analyses, reviews, corrections and report generations  Enables ‘click of a button generation’ for ad hoc reports, executive dashboards and SPEC 2000 (Chapter 11) compliant reporting for OEMs Key Business benefits  Reduced time to furnish monthly reports from 7 to 2 days  100% increase in the identification of rogue components  Complete data integrity across multiple systems, removing data silos out of the equation  Tracking changes to reliability data with just a click  Prepackaged analytics with complete cycle coverage from contract to collection  Instant reliability report generation for regulatory compliance
  59. 59. © Copyright 2012, Ramco Systems Copyright 2016, Ramco Systems Limited. Information subject to change. All rights acknowledged. Ramco Systems Limited (“the Company”) is proposing to make a rights issue of equity shares in the near future and is in the process of filing draft offer document with the Securities and Exchange Board of India. The contents and information contained in this brochure are intended for general marketing purposes only and should not be relied upon by any person as being complete or accurate. Ramco Systems Limited, its group, employees, agents and other representatives will not accept any liability suffered or incurred by any person arising out of or in connection with any reliance on the content of or information contained in this brochure. This limitation applies to all loss or damage of any kind, including but not limited to, compensatory, direct, indirect or consequential damage, loss of income or profit, loss of or damage to property and claims by third party. s M&E MRO Software for Civil & Defense