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Understanding Shrink Wrap Packaging

Shrink wrap is a polymer plastic film and is a cost effective way to package products so
they can stand out when displayed. This presentation explains the different types of shrink wrap films and their packaging applications.

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Understanding Shrink Wrap Packaging

  1. 1. YourYour Packaging MattersPackaging Matters People!People! Understanding your best Shrink Wrap Film Options
  2. 2. Shrink wrap is a polymer plastic film and is a cost effective way to package products so they can stand out when displayed.
  3. 3. Shrink wrap comes in: rolls bags bands
  4. 4. When heat is applied, it shrinks, strengthens and conforms to the shape of the packaged item.
  5. 5. Why package items with shrink wrap? #1. protects items during transportation #2. protects items from debris & moisture #3. stabilizes multiple packaged items like bottle water #4. prevents product tampering
  6. 6. #1. quick shrinkage #2. outstanding stability #3. strong seals Good shrink wrap properties include:
  7. 7. Your application will determine what type and thickness of shrink wrap used.
  8. 8. There are 4 types of shrink film. #1. Polyethylene #2. Polypropylene #3. Polyolefin #4. PVC
  9. 9. PE shrink films are thicker, stronger, and more durable than other shrink films. Polyethylene shrink films are often used to wrap bottled water, canned goods and other heavy objects. It’s ideal for wrapping large & bulky items during transit. These films are so strong they can replace corrugated boxes. #1. Polyethylene Shrink Film
  10. 10. Polypropylene is a general purpose shrink film often used to wrap retail items. It shrinks at low temperatures while providing durable seals. #2. Polypropylene Shrink Film
  11. 11. Polyolefin is a clear film that shrinks evenly in all directions. This film allows scents to permeate it. Since it requires high temperatures to shrink the film, it’s often applied with a shrink wrap machine which increases productivity and allows items to be bundled together. Polyolefin films are used to wrap retail items, food/snacks and literature. #3.Polyolefin Shrink Film
  12. 12. PVC shrink films have high strength with good clarity and gloss. It’s used to package software items such and CDs, DVDs & Blue-ray discs but also used to wrap books, toys & food items. #4. PVC Shrink Film
  13. 13. For low volume applications, shrink wrap is manually applied.
  14. 14. Shrink wrapping tunnels applies the heat needed to shrink the film. Shrink wrapping machines will wrap, cut and seal the shrink film automatically. For high volume applications, shrink wrappers & tunnels are used.
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  18. 18. Service Our packaging sales engineers can help you select & order the right shrink wrap film.
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