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Ketchum Mindfire Assignment for the PR Class


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This is an assignment for my PR Principles class at Shepherd University. Students participate in the Ketchum Mindfire Challenges. Learn more about the post at Search: Ketchum Mindfire.

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Ketchum Mindfire Assignment for the PR Class

  1. 1. MindMindffireire PR Creative PR Creative ChallengesChallenges Comm 321: Public Relations Principles Summary What to turn in On the due date, 1 person in your team will turn into me 1 Word or PDF document with all of your team’s names on it. The document will contain all 5 of your completed mindfire submissions (for each, you need a screen grab showing that you submitted your idea). When doing a submission, leave off the name of any student who did not participate in that mind fire, they will not get credit. How to collect this info: Each time your team does a mind fire and submit it, do a screen grab. Add it to a Google Drive document that you share with your team. At the end of the semester, download the Drive document into a PDF or Word and submit it to me. Accessing Mindfire challenges Use your login to access. They are posted to the Mindfire portal where you can log in to access them: Extra Credit (OPTIONAL): As an individual, you can earn 20% extra credit on your final project in this class for completing 5 Mindfire challenges NOT INCLUDING the 5 you’ll do as a team. Do these outside of class on your own time. Submit them by the normal due date by collecting them in a document, the same way you will for your team Instructions In your team, you will complete 5 Mindfire challenges. These challenges are based on an agency brainstorm model. You are not expected to develop a campaign strategy. On select days in class (see your syllabus), you’ll get 15-30 minutes to work on these. Generally, you’ll get 10 minutes on Tuesday and 10 minutes on Thursday (to finalize and submit to Mindfire). Some days, we’ll only have time on Tuesdays. While class time will be given to work on Mindfires, if you are unable to complete them in the time allotted in class, your team will need to work outside of class to complete and submit the challenge. Every time a new challenge is available, you will receive an email to your RAMS email address. You do not need to complete each and every challenge. Only challenges on the days that I assign them to you as needed until you’ve completed 5. Example: In each challenge, you will receive an overview including a brief synopsis of the client, the situation at hand and the target audience. The challenge will contain 1-3 questions. Example question: Samsung is renewing its partnership with Olympics. What are some ways they can capitalize & build on existing relationship with the Olympics? Grading Criteria Credit will be given for each completed Mindfire submission. Persons not present when a Mindfire is submitted by your team will not get credit for that submission.