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Artificial insemination


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Artificial insemination

  1. 1. Is lovemaking=baby making?
  2. 2. Is it possible to make babieswithout having sexualintercourse?
  3. 3. Moral Issue of Artificial Insemination Mevelle Asuncion, RN
  4. 4. Artificial insemination Depositing a man’s semen in the vagina, cervical canal or uterus, through the use of instruments to bring about conception without sexual intercourse. How is it done?  Intravaginal  Intracervical  intrauterine
  5. 5. Methods of extraction Masturbation Condomistic intercourse Coitus interruptus Anal massage of the prostrate gland Direct puncture of the epididymis
  6. 6. Two types of AI1. Homologous insemination (AIH) 1. Semen is from the husband2. Heterologous insemination (AID) 1. Semen from other person other than husband
  7. 7. AIH(Homologous Artificial Insemination) 2 methods 1. Do-it-yourself. 2. Homologous IVF and ET 1. Homologous in vitro and embryo transfer
  8. 8. AID two methods1. Heterologous artificial insemination2. Heterologous IVF and ET
  9. 9. Justifications of AIH1. husband is impotent2. Anatomical defects3. Oligospermia/azoospermia4. Spinal injury5. Vasectomy6. Physiologice obstructionsof genital organs of wife
  10. 10. Application of ethical theories Natural law ethics/Roman Catholic  Immoral Situational ethics  Moral  Our right to overcome childlessness Utilitarianism  Moral since it produces more happiness Pragmatism  Moral since it is practical, beneficial and useful and workable Immanual Kant  Principle of autonomy  It is moral only if and only if the couple it is voluntary and mutually agreed.