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suicide presentation


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Spiritual
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suicide presentation

  1. 1. Topic Teenage suicide
  2. 2. Presented by Anam Rafique Uzma Batool Faiza Jamil Naila Rafique Hina Mazhar Noor-ul-ain Iram
  3. 3. We choose this topic because it makes us curious why people really wanted to commit suicide
  4. 4. SUICIDE Suicide is the process of purposely ending one’s Own life
  5. 5. INTRODUCTION The word suicide derives from a Latin word sue (of oneself) Cide or cidium (a killing)
  6. 6. History 0 The first person to debate the morality of suicide was the greek philosopher, Socrates-over 400years B.C 0 Secrates believed that human beings were the property of gods, and did not have the right to take away something, namely life
  7. 7. History (cont…) He had to face criticism but afterward his views were accepted The biggest religion of the world has been strictly prohibited it
  8. 8. INTRODUCTION (cont…) The basic definitions of suicide given from different theoretical prospective Suicide is intentional, self inflicted death.
  9. 9. INTRODUCTION (Cont…) Maris 2002 Suicide is now understood as a multidimensional disorder Which results from a complex interaction of biological, genetic , Psychological, sociological and environmental factors
  10. 10. characteristics The common purpose of suicide is to seek a solution The common emotions in suicide are hopelessness and helplessness The common internal attitude toward suicide is ambivalence
  11. 11. Characteristics (cont…) The common action in suicide is eggression or escape Suicide is consistent with life long coping pattern
  12. 12. HISTORICAL ASPECTS Suicide-glorified or condemned through the ages and cultures Christian church declared it unacceptable
  13. 13. suicide is social issue Why?
  14. 14. Suicide is social issue because The cause of suicide have relation with their social condition
  15. 15. Islamic point of view
  16. 16. Here are some Quranic verses and Ahadith Nabvi about suicide for your reference; Quranic Verse : "Don't kill yourself. No doubt Allah (swt) is merciful and anyone who does so, will be pushed in fire. And it is easy for Allah (swt)." (Nisa: 4:29, 4:30)
  17. 17. Quranic Verse : "Don't' kill yourself with your own hands" (Baqra 2:195)
  18. 18. Hadith No.1: "Whoever kills himself with an iron weapon, he will be tortured in hell with the same weapon". (Bokhari)
  19. 19. Suicide Warning Signs
  20. 20. Talking about suicide Any talk about suicide, dying, or self- harm, such as "I wish I hadn't been born, "If I see
  21. 21. Seeking out lethal means Seeking access to guns, pills, knives, or other objects that could be used in a suicide attempt.
  22. 22. Preoccupation with death Unusual focus on death, dying, or violence. Writing poems or stories about death.
  23. 23. No hope for the future Feelings of helplessness, hopelessness , and being trapped ("There's no way out"). Belief that things will never get better or change.
  24. 24. Self-loathing, self-hatred  Feelings of worthlessness, guil t, shame, and self- hatred. Feeling like a burden ("Everyone would be better off without me").
  25. 25. Getting affairs in order Making out a will. Making arrangements for family members.
  26. 26. Saying goodbye Unusual or unexpected visits or calls to family and friends. Saying goodbye to people as if they won't be seen again.
  27. 27. Withdrawing from others Withdrawing from friends and family. Increasing social isolation. Desire to be left alone.
  28. 28. Self-destructive behavior Increased alcohol or drug use,  reckless driving Change in Sleeping and eating habits.
  29. 29. Types of suicide
  30. 30. 4 types of suicide Egoistic suicide Altruistic suicide Anomic suicide Fatalistic suicide suicid e
  31. 31. Egoistic suicide This type of suicide occurs when the degree of social integration is low When a person commits suicide they are not well supported in a social group. They feel like they are outsider or loner in this world.
  32. 32. Example People deep in a depression with no future goals, one having feelings of worth
  33. 33. Altruistic suicide This type of suicide occurs when the degree of social integration too high when a person commits this type of suicide They are greatly involved in a group. They take their lives for a cause.
  34. 34. Exampl e A military service , when a soldier expected to die For his or her own country.
  35. 35. Anomic suicide It occurs due to an individual not feeling as if he or she fits into the society anymore. This feeling is due to society changing drastically Due to economic boom or industrialization.
  36. 36. Investors often commit suicide when they see that they have lost all of the money they invested example
  37. 37. People commit this suicide when their lives are kept under tight regulation. They often live their lives under extreme rules and high expectations Fatalistic suicide
  38. 38. example A man who kills himself before the police take him to jail
  39. 39. Methods of suicide
  40. 40. top 10 Common Methods of Suicide This list is meant not as an instruction guide, but a description of the most common forms of suicide
  41. 41. 1. Gun Shot How it's Done Results From Failure
  42. 42. 2. Drug / Alcohol Overdose How it's Done Results From Failure
  43. 43. 3. Hanging How it's Done Results From Failure
  44. 44. 4. Poisoning  How it's Done  Results From Failure
  45. 45. 5. Carbon Monoxide Inhalation How it's Done Results From Failure
  46. 46. 6. Suffocation How it's Done Results From Failure
  47. 47. 7. Jumping How it's Done Results From Failure
  48. 48. 8. Exsanguinations How it's Done Results From Failure
  49. 49. 9. Electric Shock How it's Done Results From Failure
  50. 50. 10. Drowning How it's Done Results From Failure
  51. 51. STAGES OF SUICIDE ideation Threatening Attempting
  52. 52. Stages of Suicide I. Ideation A person first considers the idea of suicide but the desire to live is stronger than desire to die Many at this stage are afraid of suicide
  53. 53. Stages of Suicide (cont…) II. Threatening A person accepts suicide as a real option and may begin to plan his/her death The teen still does not want to kill self but sees no other options
  54. 54. Stages of Suicide (cont…) III. Attempting A person has decided to kill themselves May not reach out for others Shortest stage
  55. 55. Causes of Teenage Suicide
  56. 56. Depression: the most common of the causes of teen suicide 75 present of those who commit suicide are depressed (UOT)
  57. 57. Factors that can cause depression:  Manifestation of hopelessness  Pessimism concerning future prospects  Irritability  Anxiety  Feelings of worthlessness  Feelings of unexplained or unreasonable guilt
  58. 58. Other Causes  Substance abuse  Changes at home  Difficulty keeping up at school  Social networking  Negative life experiences
  59. 59. Substance Abuse
  60. 60. Substance Abuse •Serious problem •Drugs are the way to get relax •Difficult to overcome substance abuse •Take step to end it for good •Commit suicide when they are not in their right mind
  61. 61. Changes at Home
  62. 62. Changes at Home Divorce Divorce in some way is their fault Domestic violence Financial problem Loss of a job in the home
  63. 63. Difficulty keeping Up at School Lack of success at school Fail to achieve scholarships and other rewards Failure in sports Pressure of parents Failure of parents to realize them their worth
  64. 64. Social Networking Social networking sites Who commit suicide are pictured Receiving texts that death by suicide is sth “cool” to be sought after
  65. 65. Negative Life Experiences Death or loss of a loved one A serious loss A serious illness A serious accident Chronic physical pain
  66. 66. Negative Life Experiences (cont…) Feeling of not being accepted by family or friend Being socially isolated
  67. 67. Negative Life Experiences (cont…)  It may only take a minor event such as,  Having an argument with a partner  It may take one or more stressful or upsetting events such as,  Break up of significant relationship
  68. 68. Causes in PAK Depression Poverty Injustice Study stress Unemployment Lack of financial resources
  69. 69. Effects of suicide
  70. 70. Effects of suicide on parents Parents lost their child Parent feel shame in society Parents remain afraid to scold other children They cannot give answers to the questions of people
  71. 71. Effects on sublimes Sublimes remain grieved throughout their lives because they thought that they are somehow Responsible for their suicide
  72. 72. Sublimes also feel ashamed in their peer groups, relatives and society.
  73. 73. Suicide stories create frustration among individuals Effect of suicide on close groups/friends is more severe
  74. 74. Protective Factors for Suicide Protective factors reduce the likelihood of suicide;
  75. 75. Suicide prevention Assisting in improving the care of people who are Experiencing mental disorders associated with suicidal Behaviors within the community
  76. 76. How can we prevent a suicidal person Being a parents Being a friend Being a teacher Being a family Being a Muslim Being a social worker
  77. 77. Being parents continue to take threats seriously access school supports maintain communication with school
  78. 78. oBeing a friend 1. do not leave a suicidal friend alone 2. talk to the friend 3. show concern to the friend 4. try to solve the problem and conflict resolution
  79. 79. Being a teacher Take suicide talk seriously Get help from professional doctor
  80. 80. Being a family Educate teen about suicide. If someone you know committed suicide, seek counclling yourself Support your teenagers in every situation
  81. 81. Being a social worker Social workers should familiar with the warning signs of suicide
  82. 82. Statistics of suicide
  83. 83. Teenage age suicide rate in America Years % 2002 100-200 attempts 2003 100-200 attempts 2005 12.9% of all deaths annually 2006 16.9% of deaths 2008-9 Rate increased by 2.4% A reported 36909 suicide deaths according To a report by CDC
  84. 84. Teenage suicide rate in china years % 8.4 suicides per 100000 teenagers 2008 6.2 suicides per 100000 teenagers 2008-9 A small increased was observed 2011 22.33 suicides per 100000 people
  85. 85. Teenage suicide rate in India years % 2009 10.5 suicides per 100000 people 2010 42 % of suicides in men, 40 % of suicides in women 2010 1.87 lac people committed suicide in India
  86. 86. Teenage suicide rate in Pakistan years % 2008-2009 98 men and 40 women committed suicide 2013 138 committed suicide in January According to HRCP The youngest one to commit suicide was 13 year old
  87. 87. 2013: 7.4 suicides per 100000 people was recorded in the latest year Suicide rates higher in the males(10.5) than in females(4.1)
  88. 88. This applies in almost all countries , the expectations are china, Cuba, Ecuador, el Salvador and Srilanka In Srilanka female suicide rates were higher than males
  89. 89. In which country it is greatest and why? In which country it is lowest and why?
  90. 90. Thank you