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PRSA Eductor's Academy Super Saturday: Slack in the Classroom


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This is the full slide deck for my presentation at the 2016 PRSA Educator's Academy Super Saturday in Indianapolis. The presentation looks at how you can use the Slack app to foster class teams on group projects.

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PRSA Eductor's Academy Super Saturday: Slack in the Classroom

  1. 1. Slack for Class Teams #EdWithoutWalls Matt Kushin, Ph.D. Shepherd University @mjkushin
  2. 2. Objectives 1) Familiarize you with Slack for student teams 2) Get you thinking about bots & education
  3. 3. Why are student teams unproductive? Group Contracts Peer Evaluations of teammates Firing teammates or requesting grade reduction o project
  4. 4. Am I being too punitive?
  5. 5. Can technology help create better class teams?
  6. 6. (lack of) Communication is often at the center of team problems
  7. 7. How works
  8. 8. Share & Host Files
  9. 9. Search Everything
  10. 10. Apps & Bot Integrations
  11. 11. Here Come The Chat Bots
  12. 12. Source:BI Intelligence, as reported in Business Insider article: “Messaging apps are now bigger than social networks”
  13. 13. Bots & Messaging Apps
  14. 14. Bots & Messaging Apps
  15. 15. How work Chat bots reply with “structured messages” – images, links, text, calls to action. Examples: Customer support: Ask questions, get answers Make reservations Make purchases (pop out to web browser e-commerce page)
  16. 16. Integrating Slack into the Classroom
  17. 17. Foster Teamwork 1) #Lovemelist 2) /Strewth points 3) Polls
  18. 18. 1) #Lovemelist List of about 5 things student has done for the current project that demonstrate their value to their value Submit to their channel every 2 weeks
  19. 19. Native Bot: Auto-responses Search team’s channel for #lovemelist to find all entries
  20. 20. 2) Strewth Points Student has 200 points per 2-week period. Distribute points to anyone in the class to show appreciation. Person with most points at the end of the semester will receive an award in recognition of their outstanding teamwork!
  21. 21. 3rd Party Bot: Leaderboard
  22. 22. Polls
  23. 23. 3rd Party Bot:
  24. 24. 3rd Party Bot:
  25. 25. Tips 1) Provide students option to not provide their personal identifying information when signing up for Slack 2) Provide A ‘how to use Slack guide’ & explain why class is using it Specific ways you want them to use Slack 3) Post class announcements ONLY in the class Slack channel 3) Tell them: “Everyone in the class, including me, can see everything posted in public channels. You can message users privately and only you and the person you messaged can see it. “
  26. 26. Google Drive & dropbox Integration Task management bots Reminders bot And more…
  27. 27. Resources Social Media Education Blog: My Slack class guide: Bot lists: Example (video) of FB Messenger & Uber commerce integration Recordit for Mac: Used to create GIFs