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Moral issue of birth deformities

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Moral issue of birth deformities

  1. 1. Moral Issue of Birth Deformities Mevelle L. Asuncion, RN College of Nursing Central Mindanao University
  2. 2. Definition Defects Malformations Abnormalities of a child present at birth
  3. 3. 2 kinds1. Genetic 1. Hereditary, 2. Genetic material is deformed 3. From the carrier of a defective gene2. Congenital 1. Non-hereditary 2. Genetic or physical damage during the process of fetal development
  4. 4. Causes of CongenitalDeformity1. Radiation2. Drugs3. Chemicals 1. Mercury4. Nutritional deficiency/undernourishment5. Biological disease agent 1. Virus 2. spirochetes
  5. 5. Types of Deformities1. Trisomy 212. Spina Bifida Occulta3. Hydrocephaly4. Anencephaly5. Esophageal atresia/duodenal atresia
  6. 6. TRISOMY 21 DOWN’S SYNDROME Mentally retarded IQ of 50-80 Large tongue Broad skull Upward slant of eyelids Simean crease
  7. 7. SPINA BIFIDA OCCULTA  Opening in the spine  Paralysis below the hips  No control of bowel and bladder habits
  8. 8. ANENCEPHALY Without brain Brain is partially and totally absent No hope for improvement, will eventually die
  9. 9. HYDROCEPHALUS  Water in the head  Spinal canal is blocked, accumula ion of fluid in between the meninges of the brain  Surgical shunt is needed
  11. 11.  Deformed baby can’t decide for himself/herself Doctors who are aware should give all informations regarding the disease condition, complications, treatment, an d possibility of survival
  12. 12. APPLICATION OF EHTICAL THEORIES Natural laws ◦ Most terribly malformed baby has the right to life and must be respected ◦ Against commission or omission ◦ Extraordinary measures can be done if the family can support Kantian principles ◦ Die with dignity ◦ Malformed baby lack rationality
  13. 13. APPLICATION OF EHTICAL THEORIES Ross Ethics ◦ Prima facie duty- let the family decide with the doctor and health team Fletcher ◦ Agrees by terminating life of the severely ill baby and defective fetus ◦ Depends upon situation
  14. 14. APPLICATION OF ETHICAL THEORIES Utilitarianism ◦ Greatest good for the greatest number of people ◦ Justify act of commission of terminating a fetus or a deformed baby with the following reasons:  Personal  Social
  15. 15. APPLICATION OF ETHICAL THEORIES Pragmatism ◦ Usefulness ◦ Practicability ◦ Based upon parents financial resources