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Global Talent Management Solution on Cloud


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Do you know how to evaluate today’s Millennial Generation? Explore Ramco’s New Age Talent Management framework for a Differentiated Workforce

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Global Talent Management Solution on Cloud

  1. 1. Getting More from Talent Management Thoughts & Ideas
  2. 2. The need for Differentiation - Managing workforce like a portfolio - with disproportionate investments in the jobs creating the most wealth - Focus on engaging the right employees, not necessarily all employees - Emphasis on hiring choice employees, not becoming an employer of choice The need for Feedbacks Speedbacks - The value of day-to-day recognitions is high, as they are low cost, but high touch The need for more Engagement - Guaranteed long-term employment works little in a business environment defined by continuous change - Not a family; not free-agents; but work as a Team - Real-time Visibility into the global and distributed workforce – costs, capability, capacity The need for managing ‘Gen-Y’ expectations - Always connected, on the move and relies on its ‘networks’ to problem solving - Proliferation of devices – Desktops, Smartphones, Tablets Managing Talent is now Everybody’s responsibility Some imperatives as we see them evolve are…
  3. 3. 1 3 2 What’s Your Talent Management Strategy? Simplify Monitor Differentiate Improve 4 Time Organization Capability
  4. 4. Organization Talent Strategy 1 Simplify • Simplify performance management to only the value-adding tasks: - Have better visibility to goals and objectives - Open the system to further beyond 180-degree and 360-degree appraisals • Have a more practical and ‘easy-to-way’ of classifying talent
  5. 5. Get clarity on appraisal process milestones. Get clarity on what goals and objectives matter more to self and the organization. Get in-depth analysis of performance at section level. 3 2 1 1 Simplify
  6. 6. Seek feedback/ recommendation from anyone in the organization who has something valid to say on employee’s performance. 1 Simplify Recommenders provide their feedback in the context of a specific goal thus making their feedback very relevant to what is being measured.
  7. 7. Tagging offers a more simple, but effective alternative to heavy-set, rarely-updated competency models Tags can be used to record attributes which are rarely captured in a HR system. 1 Simplify
  8. 8. TAGGING A tag cloud gives a simple, yet effective picture of your organization's talent. 1 Simplify The tag cloud quickly tells you the skills that this organization has in abundance and skills that are scarce.
  9. 9. Organization Talent Strategy 2 Monitor • Make performance feedback a regular affair than a open-and-shut process • Take corrective actions and provide required support to team members right when they are required (and not at the end of the year) • Get a sense of how well the team will achieve set targets and goals, well in advance
  10. 10. NEW INTERFACE FOR PERFORMING APPRAISALS – PERFORMANCE JOURNAL 2 Monitor Make appraisal documents a living record of employee’s performance progression. Allow employees to record key achievements, issues/ concerns and other factors affecting their performance. Enable appraisers / supervisors to provide necessary support right when they are required by the employee.
  11. 11. NEW INTERFACE FOR PERFORMING APPRAISALS – PERFORMANCE JOURNAL 2 Monitor Enable employees to record their sentiment about the progress towards achieving goals. Avoid surprises on the outcome of performance management to both employees and supervisors.
  12. 12. Organization Talent Strategy 3 Differentiate • Manage your employees as you would manage a portfolio of stocks • Differentiated talent management strategies help you and your employees realize their full potential
  13. 13. Talent pools provide an explicit way of grouping employees into different pools. Talent pools can then be used for sourcing – for key positions (succession planning), projects etc. The most valuable employees can be tracked better and appropriate talent strategies can be adopted to make the best use of them. 3 Differentiate TALENT POOL
  14. 14. Organization Talent Strategy 4 Improve (driving margins thru tighter business alignment) • Improving requires being metrics-driven. • Track workforce - global and distributed - Costs of Overtime, leveraging Contingent labor - Attrition where it matters most • Know where your top talents are concentrated, align them better to business objectives • Bring more objectivity to promotion and other career opportunity decisions
  15. 15. Get to know your top performers & more. 1 Know how well your team is performing when compared to the organization. 2 Know where the top most & weak performers come from. 3 4 Improve
  16. 16. Cultivate measures to decide on employee promotion decisions. Employees who can be promoted are usually sourced from the top 4 quadrants 4 Improve
  17. 17. In Short, Make IT All a Little More Sensible Make IT Practical Use ‘social’ in a sensible, less- overwhelming way Make IT Relevant Take performance management beyond 360 degree Keep IT Alive Move beyond using HR systems as mere system of records
  18. 18. Choosing the right cloud-based Talent Management software can give the initial impetus necessary to get started… • Accurate visibility into distributed and global workforce – costs, deployment, business alignment • Built-in analytics provides real-time strategic insights to business users without specialized IT skills and no integration challenges • Availability - Anywhere. Anytime. • No IT resources (staff, administrators, Servers, DC/DR) required at distributed locations • Per Employee Per Month based subscription helps increase costs as you grow • Always “fresh” instance with no upgrade or AMC challenges
  19. 19. Look for a Software that understands (1) User Experience
  20. 20. Managers and Employees can accessworkforce and talent management data in real-time Personal Information Leave Time Recording Claims Training Requests Travel Management Hire Requisitions Payslips Look for a Software that provides (2) Mobility
  21. 21. 21 Look for a Software that provides (3) Insights
  22. 22. Thank you