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Sentence emphasis and vitality


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Published in: Technology
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Sentence emphasis and vitality

  1. 1. SENTENCE EMPHASIS AND VARIETY. Effective writing focuses on readers attention .
  2. 2. OLD AND NEW INFORMATION IN SENTENCES.• Old information is usually presented before new information is introduced.(this helps readers see the connection and emphasizes the new information by placing it last.• For example : Most artificial colorings are synthetic chemicals.This colorings =old information. Are suspected of causing hyperactivity in children new information.
  3. 3. VARYING SENTENCE LENGHT• Short and long sentences have their uses and a purpose (they want to call the attention of the reader.)• When you edit,be aware of sentence lenghts,and think about your reader’s needs.• Use long sentences to clarify relationship between ideas,and use shorter sentences to strengthen a point or to brake up a monotonous pattern.
  4. 4. Short and long sentences.SHORT SENTENCES. • LONG SENTENCES.They are honest and • Most academic direct. writting requiresThey have power. that you fully(in a series of short develop your ideas sentences ,each idea and stablish ask for the reader’s relationships among full attention.) them.
  5. 5. Don’t overdo long sentences !!!!!!A sentence shouldn’t cover more territorythan a reader can span in a single stride :D
  6. 6. VARYING SENTENCE TYPES.• Sentences can vary By Gramatical type, by Rethorical type or by Functional type.
  7. 7. GRAMATICAL SENTENCE TYPES.• A simple sentence:has a single independent clause.(violence is a growing problem.)A compaund sentence :has two or more independent clauses joined either by a comma and a coordinating conjuntion or by a semicolon.(violence is a problem,and it affects some aspects of our lives.Looking for help will help;it prevents from suffer.
  8. 8. • A complex sentences:has one independent clause and one or more dependent clauses.(because the problem continues to grow, our legislature must act before it is too late.)• A compaund-complex sentence: has at least 2 independent clauses and one or more dependent clauses.(pollution can be prevented, and we must take action to stop it,because thereis no other way to survive in this planet.)
  9. 9. RETHORICAL SENTENCE TYPES AND WORD ORDER.• When you place the main idea first,you create a cumulative sentence (allow you to make a point and then sopport it.) Example: Othello smothers the delicate desdemona in a fit of anguished passion and boiling fury.He kills the person he loves most because he has trusted the lies of the vicious lago.• When you save a punch for the end you create a periodic sentence.
  10. 10. FUNCIONAL SENTENCE TYPES.• Most writing relies primarily on declarative sentences,sentences that make statements.But and occasional question,exclamation,or command can call the reader’s attention.• Declarative: the number of violent crimes commited by strangers has gone down in the past ten years.• Question: so why has the public’s fear of crime gone up?
  11. 11. Exclamation:The news mediamanipulate usall.Command:Writeto the programdirector of yourlocal tv stationand protest.
  12. 12. Varying sentence openings.• You can change the pace of passage.Considering repositioning modifiers,dependent clauses,and transitional expressions so that some sentences begin with elements other than the subject.• (Doctors rely increasingly) on advance diagnostic equipment.(Increasingly, doctors rely)
  13. 13. ThaT was all thank you !!!!:DDD