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Ecr award unilever magnit


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Published in: Business, Health & Medicine
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Ecr award unilever magnit

  1. 1. Magnet—Unilever: Winning together withnew technologies in Health and Beauty
  2. 2. Content
  3. 3. Unilever is an expert in Health & Beauty categories UL #1 UL #3 UL #2 UL #2 1% 5% 8% 18% 9% 34% 1% 31% 4% 9% 10% 11% 7% 7% 11% OTHER 13% 16% AIST 29% 27% 1% RECKITT BENCKISER 15% EVYAP 14% 15% 11% NEVSKAYA KOSM. 41% KALINA 3% 4% 16% COTY 13% 14% HENKEL - SCHWARZKOPF P&G LOREAL deodorants hair care shower gels soap COL. PALMOLIVE BEIERSDORF UNILEVER
  4. 4. Unilever Health & Beauty strategy is based on MacroCategory Growth DriversRegime & Routine Life Stage Male Grooming Relevant InnovationTrading Up, Fashion & Trends Endorsement Retail ExecutionReaching down & Expertise
  5. 5. Health & Beauty Category drivers – implications in store Growth Driver Implications in storeRegime& RoutineLife StageMale GroomingInnovationTrading Up,Reaching DownFashion& TrendsEndorsement& ExpertiseRetail Execution
  6. 6. How to drive Health and Beauty categories? More users More usage More benefit
  7. 7. How to grow Health & Beauty?Get Shoppers Get Shoppers to Drive basket sizedown the aisle slow down
  8. 8. Magnet is one of the key modern trade Customers in Russia
  9. 9. Magnet fast and swift development on Russian market is impressive 1994–1998 1998–1999 2001–2005 2006–2009 crisis 2010–2011 Foundation of First convenience Rapid regional roll- Leading food retailer Acceleration ofwholesale business store opened in out: 1’500 stores in Russia by number growth – 800 conveni-by Mr. Galitskiy Krasnodar by the end of 2005 of stores ence stores and 27 Tander becomes Experiments with Adoption of IFRS IPO in 2006 hypermarkets addedone of the major format Strict financial Independent director in 2010distributors of Stores merged into control elected to the Board Large investmenthousehold products Magnit discounter Performance-linked Audit Committee programme for 2011:and cosmetics in retail chain compensation established plan to make CapitalRussia Corporate govern- expenditures of about Decision to expand ance rules estab- $1.8 bninto food-retail lished to comply with Plan to open up tomarket best practice 800 convenience SPO – 2008, 2009 stores and up to 50 24 hypermarkets hypermarkets during opened in 2007-2009 2011 636 convenience Ongoing efficiency stores opened in improvement 2009 (the total store base is 3’228 as of Source: December 31’2009)
  10. 10. Extensive growth is one of key sourcesof development for MagnetKey operational indicators 2011 2010 Number of opened stores, NET 1254 827 Total number of opened stores 5309 4055 Total trade area, thousand square metres 1970.16 1422.38Source:
  11. 11. Opportunities for Magnet and Unilever cooperationin Health & Beauty are significant and impactful Magnet – Reinventing Unilever Health & Beauty Hypermarkets & Perfumeries, expertise and knowledge intensive growth of Health using CiiC technology & Beauty categories Implement Health & Beauty project through collaboration in test stores Sales increase in Health & Beauty categories by +10 +15 %
  12. 12. CIIC – what does it mean?CIIC — CUSTOMER INSIGHT AND INNOVATIONCENTRE OF UNILEVER London N. America Paris Shanghai Singapore- Nov 2010 Sao Paolo Sept 2010
  13. 13. Global CIIC mission
  14. 14. Knowledge Centre in CIIC
  15. 15. Virtual Laboratory in CIIC
  16. 16. Retail Laboratory — physical simulation of opportunities Planograms POSM Testing & Category & Research Management Department Call to Action «Look & Feel»
  17. 17. Retail Laboratory — physical simulation of opportunities
  18. 18. CIIC backgroundMagnet Health & Beauty opportunities in Hypermarket
  19. 19. Magnet and Unilever used Global Health & Beautyexpertise in lay-out organization Beauty Personal Health Male Care Care Care / Specialist grooming Benefits: Key insights 1 2
  20. 20. Magnet confirmed Unilever Health & Beautylay-out in Hypermarket test store New accepted lay-out based on: - Level of penetration - Top 3 key categories that bring value to Magnet *1 - Number of racks for category placement
  21. 21. Male Shopper research that was held especially for Magnet confirmed the necessity to create Male Grooming area Male Grooming key insights*:1234567 Male Grooming categories should be together in Health & Beauty department and stands separately from female and unisex categories
  22. 22. Male Shopper research that was held especially for Magnetconfirmed the necessity to create Male Grooming area Magnet male shoppers desires and wishes*:
  23. 23. Separate Male Grooming area was created in Magnet
  24. 24. Male products can now be easily found and navigatedinside the store Before After
  25. 25. Navigation proposal for Magnet Hypermarketsin Virtual Reality
  26. 26. We agreed on Health & Beauty design and navigationelements in Hypermarkets
  27. 27. New category navigation attracts shoppersto Health & Beauty area
  28. 28. Navigation elements are visible from any point in the storeand attract shoppers into Health and Beauty department
  29. 29. All H&B area is clearly segmented and helps shoppersto find product on the shelves easily and spend moretime in the department Toppers with category segmentation Stoppers Floor stickers Shelf dividers Shelf strips
  30. 30. TG decoration attract shoppers attention to promo offers Before Before After After
  31. 31. Dividers make category well organized and fix planogramms After Before
  32. 32. Shoppers like new Health and Beauty area in Magnet WELL DONE
  33. 33. Magnet – Unilever: future plans for collaboration123
  34. 34. Thank you!Nadezhda Butrimova Mariya Troshina