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Ramco ERP for Facility Management Services


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Whether you are into hospitality & housekeeping, guarding & security or maintenance & engineering services, Ramco ERP for Facility Management Services (FMS) sector can help transform your business and accelerate success.

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Ramco ERP for Facility Management Services

  1. 1. ERP for Facility Management- Product Overview
  2. 2. 2   The  Industry  is  adop2ng  mobility   and  biometry  for  ease,  accuracy  and   real-­‐2me  data  availability.   To  avoid  disputes  in  billing/Payroll   Biometry   Mobility   Mega  Trends  in  Facili2es  Management   Total     FM   Integrated   Systems   The  Industry  is  moving  to   single  company  providing   end-­‐to-­‐end  Services  spanning   different  facility  management   domains   Service  on  the  GO   The  Industry  leaders  are   consolida2ng  mul2ple  systems  to   be  replaced  by  integrated   systems  for  beFer  informa2on   accuracy  and  availability   Unified  Informa2on   Complete  Service  
  3. 3. 3   A  view  from  FM  and  services  industry  experts   Dr Keith Futcher Former ISS Greater China Regional Director, Advisor to ISS   Dr Dean Kashiwagi Director of the Performance-Based Studies Research Group, Arizona State University   Stan Mitchell CEO Key Facilities Management International UK Founding chairman, Global Facility Management Association  
  4. 4. 4   Facili2es  Management  Overview     Building  Services   •   Energy   •   Water   •   HVAC….   •   Services   •   Metering   •   Lease/Rent   Leasing/Rental  Agreements   Services  Contract   •   Fixed   •   Periodic   People  Deployment  Training,  Skills,  Availability   AFendance  Over2mes   •   Parameters           •   SLA         •   Customer   Equipment   Field  Services   •   Resource  Planning   •   Spares  Availability   &  Planning   Labor,  Spares,  Adhoc  
  5. 5. 5   Facility  Management  Services  Industry  –  Issues  &  challenges   How  do  I  connect?   Site  Profitability   –  Visibility   Payroll  CRM   Skill  based   recruitment  and   mapping   How  do  I  manage  my   Tools,  equipment  and   Uniform  distribu2on  ?   High  TAT  for   Invoice  to   Collec2on  
  6. 6. 6   Contract  Management   Site  Assessment  led   quota2on  /  RFQ   Training  /  Inventory  /   Site  Deployment  of   Manpower   Rostering  /  AFendance   Repor2ng   Invoicing  led  from   AFendance  /   Timesheet   Service  Quality,   Customer  sa2sfac2on   Dashboard  view  –   Site  /  Contract   Performance   Arrear  Billing  /  Arrear   Payroll   Facili2es  Management  -­‐  Needs  
  7. 7. 7   Ramco  Solu2on     Contract   Site  Deployment/Tracking   Roster  Plan  &  Schedule   AFendance   Work  Repor2ng   Invoice  
  8. 8. 8   Ramco’s Differentiators
  9. 9. 9   Loca2on  based  2me  sheet  –  record  2me  In  &  Out  based  on  loca2on   Improve  your  maintenance  performance  with  superior  mobile  apps  
  10. 10. 10   Achieve  Plant  Performance  With  Right  Maintenance  Strategy   Preven2ve  Maintenance   Predic2ve  Maintenance   Inspec2ons   Real  Time  Condi2on  Monitoring   Lubrica2on   Calibra2on   Reduced  Unplanned  Down2me   Higher  Equipment  Availability   Higher  Produc2vity   Reduced  Maintenance  Cost    per  Unit   of  Produc2on   Shutdown/  Overhaul   Connect  Control  Room  to  Board  room   •   Ramco EAM/ERP/BI   Level  4   •   Ramco OPTIMA   Level  3   •   RTI middleware   Level  2   •   PLC / DCS / Plant control  Level  1  
  11. 11. 11   Contrac2ng  Hub  
  12. 12. 12   Opera2ons  Hub  
  13. 13. 13   Property  Management  Hub  
  14. 14. 14   Maintenance  Cost  Analysis  Contracted  Vs  Billed  Over2me  Analysis   Health   Safety   Environment   Analy2cs  Dashboards  
  15. 15. 15   Ramco  Facility  Management  Services  Solu2on  –     Key  differen2ators   Complete  automa2on  reduces  data  entry  significantly   Profitability  at  different  levels  viz.,  Region,  Customer,  Site,  Employee   End  to  end  integrated  solu2on  opera2ons,  billing  and  payroll   Increase  in  the  opera2onal  efficiency   Rostering,  Online  aFendance  capturing  &  Informa2on  flow  from  mul2ple  sites   Contract  Management  with  Expiry  tracking  reduces  the  leakage  of  revenue  and   increases  customer  reten2on   Invoicing  process  made  easy  with  one  click  to  generate  invoice  
  16. 16. 16   Agent Planning Use Case
  17. 17. 17   Field Agent planning board Typical Scenario a day in the life of Mark, a Field Service Planner He has to plan across check for •   Problem Type •   Parts Availability •   Permits based on •   Customer Location •   Customer Category •   Contract Terms based on •   Skill Type •   Duty Hours Policy •   Employee v/s Contract •   Agent Performance Constantly factoring all below variables while planning can result in complications Part Availability Delays Permits not in place Mul2ple+     customers   Mul2ple  +  Work  orders   Mul2ple+     Agents   Agent on Leave Stuck in TrafficWorng Skill Assigned
  18. 18. 18   Faster Servicing of Issues Efficient Work Planning OHS Compliant Agent Rostering + + = + Lower Servicing Cost Ramco Field Agent planning & optimization solution Better Customer Delight
  19. 19. 19   Ramco  Value  Proposi2on  
  20. 20. 20   Highlevel  Overall  Flow  of  the  Facili2es  Management  Process   2 Contrac2ng  with   Customer   Sejng  up  the  services   1.  Sejng  up  the     facility  to  be  managed   Rendering  the  services   1.  In-­‐house  Resource   2.  Outsourced   Resource   Deployment  of   People/Resources   Tracking  the  Cost   Repor2ng  Work   comple2on   Periodic  invoicing  or   event  based  invoicing  
  21. 21. 21   Contrac2ng  Process  -­‐  Details   2 Customer  Contrac2ng   Contrac2ng  based  on   Property   Contrac2ng  based  on   People   Contrac2ng  based  on   group  of  equipment    
  22. 22. 22   Customer  Invoicing   Service  Sejng  up  Processes   Setup  Service   Loca2on   Induct   Equipment  to   be  Maintained   Document  the   SLAs     Render  Service   Contrac2ng  based  on   Group  of  Equipment   Setup  Site   Details   Deploy   People/ Resources   Track  People   aFendance   Contrac2ng  based  on   People   Setup  the   facility  and   services   Setup  Billing   Process  and   billing  cycles   Deploy   resources   Contrac2ng  based  on   Property  
  23. 23. 23   Sales and Operations Material Inbound Sub-contracting Purchasing Purchase Admin Item Admin Physical Inventory & Cycle Count Distribution Management Warehousing Procurement Inventory Management Human ResourcesFinance Management Employee Development Customer Portal Supplier Portal Employee Self Service Assessment & Estimation Lead Management Quotation Work force planning CRM Contract Management Core Accounting Setup General Accounting Bank Operations Payables Management Project Costing Fixed Assets Receivables Management Consolidation Performance Management Staffing Attendance Management Planning Compensation & Benefits Time & Attendance Rostering Complaints Tracking Site Admin Site Deployment Resource Allocation Site Start Activity Service Level Review Service Level Assessment Site Visit Information Work reporting Site Instruction Contract termination Customer Complaints Investigation Details Solu2on  Offering  –  Integrated  Facili2es  Management   Data Uploads Embedded Work Flow Analytics eSignature Device Integration SOA Integration / Collaboration Advanced Reporting Mobility Extension ToolkitWizard Interface Advanced Planning & Optimization Enterprise Add-ons
  24. 24. 24   Solu2on  Offering  –  Property  Development   Workforce   Management   General     Accoun2ng   Daily  Logs  Reserva2on    /  LOI  Requisi2on   Es2ma2on  &       Budge2ng   Land  Management  Lead  Tracking   Opportunity   Management   Compliance   Management   Work  Breakdown   Structure   RFQ  &  Quota2on   processing   Rental  /  Services   Agreement   Complaint  Register   Receivables   Planning   Aker  Sales  Service   Scheme   Management   Contracts   Management   Blanket/Direct   Procurement   Fit-­‐out  &  Handover   Preven2ve   Maintenance   Payables   Employee   Development   Customer  Portal   Broker   Management   Bill  Tracking   Inbound     Logis2cs   Work  Order   Management   Banking     Opera2ons   AFendance   Management   M-­‐Book  /    RA  Bill  &   Labor  Billing   Warehousing   Cost  Planning  &   Control   Staffing   Project  Tracking   Supplier  Ra2ng   Fixed  assets   Compensa2on     &  Benefits   Advance  /   Reten2on   Supplier  Portal   Project  Review  /   Profitability   Tenant  Billing   Finance  Leasing  /  Services   HR  &  Payroll  Maintenance  Procurement   Marke2ng/    CRM   Construc2on   Metered  Billing   Property     Management   Property  Sales   Booking   Management   Payment  Schedule   Sales/Construc2on   Agreement   Commission   Management   Demand  No2ces   Subs2tu2on  &   Transfers   Rela2onship   Management   Alerts   Non-­‐Metered   Billing   Consolida2on   Taxa2on   Business  Analy2cs,  Event  Dashboard  &  Alerts,  Performance  Management   Analysis  &  Reports  
  25. 25. 25   RAMCO ENTERPRISE FACILITY ASSET MANAGEMENT Project Management Procurement & Inventory Fixed Assets HCMMaintenance Management Finance & Accounting Inventory Administration Inventory Analysis & Planning Warehouse Management Material Requests, Issues & Returns Physical Inventory & Cycle Counting General Accounting Receivables Management Payables Management Global Tax Solution Equipment Induction & Setup Preventive Maintenance Predictive Maintenance Shutdown / Outage Management Lubrication Financial Services Employee Records Training and Certification Skills and Competency Time Management Project Administration Bid Management Project Definition Project Planning Project Execution Project Closure Asset Planning Capitalization Insurance Asset Inventory Depreciation Transfer Revaluation Disposal Management Accounting Std. Procedures & Tasks Maintenance Budgets Inspection & Calibration Warranty & AMC Tracking Planning Folders Fault Reporting Safety & Permit Management Procurement Administration Supplier Management Inbound Logistics Real Time Integration (RTI) Reliability Downtime Analysis Work Management Maintenance History Review Work Logs Workforce Planning Goods Receipts/Return Subcontracting Data Uploads Embedded Work Flow Analytics eSignature Device Integration SOA Integration / Collaboration Advanced Reporting Mobility Extension ToolkitWizard Interface Advanced Planning & Optimization Enterprise Add-ons
  26. 26. 26   Case Studies
  27. 27. 27   Facility  Management  Services  customers  
  28. 28. 28   Some  of  the  achievements  at  a  glance  …   The  Client  World’s  No.1  Security  service   provider     The  Challenge  Unique  business  process,  huge   volume  of    data  and  integra2on  of   mul2ple  processes     The  Solu2on    Ramco  co-­‐created  a  new  offering  for   facility  management  industry  with   2ght  integra2on  with  opera2ons,   finance,  HR  &  Payroll  and  SCM     The  Outcome    Around  225,000  employee’s  payroll   runs  smoothly  every  month.  Strong   hold  on  opera2ons  and  on-­‐2me  and   correct  invoices  goes  to  customer   every  month.   The  Client  Part  of  World’s  No.2  security   services    company     The  Challenge  Running  de-­‐centralized  payroll,   handling  pan    India  opera2ons,  data   integrity  and    informa2on  on  2me     The  Solu2on    Ramco’s  Facility  management   solu2on  was  implemented     The  Outcome    Successful  payroll  run  for  around   20,000  employees,  MIS  reports   gives  much  grip  on  opera2ons  to   the  management.   The  Client  India’s  foremost  facility   management  service  provider   The  Challenge  The  Challenge  was  to  handle  the   merger  of  mul2ple  companies   and  also  handle  the  integra2on  of   Business  Development,   Opera2ons,  HR&  Payroll   departments  for  a  smooth  run  of   the  business   The  Solu2on    Ramco’s  Facility  management   solu2on  was  implemented   The  Outcome    2  legal  en22es,  18  loca2ons   across  India  with  22,000   employees  payroll  is  run  through   HCM  and  2500  site  invoices  are   processed  successfully.  
  29. 29. 29   •   A  leading  real  estate  developer  in  India.   •   Core  business  has  been  tradi2onally  into  Homes,  shopping  malls   and  offices  across  India   •   DLF  has  strategic  alliances  with  global  industry  leaders     •   Integrated information system covering Construction, Leasing, Sales, Marketing, Maintenance services, Event Management •   Integrated Building Maintenance System with Portal for Supplier to update the work completion and maintenance work order completion. •   Consolidated Customer information across different businesses and services offered •   Financial Consolidation & Book Closure on time •   Procurement consolidation across different business units leveraging volume discounts with suppliers •   Automated Service Billing •   Flexibility & Adaptability for changing business models, business processes •   Customer portal to capture maintenance issues from the customer •   Common area maintenance integrated into the leasing/Rental and can be subcontracted as required. The system seamlessly handles maintenance inhouse and subcontracted. !   Multiple legacy systems !   Manage & Monitor Compliance & Governance !   Expand rapidly into Retail, Corporate segments !   Flexibility in business process, adapt to evolving business models including M&A !   Enhance Customer relationship !   Focussed Analytics, Dashboard for real time decision making for senior management    Key  Business  Benefits      Business  Needs  
  30. 30. 30   Endorsements   Voice  of  Our  Customers                      “We  did  evaluate  a  number  of  solu2ons  in  the  ERP  field  which  would  meet  our  needs  and  objec2ves.  Ramco  provided  a  very  good  fit,  both   from  the  point  of  view  of  their  func2onal  suitability,  as  well  as  for  our  commercial  requirements.  It  was  a  very  good  decision.  We  have  been   able  to  successfully  integrate  this  with  most  of  our  business  needs.  I  would  believe  that  this  has  been  a  rich  and  valuable  experience  for  us.”       Mr.  Jogesh  Ramaswamy,   CTO  –  G4S  IT                          “Ramco’  Enterprise  Suite  has  eliminated  the  opera2onal  /  data  redundancies,  enhanced  the  flow  of  informa2on,  and  have  thus,   significantly  improved  produc2vity  and  profitability.”       Mr.  Mahesh  Mathur,     Vice  President  –  Systems,  DLF  –  India    
  31. 31. 31   Endorsements   Voice  of  Our  Customers       “We  went  through  almost  all  available  op2ons.  RAMCO  was  the  final  choice  because  it  gave  a  comfort  level  having  done  implementa2on  in   similar  industries  like  ours.  We  had  similar  pain  points  of  a  large  geographical  spread,  mul2ple  bases,  large  spread,  an  annuity  model  of   business  etc.”     “With  RAMCO,  the  customiza2on  is  way  easier.  Also,  the  implementa2on  is  done  by  the  company  itself  and  not  by  a  partner.  That  brings  a  lot   of  difference  in  long-­‐term  experience.”     “If  I  have  to  do  this  whole  process  again,  I  would  choose  RAMCO  again.  In  our  industry,  we  are  on  the  pioneer  side  when  it  comes  to   automa2on.  I  have  seen  and  heard  other  peers  who  have  tried  the  usual  big  ERP  suites  and  have  given  up  midway.  That  is  a  reflec2on  of  both   the  vendor  and  the  company  side.  Standardiza2on  of  processes  is  important.  Automa2on  only  sits  upon  a  set  of  processes.”         Brendon  Pereira   VP,  Corporate  Planning  and  IT  -­‐  Dusters  Total  Solu2ons  
  32. 32. Thank you