Moral issue of suicide


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Moral issue of suicide

  1. 1. Moral Issue of Suicide
  2. 2. DEFINTION Direct willfull destruction of one’s own life Deliberate Voluntary Intentional Terminating one’s own life
  4. 4. Suicide Euthanasia Destructive and violent  Person has incurable The person is healthy ailment or terminal when it comes to condition physical condition  Painless, quiet Sudden interruption or acceleration of destruction of life imminent of certain process death Non-medical reasons  Medical reasons
  6. 6. Causes of Suicide across the History Kamikaze pilots during world war II  Heroic act due to sacrifice of their own country Japanese Shintoist  Believes that those who died for one’s country will become one of the deities. Japanese’s Harakiri  To die for the sake of honor Roman Catholics Irishmentand Buddhist  Self-immolation and self-starvation
  7. 7. Causes of Suicide1. Personal reasons 1. Misforutne and frustrations in love or marriage 2. Victim of a broken home or marriage 3. Parental indifference or apathy towards one’s boyfriend or girlfriend 4. In-law problems 5. Failure in an examination 6. Loss of honor and integrity 7. Nervous breakdown d/t inability to cope to problems
  8. 8. Causes of Suicide2. Financial reasons  Poverty and impoverishment  Great loss of money or collapse in business venture3. Social reasons  failed coup d’etat  Protest against man’s inhumanity to man
  9. 9. Pros of Suicide Socrates  Believes that life is a property of God  But for him one is accepted to commit suicide if:  Shame, distress,impoverishment  Extraodinary problems  Enevitable turn of future Epicurus  Life is no linger pleasureable then the recourse is to terminate it Lucius Sineca  Suicide is an escape of suffering from decay of old age
  10. 10. Pros of Suicide Michael de Montaigne  Individual reaches a point when it is terrible pain, agony and misery, then suicide is excusable John Donne  Means of liberating oneself from exploitation and oppresion Baron de Montesquieu  It is unjust to compel a person to labor for society he no longer consents to be a member  The act of suicide does not disturbe the order of Providence, nor does any other human act alter the modifications of matter  Thought the soul is separated from the body, the order or regularity in the universe is never changes
  11. 11. Pros of Suicide David Hume  The removal of misery makes suicide morally justifiable and permissible  To bear unbearable pain is in no way part of a natural inclination  Moral duty is reciprocal  alive and healthy render service to society  Life becomes a liablitiy and burden to society  suicide  There is no such thing as designed by God  Man’s life is disposable as that of an oyster
  12. 12. Cons on Suicide Flavius Josephus  Suicide is a crime  Soul is depositum St. Augustine  Suicide- the greatest sin  Self-murder  Deprives ones oppurtunity to repent  Ignoble acts – escape the ills of life St. Thomas Aquinas  Against natural law of self –preservation  Person will be deprived of the community  Usurpation of God’s function
  13. 13. Application of Ethical Theories NATURAL LAW ETHICS  Principle of stewardship  Suicide is a sin UTILITARIAN’S PRINCIPLE  Whenever one has become a burden and liability to the greatest number of people, its justifiable to commit suicide KANT’S ETHICS  Categorical imperative  Treat individulas not as means only but also as ends  Principle of autonomy/self-determination  Has the right to decide whether to commit suicide or not